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Something Big [edit]
by Mary Mary | Genre: Gospel | Release Date: March 29, 2011

Platinum Grammy, American Music Award, Stellar & Dove Award Winners, Mary Mary, are back with 12 new tracks and Something Big.

Track Listing
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01. Something Big
02. Something Bigger
03. Blind
04. It Is Well
05. Never Wave My Flag
06. Walking
07. Slow Walk
08. Survive
09. Are You Ready
10. Catch Me
11. Sitting With Me
12. Homecoming Glory

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Getting a feel for it | Posted May 15, 2011
I have never really been a big fan of hip-hop/r&b music but Mary Mary is changing my mind a bit. They have great voices and the songs all have really great and uplifting messages and sounds. Pretty good music.

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Should be good | Posted May 10, 2011
My sister is a pretty big fan of Mary Mary. She keeps bugging me trying to get me to drive her out to pick up some of thier music. If it makes her happy, then I'm good with it. There are tons of other groups that people could be listening to, but these ladies are really good.

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Yeah. | Posted May 09, 2011
 I  enjoy Mary Mary so much and was excited to hear their new work, it has that same Mary Mary style that I love. This album makes you wanna dance! I absolutely loooove this album! This is such an upbeat and uplifting album. I just Love It!!

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Something Great! | Posted May 04, 2011
 I'm a bit late on this review, however, I wanted to actually take the time to listen to the album thoroughly.  Just like any other CD, it takes a while for some songs to grow on you.  Thus saying, I allow each album the chance to win me over.
First I will give you a background of myself.
Genre: Gospel/inspirational
Influences: Kirk Franklin, Clark Sisters, Ricky Dillard, Earnest Pugh, Greater LA Cathedral Choir, Travis Greene, and of course Mary Mary.
I will be taking this review track by track, giving my feel of each song.
Something Big: 5*
For those of you who have followed these ladies, you know this falls in the same feel as "The Real Party".  It's got that upbeat, gospel rock sound.  I'm warning you, if you are not into Gospel music, you will not enjoy this song.  It is repetitive, which is very essential in Gospel music.  To us Gospel-heads, it's more than just a repetetive call and response, it's a chance for us to chant and dance and rejoice.  The words are very powerful if you take it away from the song.  I'm not going to lie, when I first played this album through, I was stuck on this song before I could move on.  It just has that groove.   
Something Bigger: 3.5*
After you calm down and take a seat, You're going to need to get back up on your feet! After listening to it the first time, I realized there wasn't anything really to sing along to, besides La La La.  So, I replayed the song to listen to the lyrics.  I must admit I don't agree with the lyrics all that much. The lyrics have sort of an...egotistical flare.  it lacks to relate to the title, "Something Bigger".  At first glance/listen, I expected it to talk about how God allows for  bigger things.  I didn't quite get that from the lyrics.  However, the beat/studio work is very catchy with it's popish/dancy ring. Great song to dance to.
Blind: 5*
Rolling out some more of the pop tunes, Blind takes a different angle.  It HITS HARD from the intro of the song.  "YOUR LOVE IS" right off the bat.  Then the track falls in and delivers a steady pump of r&b/pop rhythm.  This song will have you bobbing/nodding your head.  The chorus is very catchy, the "Oh's" will be stuck in your head!  However, that's not what made this a 5* song for me.  I fell in love with the lyrics.  They really display the "Blind" love God has for us.  The part of the lyrics that took me in were "You're not like me, you see past me."  That was definitely deep. ::||Sidenote||:: My dog Meeshka really loves this song as well. =]
It Is Well: 4*
Despite my love for R&B and Pop tunes, I'm surprisingly more a hymnal man myself.  "It Is Well" is definitely one of my most favorite hymnals by far. This would have been a 5* for that alone.  Sadly, the background didn't fit well with me.  It distracted me from a song that I know very well.  It was rather, bothersome to hear that thing in the background.  I feel it would've delivered better if they just sang it alone.
Never Wave My Flag: 4*
This song took me a while to get used to.  This song started out as a 2.5.  The song to me, sounded unfinished, as if something were lacking in production.  Also, it sounded like a last minute song.  I was determined to not like this song from the start.  That being said, I gave it a chance, I listened to the lyrics and drowned out the background track.  This song ended up being very encouraging to me.  When I got to understand the lyrics, it then allowed me to appreciate the musical production along with it. 
Walking: 5*
For those of you that don't know, this song is sampled from "Gypsy Woman" by Crystal Waters.  "Gyspy woman" was also sampled by T.I. (the rapper).  I absolutely love this song.  The concept, the lyrics, the melody.  I read in someone's post about this song being a "musical hot mess."  People have their own opinions, and I have mine.  Which concludes me to say, this song is perfect as is.  The progession is definitely a Neo-soul feel.  If you're not familiar with neo-soul, I can absolutely understand where you're coming from.  However, a "musical hot mess," I think not.  =]
Slow Walking: 5*
A skill that has been used many times before, and growing even more as time progresses: Chopping and screwing.  For those of you unfamiliar with "Chopping and Screwing"...this is all the guide you need. 
With that being said, it was a very nice surprise for the women to incorporate such a style to the album.  It definitely put a smile on my face.  Not to mention, they did a very good job at it. 
I Survived: 5*
This is my favorite song on this album!!!  The lyrics are great, the "old school" funky groove they have in the background just won me over.  They sang very gracefully over the track, and stayed in the pocket!  The runs and riffs from the two girls, IMO, were most showcased here.  I think this is the strongest track, vocally.  Again, that is just my opinion.  But, if you love to sing, like myself, there are plenty of tricks you can pick up from this track.  
Are You Ready: 2* (Weakest song on the album)

