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On Fire [edit]
by Peter Furler Band | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: June 21, 2011

With multiple GRAMMY nominations and Dove awards, “Songwriter Of The Year” nods, and musical talent that has driven the sales of five RIAA-Certified Gold records and over seven million albums sold, Peter Furler returned to music after ending his long tenure in 2009 as the lead singer of Newsboys, the band he founded in Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia. Refreshed and reawakened to the joy of music, Peter stepped out in 2011 with his first solo album, On Fire.

Track Listing
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01. I'm Alive
02. Reach
03. Glory To The King
04. Never Ending Love Song
05. Matter Of Faith
06. All In Your Head
07. Closer (feat. Steve Taylor)
08. Faster And Louder
09. Psalm 23
10. Hold On
11. Greater Is He (feat. Phil Joel and Bill Furler)
12. Reach (Story Behind - Not On Album)

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A Return Worth Waiting For | Posted June 12, 2011
In March of 2009, Peter Furler, founding member and lead vocalist of Newsboys, announced he would be leaving the band to pursue personal interests. Needless to say, fans of the band were stunned by his abrupt departure. Questions immediately arose as to what these personal reasons might be--a health battle, a spiritual crisis, even a falling out with the band--but in the end, Peter’s resolve was simple. After 20+ years of non-stop writing, recording and touring, he needed a break. After such a drastic exit, many wondered if the Australian-born vocalist would ever make a return to Christian music. Only time would tell… 
In early 2011, ending his nearly two-year long sabbatical from the music industry, Furler’s fans were delighted to learn that he was not only writing new music, but working on a brand new album, alongside familiar names, longtime friends and up-and-coming producers, including Seth Mosley from the band Me In Motion. It was his absence from the music world that allowed Peter’s passion for music to be rekindled by God once again, saying of the project, ''There is a fire shut up in my bones that I have not been able to hold in since I was a child. For me, I find its release through melody and testimony.'' This ‘release’ would spearhead his first solo record, On Fire.
The album starts off with the bouncy and pop driven “I’m Alive,” which boasts the album’s title through the lyric “I’m Alive, I’m On Fire, and my Spirit burns with desire.” It’s a great way to start the album, and from here, it shows no signs of slowing down. The CD’s first single, “Reach,” is followed by the worshipful and fun “Glory To The King.” The whole album has a techno/pop theme running throughout, which is something many Furler fans will enjoy right away, giving the newness a sense of comforting familiarity. The eccentric “Never Ending Love Song” is the catchiest song on the record, and will no doubt be one that will have everyone jumping when it’s preformed live. The only real mid-tempo track, “Matter Of Faith”, talks about Christ coming for the church, and describes the events through a series of beautiful word play. 
“All In Your Head” is followed by my favorite song on the entire album, “Closer.” The song speaks about how easily we loose ourselves to the distractions of life, and with the end coming, it’s time we lived out our calling’s without any regrets. The song features a brilliant vocal cameo by longtime producer and legendary CCM male vocalist, Steve Taylor. Taylor and Furler’s vocals meshed together are spot on and it brings this song to a whole new level. It’s one I recommend you buy whether or not you purchase the entire record… a fantastic track. “Faster And Louder” is a humorous tale, addressing the expectation that after 20 years of doing rock music, Peter would want to slow down his sound, which in turn, only makes him want to make his music ‘faster and louder.’ It sends a great message that your never to young (or too old) to live a radical life for Christ. 
“Psalm 23” is just that, the 23rd psalm set to the most unique beat on the record. Laced with auto-tuned vocals, this is something I could easily hear being played on a mainstream pop station. It will definitely become a fan favorite. “Hold On” is a song I hope to hear as the next radio single. It’s a departure from the pop found on most of the album, and it’s encouraging message of believing God through the middle of a storm is something that would impact many listeners. “Greater Is He”, featuring guest vocals by fellow former Newsboy, Phil Joel, as well as a short audio clip by Peter’s father, Bill Furler (a well known Pastor in Australia), brings the album to a triumphant close.
Closing Thoughts:
Musically, this is a fun and fast paced album. There isn’t a dull moment on the record, and while that might not suit everyone‘s taste, it certainly showcases Peter’s new sound. Lyrically, this might be one of the most encouraging albums of the year. The powerful theme of living “on fire” runs throughout every song on this record, taking the listener on a journey of what it means to follow Christ and live deliberately through life’s up’s and downs. With quirky lyrics and upbeat harmonies, no question longtime Newsboys fans will love this album, but of course, Peter will also capture the heart of new listeners with his passion and catchy grooves. This is one of CCM’s “must-own” albums of 2011 and it doesn’t disappoint. All this being said, I think the only thing that’s left to say is this: welcome back Peter Furler.

--Sarah Fine

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ofytube (158)

On Fire | Posted March 02, 2014
You really should buy the debut album On Fire by Peter Furler. This worshipper will make you praise with her songs. And you really need to listen to her music. Let's adore Him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Love it | Posted April 19, 2013
Love it!!!   I bought this album as soon as it came out and I listen to it everyday.  It is one of the best albums yet... So creative.  Can't wait for another album from Peter Furler.  

