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My Only Rescue [edit]
by The Museum | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: August 28, 2012

On August 28, 2012, The Museum released their sophomore release on BEC Recordings, My Only Rescue. My Only Rescue is the follow-up release to their radio chart-topping 2010 release, Let Love Win. Featuring the hits "Allelujah," "Never Look Away," and "My Help Comes From The Lord," Let Love Win sold 2,200 units the first week and peaked at #10 on the Billboard U.S. Christian chart, as well as peaking at #7 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart.

Track Listing
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01. All Over The World
02. Solid Ground
03. Found In You
04. My Only Rescue
05. Love Will Find You
06. In Jesus Name
07. Coming Closer
08. Not For Sale
09. More Than Words
10. Better Than Life
11. Lost In A Moment

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The Museum Offers A Solid Effort | Posted August 27, 2012
 The Museum is probably one of the lesser-known acts in the CCM circle. Listeners might recognize a few of their songs from the radio but they haven't yet emerged from the pack to identify their sound as distinct in the industry. With their sophomore effort, My Only Rescue, the band seems to try and find themselves a bit more with a fairly varied mix of accessible tunes. 

The exciting opener "All Over The World" gives them a running start on this. With a rousing chorus exclaiming that "Our God has risen from the grave/and death he overcome/so forever we will sing/all over the world." The song brings almost a vibe reminiscent of the lighter side of Kutless. It's an enjoyable opener.

"Found in You" is a safe effort but a strong track nonetheless. The title track follows and is backed by a soothing piano melody. The chorus sounds passionate and emotional. "You're my only rescue in a world full of letdowns" is a simple but relevant message and it's conveyed effectively.

 "Coming Closer" brings some life towards the middle of the album, with some more driving guitars to help propel the song. Follows is what is definitely an album highlight in "Not For Sale." The song's appeal for an end to human trafficking can also serve as a reminder to not let our souls be "for sale" either. In the chorus, the rousing chorus proclaims: "I wanna look you in the eyes on a beautiful night/freedom ringing on through the quiet skies/singing you and I/we are not for sale." A strong choice for a single, this is a song that could help to develop the musical identity of The Museum more.

 "Better Than Life" and "Lost in a Moment" send the album out with some good pop melodies that stay with safe territory for a Christian band.

 The band's brand of the pop/rock formula is enjoyable and pleasant enough from start to finish, with some definite highlights sprinkled throughout the album. The lyrics are safe, but well done. There's not too much surprise in here, but not much disappointment either.

Closing Thoughts:So does The Museum succeed in defining themselves with this release? I'd cautiously say, not yet. The music is very good and there are moments that feel inspired by other acts like Kutless or Tenth Avenue North, among others, but there's also little here that actually screams, "Ah, this is The Museum!" Hopefully in subsequent releases, The Museum can better define their own sound and create a record that fits in with everyone else's while still maintaining a distinct identity. But for now, the tracks here will offer some good radio contemporary pop/rock that will probably still find quite a bit of affection from the CCM crowd.

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Solid | Posted August 26, 2012
This was a rather solid record, it was enjoyable, but there wasn't much variety in the musical style. It held on to my attention the entire 30+ minutes (that's a good sign). This album is worth checking out.
Favourite Tracks:
  • Love Will Find You
  • In Jesus Name
  • Not For Sale
  • Better Than Life
  • Lost In a Moment

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e_fox1 (4)

Great CD | Posted August 22, 2012
I am so touched by the words in these songs!  Solid Ground is definately a favorite.  It really helped me when I was not doing well in a lot of areas in my life.  I realized God is always there reaching to help us on to solid ground.

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Anthems for Christian Life | Posted August 22, 2012
Praise God for these new anthems about the power, grace, mercy, and love of God in our lives. Listen and rejoice in the Lord! These songs would be a great soundtrack for the life of  any  Christian. Praise God for this new encouragement.     

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My Only rescue | Posted August 21, 2012
Some artists have the power to reach right into your heart. In this world we need those who raise people up to serve and worship the Lord. I can see thge heartbeat of God in this album, not that the Museum are God but that the words sung speak of those who have a close walk with the Lord. They deserve to be heard by a wider audience,it would be great to have them come over to England one day. Sit back and enjoy.

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