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Happy [edit]
by Matthew West | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: December 26, 2003

In the mode of other next generation singer-songwriters like John Mayer and Jason Mraz, Matthew West has built a solid following for his music with incessant touring of every campus, coffeehouse, or church that he could find on a map.
On his major label debut on Universal South, Happy, Matthew fuses his independent artistic credibility with a sound that is irresistible to the masses.

Track Listing
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01. More
02. Happy
03. The Turnaround
04. I Can't Hear You
05. You Know Where To Find Me
06. The End
07. Out Of My Hands
08. The Lie
09. Every Second
10. My Finest Hour
11. Curtain

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More and More... | Posted August 17, 2009
A new Matthew West album is always an adventure--between the new music itself and the fun and hilarity they put in the CD linders (which by the way, if you've never looked at any of them--do yourself a favor and check them out)--it always makes for a great buy.

When Matthew West appeared on the scene in 2003, mnay people had never heard of this guy who welded a guitar and honost raw lyrics about his walk with God, but they soon found out that he wasn;t a guywho played any games when it cames to music and musically? He could stand up to ANY o his acoustic rock driven secular counterparts.

'More' (the first HUGE hit of Matthew's carrer) is the first song on the album and it sets the mood right away. 'Happy' follows up and is the FARTHEST thing from 'More' on the whole album--with hooky beats and, dare I say, some fast rap at the begninning of the song? Matthew sure knows how to change thngs up...

'The Turnaround' is my favorite on this whole album. Honostly, for the longest time I skipped by this song to move on to the rest of the album--but it wasn't until I was sitting in th car one day listening to this album when I heard this song for the first time. The music is string driven with lyrics that cry about making the ultimate change in our lives-- to follow Christ. Worth buying digitaly if the whole album isn't your cup of tea.

'I Can't Hear You' and 'You Know Where To Find Me' bring the album back down to earth with some powerpunching tones before 'The End' takes the album back to the catchy beats and whimiscal lyrics that Matthew's music is known for. 'Out Of My Hands' is up right before one of the best off the album 'The Lie'. Facing the impurities of this world and how we can't believe that lies that it feeds us. It's too bad this one was never a single--I can see it would have done very well.

The rest of the album with 'My Finest Hour', 'Every Second' and 'Curtain' once again take this 'happy' album to a softer place with more hushed music an pure lyrics. A conversation with a person and God are the best way to discribe the way that Matthew writes.

'Happy' was a fine start to what is becoming one of the most well known carrers in Christian music. Newer fans of Matthew might want to start off with his third album 'Something To Say' and move backwards to see just how music he has grown both in music and in lyrics. This is a fantastic album, and i'd reccomend it to anyone.

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not really | Posted August 25, 2009
i did not really enjoy this cd at all. Maybe because i really like all modern music better . I enjoy matthew west but i really didnt care for this cd..

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great cd | Posted April 23, 2010
Its Funny going through all of the new Cds i still come back to this one. This is such a fun cd and the layout and flow is, in a word, perfect. this is the cd that holds all of my fvorite tracks.

Thanks MW

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One of his best | Posted April 14, 2010
This is definitly one of Matthew West's best. Its his good ol' self, with awesome lyrics and song playing. If you havn't gotten into West yet, start here. Its a great starting point for any listener.

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Intro to Mr West | Posted April 12, 2010
This is the album that first introduced me to Matthew West. It blew me away with how good it was. I was expecting your average run of the mill CCM artist. What I got was an incredibly well written album that held more than his debut hit single. Also on a minor note one of the coolest liner notes I've ever seen with a pick your own album cover concept. Really dug it. Great stuff through and through.

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Happy! | Posted October 11, 2009
Fun and cheerful, yet serious and good! I love "Happy" and "More" Has Matthew West ever had a bad album? I don't think so, and I doubt it that will ever happen!

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Sweet! | Posted October 05, 2009
Happy is an awesome song. Great to listen to after you've had a rough day. Matthew West did a really good job on this CD. I own it and have listened to it many times. :)

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LampaFan (179)

Good | Posted September 26, 2009
I remember my brother had this CD when he was a teenager, and we listened to it a lot. I love the songs "More" and "Happy". It's a pretty good CD and Matthew's voice is great!

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I remember when... | Posted September 13, 2009
we were trying to get my now 6 yr. old, adorable son to sing "More" on the way to Disneyland. It's actually on a tape we recorded! Those were the days! I love Matthew West! The lyrics to "More" are wonderful. I obviously love them. This cd is very cool and a little contemporary(maybe even w/ a bit of rock-n-roll added in there). I even like that in the inside insert of this cd that there is a space where you can make your own "Happy artwork"! It's a very awesome album! I'm actually listening to it now as I write; and it is fabulous! Thank you Matthew West and all who had a hand in this glorious CD! :)

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justink (115)

Great Freshman Release | Posted September 03, 2009
This CD is so quirky and fun to listen to it really does make you Happy. I love the first single MORE....good stuff...good stuff...good need this

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=) | Posted August 30, 2009
Happy :) this is probably my favorite album by him. The song happy is inspiring to me. Like the little things in life just don't matter. There's a good so much bigger than those little things way up there! His lyrics are right. It's out of my another one of my favorites. he's got a good heart that is flowing straight into his lyrics :) happy !

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