When I heard this song, I think the most disturbing thing was the clap in the background.  For some odd reason it's very distracting to me.  I even turned off the enhancements on my playback device, it still burned through.  I feel it would've been strong if they would've highlighted the guitar a better way.  Everything else in the song was just layered to an overpowering amount.  This is what I call an over-produced song.  The chorus was rather annoying..."La la get your mind la la get your mind right."  Just didn't work for me.
Catch Me: 5*
This was a great song to turn the album around.  I feel that if they had placed this song before "Are You Ready", that song would've gotten a better rating.  Stepping down from all the upbeat songs, this song was a great cool off.  You're able to worship, and believe me, I DID!  "Hero. Villian. Even at my best, I'm my own worst enemy."  That line alone set the tone right.  When the drums kick in at the chorus, it added so much more depth to this already deep worship song.  This song was the best lyrically. 
Sitting With Me: 4.5*
This is a very illustrative song. Lyrically and musically.  You can feel the story, and you can even relate to a certain degree.  This song also featured an electric guitar in a very mannerful way.  They managed to give it a sort of rock(according to my very little rock knowledge) edge, while keeping it in the realms of Gospel progressions.  This song makes you feel like Jesus is sitting right there with you.  It's that theatrical.  Best song visually.
Hometown Glory: 4*
This was the perfect song to end this album.  It brang everything home.  When you hear first 16 bars you immediately feel like you're running in a garden of heaven.  I can picture kids sitting around and asking about heaven, while this song is in the background.  
Please do keep in mind my background.  If you follow a similar line of artists, you will find great pleasure in this album.  On the contrary, most songs do take a while to get warmed-up to.  Altogether, this album delivers it's purpose.  Be blessed ladies and gentlemen. 
If you'd like me to review and album for you, email me at  I will more than happy to do so. 
=] Jir0nimo

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pflegz (6)

Yay New Mary Mary | Posted May 02, 2011
This will be one I purchase! It is fresh and new and fun again! That's what I like about them-they are fun and upbeat with their beautiful voices and great lyrics!

Beautiful ladies as well! Sorry I missed the tour!

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RoyalT (1)

Something BIG!! | Posted March 29, 2011
I am so EXCITED about this new project from Mary Mary! I will admit that I had my doubts after their last cd was often dubbed the "Club Banger". This time around they let the music speak with them instead of it going against them. I will sum up this review by simply saying go BUY it!

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Good jamz. | Posted March 27, 2011
Mary Mary they sing very well and I overall like the album.  It follows the vibe of Kirk Franklin.  I am happy that New Release Tuesday made a free preview!  This is usually not my type of music, but Mary Mary makes me like hip-hop/R&B more!  :)

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justink (115)

Hmph. | Posted March 26, 2011

No doubt these ladies are talented and can sure enough sing; however, I have been losing interest in them since "Mary Mary" . Grant it- they have had some great songs on their previous 2 albums "God In Me" "Get Up" etc but I just don't really care for their latest "Something Big"- the title track starts off where "T he Real Party" left off with the same kind of beat and call and response- I found it quite repetive and annoying. "Something Bigger" didn't help. I was annoyed with the fact that the song titles were so similar- the beat and the vocals were annoying to the point of turing off the speakers- the lyrics weren't good either. "Nobody wants to be a loser...." - ha- it implies that people are losers.  I didn't really enjoy the album till "Never Wave My Flag" but it didn't last long. "Walking" is just a musical hot mess. The chord progression throughout the song is just strange. It sounds like somebody is hitting the wrong keys on the piano- there is major disharmony in the piano keys being played together.  "Survive" was nice- although it was repetive AGAIN.
"Catch Me" was nice. "Homecoming Glory"- for me- was doomed from the start because one of my favorite songs ever is a song titled "HomeTOWN glory"- and it just didn't work for me. 

2 out of 12 songs. 

