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Life Will Write the Words [edit]
by The Rocket Summer | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: June 05, 2012

As with previous albums from THE ROCKET SUMMER, BRYCE AVARY wrote and performed every note on LIFE WILL WRITE THE WORDS. Between sellout acoustic tour dates in the U.S. and numerous headlining and festival touring abroad, 2011 saw AVARY experimenting with numerous new sounds in the studio, sounds including mandolin, a banjo, some trashcans and even a typewriter. His songwriting likewise stretched to a broader scope, examining the human existence with the advantage of both a strikingly personal eye experience and the experiential outlook of writers many years older. The result is a 12-track multi-dimensional collection that further establishes AVARY as a modern-day Renaissance man with the engaging outlook embodied in the album’s title LIFE WILL WRITE THE WORDS.

"To me, that phrase in a sense captures a bit of the human experience. I believe there's a song in everything,” AVARY says. “Literally everything you look at, you can pull a song out of it. We all have a song, we all have a story.”

With high-energy, bouncy moments on “Revival” and “Run And Don’t Stop,” sensitive and endearing sentiments felt on “Old Love,” the charming “200,000,” and the album’s emotional bedrocks “Soldiers” and “Just For A Moment Forget Who You Are,” AVARY is ready to share his story with the world.

Track Listing
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01. Run and Don't Stop
02. Revival
03. Prove It
04. Old Love
05. 200,000
06. Just For A Moment Forget Who You Are
07. Circa 46
08. Underrated
09. Soldiers
10. The Rescuing Type
11. Scrapbook
12. Ashes Made of Spades

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KellyS (37)

This Rocket Launches Your Summer Soundtrack | Posted June 11, 2012
The Rocket Summer's Bryce Avary is a one-man music making machine! Not only does he write, sing, and produce every song on his records, he plays every instrument as well. With his newest album Life Will Write The Words, Avary has taken on an even bigger role by releasing it independently. With piano-driven rock melodies and passionate vocals, this album is the perfect soundtrack to your summer.

"Run and Don't Stop" is the perfect name for this first track because the song's energy starts and doesn't stop until it's over. Featuring Avary's signature vocals, hard and fast drumbeats, electric guitars, and a passion that can be felt in every lyric, this song is the perfect introduction to what will be a great listen all the way through.
Following right behind track 1 is "Revival," the beginning of which leads the listener to believe things are going to get a little more subdued because of the solo piano and vocals, but quickly the energy returns with a vengeance. Through the piano, electronic beats and guitars Avary sings, "You're gonna make it out of here, let the revival rattle me, open my eyes, it's so good!" We all need a revival once in a while to breathe life back into our dying spirits and if this song doesn't do that, I'm not sure what will.
Not every track is quite as high-energy as the first two, but even the more reserved "Soldier" and "Scrapbook" still carry the passion and upbeat sound heard throughout the album. With strumming guitars and piano plunking, each song contains a feeling and message all its own.
"Circa ‘46" is super catchy with keyboard beats and hand-clapping as Avery sings, "Life will write the words, you choose your own melody, life has given me hurt, but I choose my own melody... I'm just trying to find the right notes."

After 3 minutes of an upbeat energetic melody, the song ends quietly with only vocals and piano plunks as Avary humbly sings, "A misty-eyed stranger said the song's words inspired, if they really knew would it break their hearts, that there's dirt that my soul keeps, if there's any good in me, it comes from the grace of my Father." I think this song not only sums up the mission of the entire record, but the artist himself.
Closing Thoughts:
After listening to The Rocket Summer's Life Will Write The Words, I'm still trying to figure out how one person can be so talented vocally and musically, creative enough to make every song uniquely different, and still have the energy to tour and produce his own record! How is Bryce Avary not taking continuous naps when he's not writing or recording? I haven't seen The Rocket Summer live, but this album makes me want to. It was difficult to choose which songs to write about because they're all amazing, so just do yourself a favor and make it the soundtrack for your summer.

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username2 (375)

With this album, summer has officially arrived. | Posted June 05, 2012
 Bryce Avary's newest Rocket Summer album, Life Will Write the Words is a great summer album.  It contains all the fun pop rock songs that he is known for and also contains heartwarming emotional songs that only he can come up with.  This is also the first independent album so you notice that Bryce has free reign to do whatever he wants.  While he doesn't introduce something new, what we do hear sounds much more clean and crisp.  

While not changing his sound drastically, Bryce Avary can make us excited for more of the same, well crafted songs with great lyrics backing it up.  Life Will Write the Words is a great summer album and another winner in The Rocket Summer discography. 

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life will write the words | Posted June 28, 2012
The first time I heard the Rocket Summer, it was because he offered a free album a while I needed to purchase this one.  I love it!  Amazing piano arrangements, great songs.....LOVE THIS GUY!!

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