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Lights and Perfections [edit]
by Burial | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal | Release Date: March 27, 2012

Track Listing
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01. Lights
02. Apathy and Petition
03. Pearls the Frailty of the Matter
04. Salt and Wrath
05. Seed
06. Wisdom The Gateway of Liberty
07. Sight and Sensation
08. Shackles and Embers
09. Perfections

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TCMRB (44)

The Burial: Lights and Perfections | Posted March 31, 2012
The Burial is a band that formed in 2005 with Strike First Records, but has changed from a few different record companies, which led to them signing with Facedown for their new album, Lights and Perfections. It is quite the impressive debut with Facedown, and it is worth listening to if you are interested in metal music based on musical talent and lyrical power.


To start the album off, "Lights" sets the pace of the album with excellent heavy instrumentals and intense guitar playing. The song has many impressive qualities, and most of them come together well. The vocals are decent, but I feel like there could be an improvement in that area. Although, the instrumentals do a great job of complimenting the vocals in the music that The Burial makes on Lights and Perfections. This song is definitely one of my favorite metal songs to come from Facedown.


"Apathy and Petition" does a great job of following up the opening song. One of my favorite things about this song that becomes prominent on the rest of the album is its lyrical intensity. I believe that Christian bands should express Christ in their music as much and as powerfully as possible, no matter what genre. The vocalist did a great job of bringing out the lyrics that expressed his beliefs. I thoroughly enjoy listening to this song, as well as "Salt and Wrath." Not only does this song have powerful lyrics, but the instrumentals seem to be heavier in some parts of the song, which I feel fits well with The Burial. They almost sound like For Today's old album, Portraits, in this song. They have a lot of talent as a band and do a good job with these two songs in particular.


Some of The Burial's songs on Lights and Perfections I find to be particularly long, like their last song, "Perfections." This song is one that I think is slightly mediocre for them, even though it is still good music. The instrumentals are fast-paced during most of the vocal parts, as is normal throughout this album, and by now, the scream has become slightly repetitive. The lyrics are still powerful, and the music is still really good. The ending to the song is especially notable; they do a good job of closing out Lights and Perfections.


I enjoy listening to The Burial's music, and I hope to hear more from them in their career with Facedown. They have a great talent for making music and their album is worth buying, even if you have never heard them before and enjoy some of the other bands from Facedown.


Favorite Song: Lights


Favorite Lyrics: "Lord, I wish to serve you... Your grace, it sustains." (From the song "Apathy and Petition")


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