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The Imposter [edit]
by Kevin Max | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: October 11, 2005

The idea of 'the imposter' comes from Brennan Manning's The Ragamuffin Gospel and Abba's Child," Max reveals. "dc Talk did weekend retreats with Brennan, and we'd get to talk. He'd explain that the imposter is in all of us -- it's that fleshly part that isn't willing to give up the ghost, that part that wants to take over the spirit in us. That's what this album is about -- the fight between the flesh and the spirit."

One track that captures elements of that battle is the first single, "Sanctuary," a pulsating, careening tune full of chiming rock guitar -- courtesy of former Prayer Chain guitarist and producer of "The Imposter," Andrew D. Prickett -- and Max's instantly recognizable tenor. It's also a metaphor for Max's recent sense of homelessness -- and his ultimate hope for a heavenly home: "So hand me the keys to your kingdom/give me back my Garden of Eden/ lead me to a place that I can call my own, a home, a sanctuary..."

Track Listing
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01. Confessional Booth
02. The Imposter
03. Sanctuary
04. Your Beautiful Mind
05. Jumpstart Your Electric Heart
06. Platform
07. The Royal Path of Life
08. The Imposter's Song
09. Stay
10. I Need You, The End
11. When He Returns
12. Fade to Red / Letting Go (hidden track)

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Give It A Shot | Posted August 14, 2009
As a person who became a dc Talk fan after thier 'intermission', I heard the stories about how amazing Tait and tobyMac's solo records are (and they are)...but then I also heard about Kevin Max's albums. And how they were, how shall I say this...unique?

And it is because of people telling me how awful his albums were that I resisted buying them for a very long time. Until one day I saw a copy at my local Christian bookstore, and I knew right then and there I needed to at least give it a shot. and i'm happy I did.

'The Imposter' takes on the topic of the flesh VS the Spirit within us, and how we cannot let 'the imposter' in us win, but the allow the Holy Spirit within us to shine.

Songs like 'Sanctuary' and 'Your Beautiful Mind' deal with Spirit-matters while songs like 'Confessional Booth', 'The Imposter' and 'The Imposters Song' take on the rough and tumble message of the spiritual battle we are in as children of God. This album came after a dark period in Kevn's life personally, and you can hear a lot of that pain in the undetone of this album, yet you also can't help but feel that neverending sence of hope that exists at the end of every song.

'Jumpstart Your Electric Heart!' is the winner on this album for me. Lyrcally candid and very vivid, this song takes on the topic of a spoiled starlet who needs to drop her act and face her Creator. A raw song with one of the catchiest guitar rifts you could hear on a rock album--well written and well played. Kevin's vocal power also soars high on this album as well, having one of the most 'standout' voices in music, he sets the bar high for all of his next albums with this one.

To be rather honost, i'm still sorting through this album, just as I am all of K-Max's albums ('The Imposter' being my favorite out of all of them at this point) but I must say that all the so-called 'opinions' of other who told me to stay away from his music, in my eyes, were wrong. I enjoy Kevin's solo work just as his fellow dc Talk counterparts solo projects.

My advice? Give this album a listen and give it a shot. Kevin's stuff is some of the most 'unique' out there and it's worth discerning for yourself.

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Imposter | Posted September 29, 2007
Like all songs white kevin's voice.
Back in the dc talk year's he was my favorite and now still is!!

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TRENDING NRT NEWS: Newsboys Announce New Album | Christian Music A-Z | Is Christian Music Cringe? | New Lacey Sturm

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