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The Anthem of Angels [edit]
by Seventh Day Slumber | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: November 15, 2011

Seventh Day Slumber is set to release their latest album The Anthem Of Angels. This album is sure to bring the rock and the worship in a way that only Seventh Day Slumber can do.

FOR FANS OF: Pillar, Thousand Foot Krutch, Jeremy Camp

Track Listing
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01. Wasted Life
02. Love Came Down
03. One Mistake
04. Addicted To My Pain
05. Never Too Far Gone
06. Pieces
07. Crash
08. Back Where I Began
09. Knows My Name
10. My Life
11. How He Loves

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A Faith-Filled Fusion | Posted November 14, 2011
Seventh Day Slumber originally made a name for themselves in the Christian hard rock subgenre, building a foundation grounded in solid rock riffs and lead singer Joseph Rojas’s incredible ability to speak and write songs birthed out of his own struggle and testimony. In 2009 they took a step sideways, recording an album with a worship focus (Take Everything) while still infusing it with their rock sensibilities. Now, two years later, the Dallas-based band is back with an album that fuses the worship and hard rock genres into a new powerhouse sound.
The Anthem of Angels kicks off with songs affirming God’s faithfulness in the midst of struggle. “Wasted Life” is a testimony to God’s ability to take people as they are and rescue them from the midst of wasted lives. This song and the next, “Love Came Down” (the corporate worship song by Bethel Music’s Brian Johnson), are both carried on a strong backbone of Jeremy Holderfield’s solid guitar work. 
“One Mistake” and “Addicted to My Pain” are both songs of struggle, reminiscent of classic Seventh Day Slumber material. Both have very well crafted acoustic introductions that drop into the main riffs of the song. “One Mistake” is an honest song written from a place of fear that God will walk away. “Addicted to My Pain” is one of the strongest tracks on the album. If this is an album of anthems, this is an anthem of painful self-examination.
These songs are followed by “Never Too Far Gone,” a song that could be an answer from a friend watching the speaker of “Addicted to My Pain.” The song is a call to action, to overcome the feelings of hopelessness when “you’re drowning out your tomorrows and the melody of pain is on replay.” The guitars here are gritty, crunching behind Joseph Rojas’s earnest vocals.
The fitting follow-up tracks are “Pieces” and “Crash,” both of which are tracks that cry for God to come as the only Healer. In the progression of the album, it feels like we would flip the record here if this was vinyl. Thematically the album changes as it begins looking up.
Towards the end of the album we are given a glimpse into Joseph Rojas’ own testimony. As a former cocaine addict and a convicted felon, Rojas definitely has credibility when he sings out “You make me feel like I belong, You give me strength to carry on. And I feel so alive since that part of me died.”
The album wraps up with Seventh Day Slumber’s take on John Mark McMillan’s “How He Loves.” Although they tread very well-traveled ground here, they definitely bring a new flavor to the table with the heavy drum work, soaring background vocals, and their own twist on the bridge (“Heaven meets earth like the very first kiss”). 
Closing Thoughts:
The genre of worship music can often present a more or less closed door to hard rock artists, but Seventh Day Slumber doesn’t just knock on that door; they knock it down and invite their fanbase in with them. The Anthem of Angels is an album of searching, of honesty, and of worship. The seamless blending of their gritty roots and heartfelt worship lyrics is a feat few bands have accomplished. This album is well worth looking into for fans of either worship or harder rock. 

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Awesome Job Guys | Posted November 02, 2011
 Im definitely getting this album yalls music has always helped me through my life and letting me know that God is always there and that i am never alone thank you guys for everything that you do God Bless Yall

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username2 (375)

3/5 | Posted November 15, 2011
I skipped out on Take Everything two years ago so for me it's been since Finally Awake all the way back in 2007 since I last heard stuff by Seventh Day Slumber.  The new album is out and it feels like more of the same.  The message behind the songs is still powerful, the hard rock/worship style still works, and the lyrics are well written.  I just feel like I've heard everything the band offered and I'm growing tired of it.  

Don't take that to mean I don't like the album.  It's a good album and definately worth your money if you are a fan, but for me, I'm going to listen to it online once and move on.

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ARNgal (15)

heard it here first!! | Posted November 06, 2011
 i love how you can get sneek peeks here on upcoming music.
this album is typical of SDS... they deliver again.
i would've liked to hear some more poppin, grinding rock on here, but it's great the way it is.

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Nothing less then the BEST! | Posted November 06, 2011
After all these years of being in the business of creating music that touches lives and souls, Seventh Day Slumber still has it and brings it all to the table like a Thanksgiving dinner! I sure hope they will continue making music for years to come. My ears would appreciate it!

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The Anthem of Angels | Posted November 04, 2011
I was locked into this album from the first track. Overall an incredible collection of songs, top notch performances and excellent production. I am really enjoying the amazing guitar work and messages on this release. A must buy!

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Christian rock | Posted November 03, 2011
It sounds great from what I heard from it so far!  Great lyrics!  And a great new sound!   With pop and rock mixed in.  A great mix!  I like the introspection of the artist.  This cd really has thought provoking lyrics.

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Love the New Music | Posted November 01, 2011
My wife and I were eagerly awaiting Seventh Day Slumber's new album, The Anthem Of Angels.  This album includes a nice variety of music.  I really enjoyed their earlier music.  It's nice to hear they can still write good original songs that continue to glorify our King, Jesus Christ!!  Keep up the good work guys (and girl - new bass player).  Thanks for the early listen, NRT.  I'll definitely be buying this album.

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Home Run | Posted November 01, 2011
I've had the opportunity to see SDS live early on in their carrer and I must say that the progression over the years has been great. As far as I'm concerened this their best non-worship project release. Each song seems to have been written for individual situations of the listner, I especially liked Addicted to My Pain, it was ver y relateable. I we be recommending this new release from SDS to my friends.

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Can't wait! | Posted November 01, 2011
I cannot wait for this album! Seventh Day Slumber is one amazing band and worth listening too! They helped me during some hard parts in my life and I reccomend them to anyone who could use encouragement in their faith! :)

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"upon this ROCK I will build my church" | Posted November 01, 2011
This CD rocks. It's uplifting, moving rock/metal. Jeremy & Joseph lay down some pretty sweet guitar riffs. Jamie sets a groove on the drums that's is pocket, but still jammin'. Talia holds 'em all together on the bass and together it's a powerful message that God not only loves us all, but speaks through Rock n' Roll too. If you haven't already added this CD to your it now! Run don't walk to your nearest Christian Music store and grab this CD!

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