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Payola [edit]
by Ruth | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: March 06, 2012

Track Listing
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01. You've Changed
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02. Darling Why
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03. Life is Just a Dream
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04. Love & Craigslist
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05. Alone
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06. My One and Only
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07. Summer Fire
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Entry last edited by TCMRB on 07.18.12

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TCMRB (44)

Ruth: Payola | Posted July 18, 2012
Ruth is one of, what seems like many, Tooth & Nail bands to leave the label and make an album independently. Payola was the first time I heard anything from the band, just because they never really caught my attention when they were with Tooth & Nail. After hearing so many great things about these guys and their music, I decided it was time to check out what everyone was talking about. The EP was originally recorded independently and was supposed to be released independently as well, but it caught the attention of MTV and was quickly picked up to be released on their record company. After listening to it many times, I can easily see why they were so smitten by what they heard. Payola is a very fun-loving, seven track EP, that is perfect for listening during the summer. Dustin Ruth's voice had to grow on me at first, but after maybe two times of listening through the whole thing - I was in love with their music.


"You've Changed" starts off the EP with a very fun-loving, but at the same time, very serious song. The song talks about a friend who has changed, and is nothing like the person he was great friends with before. "I really, really hate to complain, but I liked the old you so much better," sums up the song perfectly. "Darling Why" is one of my favorite songs on the record, that shows Ruth's depressing side, but you cannot help love it because of how great the song sounds! "Life is Just a Dream" is one of the most fun-loving songs on the record, with the best opening to a song I have heard in a long time (once you listen to it, you will realize why I say this). The song has so many elements to it that make for a fun song to listen to, blare as loud as possible, and sing along to at the top of your lungs. Be prepared to want to sing along to it, even after just one listen.


"Love & Craigslist" has easily my favorite instrumentals on Payola, and some of the most intricate lyrics as well. I love how the song mixes the flowery topic of love with comedy, but still sounds absolutely amazing. You cannot help but smile when listening to this song; it is almost impossible. "Alone" takes another dive into depression, talking about sometimes wanting to be alone and feeling like he has nowhere to go in the world. One thing I love about the EP is that one minute you could be super happy, and then the next moment your at the lowest low. Payola is definitely a roller coaster ride from start to finish - you never know what turn or drop is going to happen next.


"My One and Only" opens up with some pretty sweet acoustic guitar work, that leads to more and more instrumentals joining in as the song goes along. The track is a very fun love song, that is one of my favorites near the end of the EP. "Summer Fire" closes it all out with one of the more slow songs on the EP, that quickly became my favorite song on Payola. My favorite line on the album comes in the chorus of the song, when Ruth says, "You can love me if you want to, but break me if you have to." The song is very emotional, and is one that I feel everything fell into place perfectly for. This is the song where I first fell really fell in love with his voice; and I have had it on repeat ever since.


Ruth lived up to the hype. Payola is an absolutely great EP, that I have fallen in love with - from start to finish. So many of the songs are just naturally fun-loving, but a few of the songs are also very sad and depressing, and the instrumentals do a great job of conveying the mood on each of the tracks. Payola is so interesting to listen to, and it seems like every time I do, I find something else I love about it. If you like rock music, or you just like good music, you will want to pick this up and blare it from your best stereo system. Ruth better not wait three more years to release something, because there is no way I can wait that long to hear new stuff from these guys.


Favorite Song: Summer Fire


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