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Sound Of The Broken [edit]
by Jeremy Horn | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: March 06, 2012

A Memphis native and worship leader, Horn truly understands the beauty and power of worship. Co-produced by Horn with the help of James Joseph (Todd Agnew) and Curry Weber (Todd Agnew, Joy Whitlock), this 10-song album reminds us that God's spirit truly rests inside of broken people. From the opening track and title cut, "Sound Of The Broken," which uses Acts 3 as its basis, to the closing track, "This Reflection," which reminds us of God's grace, Horn uses his worship talents to truly put the album's message into perspective.

Lead radio single "Surrender" speaks to those who have tried to find fulfillment in areas of their life other than God, whether it be their marriage, kids, or career. "When we bring Christ into our life, He brings a new creation and a new redemption that brings us hope and peace; there's something beautiful about surrendering our life to that," explains Horn.

Horn's passion for worship music and his desire to use it as a tool of service to God has resulted in his role as the worship leader of Christ The Rock Church, but his ministry expands even further. As part of his commitment to making music that can serve the church, Horn posts "How To Play" videos for worship leaders, including one with instructions for "Surrender," the single from Sound Of The Broken. To view Horn's videos, visit

"Worship can mean living your life for the glory of Christ, living your life to share Him with others," Horn says. "Worship can be the outpouring of our hearts in singing and proclaiming who God is to ourselves and to others. It's making Jesus bigger on Earth and in our lives."

Track Listing
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01. Sound Of The Broken
02. Now Is The Time
03. Only God Who Saves
04. Sons And Daughters
05. Surrender
06. Emptied
07. Where You Are
08. Faithful
09. Father Of Lights
10. This Reflection

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A Moving Musical Journey | Posted March 19, 2012
Jeremy Horn has quietly traveled the back roads of the CCM industry since his 2007 debut release, Atmosphere. After his debut and a live album, Horn is back with a pop/rock album that is comfortably rooted in catchy hookiness.

Sound of the Broken offers up a soothing 10-track experience that will call to mind several other acts in the industry without sounding too borrowed. The title track kicks things off with an upbeat and uplifting pop tune pleading to God to “hear the sound of the broken rising to your throne.”

“Now is the Time” is up next, which previously appeared on Horn’s live album. The track proves to be another strong pop offering, proclaiming in its chorus: “Now is the time for your people to lift up their eyes, our eyes up to you.”

“Surrender,” the album’s lead-single, proves to be an album highlight with one of the stronger choruses on the album and offering some of the deeper lyrics from Horn: “Holding tightly to a failing system, No life... no hope. Still unanswered are a thousand questions. Just let go!” The song goes on to proclaim, “There is something beautiful about surrender. There is something beautiful about release.” The orchestration in the bridge helps to lift the song to a deeper level.  

“Father of Lights” proves to be another album highlight with a soaring chorus and catchy verses. “This Reflection” closes out the album quietly with a moving melody and meaningful lyrics as Horn proclaims, “This reflection surrounds you bringing you down to your knees. It's the moment of truth when you finally embrace what you see. Jesus is all that you need.” As the album fades out, there’s a distinct feeling of genuineness in the music and in the lyrics that remains for quite a while.

The album keeps Christ front-and-center throughout and the music feels distinctly worshipful without sounding like it was just crafted just to be an easy-to-sing-along-to worship album. The honesty in Horn’s lyrics is admirable and help to keep attention focused on what he has to say.

Closing Thoughts:
Jeremy Horn plays within the popular CCM musical sound, making Sound of the Broken an enjoyable, yet accessible release that doesn’t feel like it’s simply walking the same paths as before. It’s comfortable with what it is and that comes through in the music. It may not define the genre but it doesn’t aspire to. Its simple messages resonate strongly enough and the music has the potential to uplift the listener, which is more than satisfying to find in music today.

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The Sound of Jeremy Horn | Posted March 10, 2012
Sound of The Broken opens the album well. This upbeat track is not very lyrically creative, though. Now Is The Time slow thgings down a little, but fares better than the previous song. Only God Who Saves was really good. It was lyrically creative when compared to some other artists. Sons And Daughters was the song I enjoyed better than the other first few songs. Its lyrics were really strong. Surrender is slightly slower. It was very nice because it was so true. But, it ended a little too abruptly. Emptied was a very worshipful song, but Jeremy Horn sounded a little pitchy at some parts. Where You Are was another worship song which excellently continued the worshipful mood that Surrender started. Faithful was yet another song about God's faithfulness, but Jeremy Horn pulled it off quite well. Father of Lights was a fun song that was very catchy. This Reflection was a pretty choppy transition from Father of Lights but ended the album nicely.

So in all, lyrically, this was an awesome album for the worship genre. But, musically, the album wasn't that great. But still, Jeremy Horn has a promising carrer ahead, so look out for him. This album is worth a listen, or a few listens.

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