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Come And Drink EP [edit]
by Matthew Reed | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: May 31, 2011

"An anthem for this generation to unite as one voice to see hope arise in the darkest places on earth," says Matthew Reed, as he describes his debut release.

People who like raw worship along the likes of John Mark McMillan, Phil Wickham and Daniel Bashta will love this CD's unhindered creativity and sound.

"These songs all came out of a hunger to see God show up in my life and a passion for the church to arise and sing for the King," says Reed.

The record was produced by Michael Rossback out of Colorado Springs, CO, who is known for his work with Gungor, Paul Baloche, and Jared Anderson.

Track Listing
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01. Awake, Awake
02. Come And Drink
03. Crash This Place
04. Come Now
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05. Emmanuel
06. Pour Out
07. Come And Drink EPK (Not On Album)
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Drink In This Impressive Debut | Posted August 01, 2011
Lavished in luminous color, newcomer Matthew Reed presents his refreshing worship EP, Come & Drink, for a generation seeking for something deeper. The album is set in a singable anthem manner and rock-driven array. The EP comes from producer Michael Rossback (Gungor, Jared Anderson, Paul Baloche) and comes between a mixture of Rossback's previous works, plus hints of Mat Kearney and Knoxville's rising worship team, United Pursuit Band (Will Reagan). 
Surrealistically embellished, the project is filled with rally and folk like anthems with clinging thumps, a soft touch of Southern edge, and soaring, soulful vocals. The boylike voice is assuring and serene. Lyrically, it's penetrating, profound and inviting.
The EP begins with the melodic “Awake, Awake,” which is able to purge piano swifts and electrifying sounds in a hooking appeal. The track calls forth to “make way for the Lord,” as well as a call for the Church to “rise up.” The album transfuses a call for holiness, echoing “Have you not heard? He's coming for a pure bride. Like a thief in the night, He's coming quickly.”
The following track, “Come and Drink,”is a thriving and harmonious invite to drink from the “healing river.” The song evokes the listener to invite others in the chorus: “Come you thirsty, come you sinners.” The bridge is an engaging singalong that makes one ponder, “Can we count the things He's done?” The song is gorgeously paced and structured, forging a sprinkle of '70s light pop rock and a somewhat Michael Gungor resonance, in all creating an assertive appeal. 
Both “Crash This Place” and “Come Now” are invitations for the presence of the Holy Spirit to invade, fill, and dwell amidst. “Crash This Place” carries a Southern rock edge and at the same time a harmonious and structured congregational anthem. “Come Now” comes with a softer touch, with additional declarations as children of God. The lyrics penetrate a tangible experience that beautifully call out, “bring forth Your rain into these dry and thirsty bones. Come now upon us, upon Your people, You are the light that shines. Darkness is no more.”
“Emmanuel” has an acoustic appeal and gentler rendition, discussing God's infinite love that “has no bounds.” From all tracks, this one seems to fully carry the Southern roots of Reed in a hushing lullaby like manner. The final track, “Pour Out,” comes in a more energetic upbeat swift and cries out for revival. The song calls unto God's presence to fill one's cup and overflow, in so creating a triggering effect resulting in “revival.”
Closing Thoughts:
Undoubtedly the album carries the touch of producer Rossback's previous works, yet still presenting a unique rendition to the already giant rising “worship scene.” Reed has something unique to offer, as he is keenly able to carry out Southern rock edge and folk with a modern youthful touch, resulting in singable anthems. The music does not seem to center on Reed, but create a rally of worshipers united in “Spirit and in Truth.”
Reed's EP is able to go much deeper than just proclaim, but create a healing and Spirit filled atmosphere. Beauty is transcended from beginning to end, and it is not necessarily the music and lyrics, which in all honesty are all contagious, but the heart of this sincere young worshiper that is felt and penetrated. 

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Not enough | Posted June 26, 2011
Just seven songs? I wish there were more because they are great. I really like his music, and I cannot wait for him to release more of it, and hope that he does so soon. While 7 songs aren't enough for me, the ones that are here are awesome.

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Could be good | Posted June 19, 2011
I have heard a couple of the song previews, and I am pretty impressed. I haven't heard od him before, but I really like that there is someone new making good worship music with the styles that I usually enjoy.

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Momma67 (24)

Great worship | Posted June 19, 2011
I am new to this kind of worship style, but I am a big fan. I really like the fact that there are numerous kinds of worship music out there. The songs are well written, and they are easy to sing along with. Great stuff.

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Great Style | Posted June 19, 2011
I really like the mix of songs on this record. There are really upbeat and uplifting worship songs, and other songs that are just really fun to sing along with. I can't wait for him to come out with more albums.

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artist opinion | Posted June 07, 2011
I'd never heard of Mattew Reed before, and was pleasantly surprised. He's another fresh voice on the christian music scene who is hitting some great goals. A great worshipful experience with true colour

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chaiann (22)

Sounds good | Posted June 04, 2011
I think this sounded pretty good. I liked the fact that it was a worship song but had a modern sound to it. I think this EP is a great start to a new and hopefully prosperous career! I can't wait to hear more from Matthew Reed and will definitely be keeping my eye on him to see what he will come out with next.

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Come & Drink | Posted June 03, 2011
I've never listened to or heard of Matthew Reed until I saw that he was a featured artist. So I decided to check him out because I really enjoy hearing new music. I can say that I'm definitely glad I did that! His EP is full of infectious, and easy to sing along with songs. My favorite song is Come & Drink, go give his EP a listen and I promise you won't be disappointed!

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Come And Drink EP | Posted June 01, 2011
An excellent collection of musical snapshots! Many of the songs were very catchy and instantly singable (my favorite being "Come Now"). You can really feel Matthew's love for Christ on this release and I loved the strong worshipful focus throughout. This sounds like an excellent release with the only downside being that I wish it was longer.

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