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I got the Bonus Tracks Edition >:) | Posted February 25, 2013
Every single song on this album is awesome. I wish I had bought it sooner! I've loved Newsboys since I was young and decided I would see what Peter would produce solo... The outcome was pure awesomeness! I listened to the album on repeat for a loooooong time :P I've gotta say my favorite songs on this album are "Faster and Louder", "Neverending Love Song", and "Hold On."

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acox_ (8)

LOVE IT! | Posted July 14, 2012
I have always been a big fan of the Newsboys. When I found out Peter decided to leave and have a solo career, the first thing I wanted to know was when the album came out. I must say that it's a great album and I love every song on it! I can't wait for him to release another! :) 

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gizmodad (75)

The Return of a Legend | Posted July 04, 2011
After announcing his departure from the Newsboys in March 2009, one of the most well-known and unique voices in the industry, Peter Furler, returns with his debut solo album On Fire. After more than 7 million album sales, multiple Grammy® and Dove Award nominations and 25 No.1 hits with successful pop/rock band Newsboys, Peter confidently handed the group over to his band mates, as God lead him and his wife Summer to pack up their things and move to Florida. For the next two years, Peter found creative freedom to write what was placed on his heart. He soon announced work on a solo project, teaming up with acclaimed producer Steve Taylor, former Newsboys band mate Phil Joel and Seth Mosley from Me In Motion. This album is a testament to Peter's immense faith in God, his hard work and dedication to the industry and his pure talent as a musician.

Peter Furler's On Fire project opens up with "I'm Alive", a bouncy, enjoyable, techno influenced track that will please fans of Newsboys' earlier work. It is a song written in gratitude of our forgiveness and freedom. Following this song is the infectious first single "Reach", which is already a hit at Christian radio. This contagious modern pop tune reminds us that even though God created the heavens and the Earth, he cares for each of us individually. The powerful reminder in the message and the inspirational lyrics really set this song apart. "You reach for me / with a love quiets all my fears / You reach for me / like a Father wipes away the tears / so many people in this world / but i hear You calling out my name / You reach for me / now I'm never gonna be the same."

"Glory To The King" is a worshipful anthem written by Peter at his grandmother's funeral, speaking of the day when we will bow down to Jesus and our tears will be wiped away. Everything about this song is flawless, from Peter's incredible vocals to the heartfelt and emotional message. "Never Ending Love Song" is an upbeat, playful song that thanks God for all He has done for us, and talks about how we will never stop singing our love song to Him. The chorus had me singing along in no time, making this song one of the highlights from the album.

"Matter Of Faith" is a passionate rock anthem that speaks of having faith in God, saying that without faith it is impossible to truly believe in Him. The following song "All In Your Head" was my favourite from On Fire. With its pulsing bass line and catchy techno dance beat, this song encourages listeners to "forget what's behind and go where you're lead" by making the most of chances we get in life.

“Closer”, featuring Steve Taylor, is an infusion of funk/pop beats that asks the most relevant question of all, “Are you ready for the future?”. The diversity of sounds that are brought to the table in this song definitely make it worth the listen. Lyrically, “Faster and Louder” is autobiographical, following the story of the creative freedom Peter found when writing the album. The clever lyrics during the first verse add a comical perspective to the song, “Chill out / you’ve earned a break / time to start another page / artists of a certain age / writing ballads / eating salads // there must be something more / who we getting mellow for?”. Musically, this song ticks all the boxes through the catchy whistling incorporated with the melody throughout its entirety.

The following song “Psalm 23” was something that I found to be an interesting move from Peter Furler. It is literally the words of Psalm 23 married up with a pounding dance beat and auto tuned vocals, which is not necessarily bad in this case. Although the lyrics are not original, the manner in which Peter has musically altered the song is certainly remarkable! “Hold On” is an enjoyable pop/rock track that encourages the listener to “just believe” through the hard times that God will bring them through. The closing track “Greater Is He” acts as a fitting benediction to the album. Featuring guest vocals from Phil Joel and Bill Furler (Peter's father), this song ends the album in an upbeat, worshipful manner, a poignant reminder that God is powerful and worthy of all praise.

Peter Furler's debut solo album On Fire is certainly an enjoyable listen, and a must have album for 2011! It is an absolute joy to see a fellow Aussie and Christian music veteran back doing what he does best! This album's catchy techno flavour was extremely enjoyable and like nothing I've ever heard in the industry before. Peter Furler is back, and he's here to stay.


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A great solo effort | Posted June 24, 2011
Newsboys are no longer the newsboys I have always felt with Peter Furler leaving the band.When I purchased On Fire  I couldn't only hope and wish this was a newsboys albulm.In the back of my mind I keep thinking this albulm will draw Perters Furlers fans back and put a smile on a lot of people faces.I never thought that I would be singing along with the songs but I am.Thankl you Peter for making a great albulm and not a bad one

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Reach | Posted April 19, 2011
If the rest of the CD is anything like Reach is, it's going to be Awesome and So worth the wait.  God has blessed him over the years and continues to through his music and ministry. Be ready to Buy this one, for sure. Amazing....

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