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III [edit]
by FF5 (formerly Family Force 5) | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: October 18, 2011

"Tooth & Nail Records joins forces with Family Force 5's III Entertainment to bring you the bands third full-length studio album "III" on October 18, 2011. The band has been performing songs from the album this summer on the Warped Tour and at various summer festivals, including "Wobble," "Get On Outta Here," and "Dang Girl." " - Tooth & Nail.com

Track Listing
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01. Can You Feel It
02. Paycheck
03. Wobble
04. You Got It
05. Mamacita
06. Tank Top
07. Not Alone
08. Dang Girl
09. Love Gone Wrong
10. Get On Outta Here

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It's Time To Stretch A Bit | Posted December 26, 2011
The boys have delivered another fun and enjoyable set but continue to disappoint lyrically. Not only is there a lack of spiritual, well, anything here, songs about fighting, going broke, making up funny dance moves, and breaking necks looking at girls, make it tough to really enjoy. I found myself loving the arrangements, programming and music and getting completely frustrated at the lyrics. These guys have the faith. They talk about it all the time in interviews and concerts, but after three albums, it's time to put the foam fists down (and that's coming from a huge fan of the fists) and embrace some heavier topics. If not, stop headlining Creation Festival and focus more on Warped Tour and chase that mainstream gig full time. Either way, they have the talent to continue to be great. I'm just wanting them to embrace their faith a bit more.

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Keeping the Party Alive | Posted October 17, 2011
Family Force 5 plays a style of music that has been aptly described as “party rock.” The Atlanta-based band of brothers has had a whirlwind career over the past few years, moving from playing side stages at Warped Tour to headlining major Christian festivals. Their in-your-face southern rock grit combined with a stated mission to “party for Jesus” has created a reputation that spans genre divides, winning them popularity in both Christian and mainstream markets.
Their first two albums display different sides of the band’s personality. Business Up Front, Party In the Back has a heavy rock edge, while Dance Or Die has a smoother, more dance-focused tone. On their third and highly anticipated release, aptly named III (pronounced simply “three”), they manage to mix these two together to concoct blistering, beat-heavy tunes that yet again reinvent their own genre.
The record kicks off with "Can You Feel It," a song reminiscent of their first album with its heavy guitars layered behind Soul Glow Activatur’s screamed vocals. The song is in many ways an invitation into the album, to enjoy the music. One of the more serious tracks follows with the intense "Paycheck." Family Force 5 tackles issues of unemployment and poverty in America, addressing the issue with their usual tongue in cheek lyrics (“never heard of vacation-- I think they give those away at the radio station”) combined with honest sympathy and encouragement.
Some fans may already be familiar with some of the next tracks on the album, the incurably catchy "Wobble" and the cute "You Got It," a love song ringing with an indie vibe. Both of these tracks were on Family Force 5’s earlier release, the III EP. Continuing in the vein of "You Got It" (which lead singer Soul Glow has dedicated to his wife in the past), the next track is cleverly written, Latin-influenced "Mamacita."
What follows is the throbbing "Tanktop," possibly one of the most classy dance tracks you’ll ever hear. The song could practically have been written from the stage of a club show, watching the fans filter in. Part of its strength is that it is very restrained despite the strong beat, giving it a simultaneously mellow but intense feeling. The Family Force 5 guys know when to back off on the guitars and let the beat and vocals carry a song.
"Not Alone" is the album’s CHR single, which is already climbing the charts. The song is the most strongly spiritual song on the record, showing that when Family Force 5 does choose to take themselves seriously, they can pull it off with sincerity. The track speaks to those who feel lonely or abandoned.
Family Force 5 keeps the party going until the end, moving into the previously released track "Dang Girl." The following track, "Love Gone Wrong," is one of the strongest tracks on the album. It’s impossible to take the song seriously, and equally impossible not to want to sing along. The track talks about a girl who shoplifts and picks pockets. The song mournfully declares that though she’s no good “she’s sweet to me,” so the speaker of the song can’t seem to break up with her.
The album closes with the song "Get On Outta Here," which debuted at a few summer festivals. Soul Glow has dedicated this track to “the haters.” It’s very tongue in cheek, and very likely to be stuck in your head for weeks after your first listen.
Closing Thoughts:
Family Force 5 is a band that has seen a lot of controversy. Many feel wary about the atmosphere they often play in and question their goal to party for Jesus. There has been a clamor for more spiritual substance in their songs, and Family Force 5 very often has to address that in their interviews.

If you look for a deep theological message on III, you are unlikely to find it. What you will find is a hopelessly happy album made by five guys who aren’t afraid to look more than a little silly in order to spread their infectious joy. Tracks like "Paycheck" and "Not Alone" show that they have a solid foundation, that they are aware of the realities of spiritual struggles, while tracks like "Can You Feel It" and "Tanktop" show that they aren’t afraid to enjoy life anyway. Family Force 5 successfully manages to shed some light in the otherwise very murky club music scene, without taking themselves too seriously along the way.

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i love this album! | Posted March 06, 2013
 I love this album and so many others! their song Wobble has made a huge hit at my school! Kids are doing the dance, playing the song, and occasionally, I am singing the song... out loud! The hats are legit, same with the wrist bands. I told my brother about this and he said he will try FF5 out. fingers crossed! LET ME SEE YOU WOBBLE!!!

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Beanie17 (52)

Disappionting | Posted May 26, 2012
After waiting three years for a new album, I found this disappionting. I like "Wobble" but must of the songs are about girls lacking any spiritual value. I also like "Not Alone" and their other CDs are great but I was just not happy with this.

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ARNgal (15)

what a disgrace | Posted October 29, 2011
 i have been a loyal fan for almost as long as they've been around on mainstream, but this... with all due respect, this is crap. the only redeemable song on here is Not Alone, which is good but not good enough to bump up the rating much, if at all. this is undoubtedly the worst i have ever heard from these guys- i listened to it once thru and could hardly believe my ears, so i listened to it a few more times. every time thru it got more and more disappointing. sorry to say it, but i'm wondering what happened to the good ol days of "business up front, party in the back". don't waste your money on this one.

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username2 (378)

4.5/5 | Posted October 19, 2011
It's been three years since we last heard from Family Force 5 and while I wish they provided more on this album, what they do have is so much fun to listen to that the long gap will be forgotten.  III is almost a return to the style of Business but yet not.  It mixes in the style of Business and the beats that you could find plaguing Top 40 stations.  Musically, it sounds fresh and exciting.  Lyrically though is where the controversy is.  Some people are put off by the fact that the lyrics aren't "christian" at all, but I disagree.  I found it to be lyrically up there with Business and Dance or Die in that the lyrics are suit the fun nature of the songs.  

While I still feel that Business is their best album, Family Force 5 continues to offer us fun party songs that are upbeat, catchy, and in tune with what the kiddies are listening to nowadays.  The lyrics might make some people cringe, but I still feel that  III is the funnest album of the year.

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