One of the BIGGEST factors of this CD that made it unenjoyable is the repetiveness of single words or simple phrases- that didn't really come together as a chorus. 

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Something Big | Posted March 26, 2011
 Mary Mary has cemented their place in Gospel Music after releasing many great albums. I had found "The Sound" a little disappointing in some areas, but now I can't wait to review, "Something Big"!

The title track, "Something Big" kicks things off with a fun hip hop beat, and shares the story of "something big" that happened. Salvation! I really enjoyed this track! I love the sort of back and forth vocals, and the extremely fun beat. This song has a church feel to it, and I can totally imagine singing this in church! If "Something Big" is any indication, this album will be amazing! 

"Something Bigger" follows, and has this very neat intro, and the ladies start out rapping, and already I am enjoying this album! I enjoy the positive lyrics of this song, as Erica and Tina sing and rap about how good God is, and how He can change lives, and make them "Something Bigger"! This song has a lot going on, some may think a little too much, but overall I don't see how anyone can complain.  Definitely a favorite!

Third on the album is "Blind", and continues the great  beats, but tones things down a bit. "Blind" is a song of God's love, about how we can sin and become basically "garbage", however, God still loves us and will forgive us when we call on His name. This isn't a slow song necessarily, but is a slower tempo when compared with the previous two songs. Very good, so far I have no faults with this album!

"It Is Well" follows next, and isn't necessary a cover of the hymn, but rather a version of the same subject the hymn covers. This is a beautiful acapella song, however, I found the background vocals to be a little annoying as they are completely auto tuned and electronic sounding. I suppose some people might like this, but I find it just a bit annoying. However, this is a great song that showcases Erica and Tina's amazing voices!

Coming in at Track 5, "Never Wave My Flag" has this almost creepy intro, and gives the song a mysterious feel. As they sing about struggles, about giving in because "life is hitting me in the face", it turns into an anthem of never giving in, and she will "Never Wave My Flag" in surrender! This song has a very techno/electronic feel to it, which makes for great listening! The lyrical themes in this song are strong and powerful. I am totally hearing in my head a mashup of "Never Wave My Flag" and another song...

"Walking" has very 90's feel to it, complete with the electronic synthesizer you hear as part of the main beat. The verses I find are really good, but the chorus is all repetition, which is a little off-putting in my opinion. We as Christians sometimes need to realize that it doesn't always take running to get ahead. This song isn't one of the highlights of the album in my opinion, but has a strong, positive lyrical message with a fun 90's beat.

About halfway into the album, "Slow Walk" comes through your speakers. The intro is attention getting, for sure, having a little kid yelling, "1,2,3!" and having the chorus of the previous song sped up, and then slowed down. "Slow Walk" deals with the topic of taking time to slow down, and not miss the important moments in life. The interesting thing about this song is the rap, and I thought it was a great addition to the track. 

"Survive" is another song about struggles, and how they overcame. The chorus is once again repetition, which I find to be boring. This song is a testimony that will encourage those who listen. The bridge is a sort of song sermon of encouragement, and rounds out "Survive" very nicely.

Well, are you ready? Seriously, "Are You Ready"? Ninth on the album, it starts out with a fun guitar strumming, clapping, and a few "La la la's". Immediately my ears perked up! Definitely different, in a good way! This song is about a girl who decides she wants a better life, and packs up to leave her ghetto to live the good life. In the chorus, however, the question is asked, "Are You Ready" for this? Can you make the best of your time as you are right now? This is a great song, and goes right up on the favorites board!

"Catch Me" slows things down, and speaks of how though we can try our best, we still fall, and are dependent on Christ. This is another beautiful song, and does not fall into the "sleepy boring" category of slow songs. There is nothing super crazy about the music, but it is absolutely perfect for the song. 

As we come to the end of the album, "Sitting With Me" is next to last. It starts out with someone criticizing Tina and Erica (as we later find out in the verse) for being "Holy Rollers" and "Jesus Freaks" as well as a young man who is saving himself for mariage. In spite of being made fun of, and ridiculed, the people being sung about always let Christ show through them. And it paid off. The chorus is so amazing, and will definitely encourage Christian young people and Pastor's kids all over the world. I love the part of the chorus where it says "I'll sit on the sidelines as long as He's sitting with me". One of the BEST songs on the album!

Finally, "Homecoming Glory" finishes the album out. It is a very interesting song both musically and lyrically. Basically the story in the song is of Heaven, and the things to come. The welcoming choir, knowing our work is done, when life is forever, and then seeing God face to face. It's definitely a different song, but nevertheless, is one to enjoy.

"Something Big" is definitely the best Mary Mary album. Containing strong lyrics, packed with references to God, Heaven, and the love we have been given. The music is also strong, with fun beats, and then simplistic melodies backing the girl's vocals. Tina and Erica's vocals shine in every song! "Something Big" is without a doubt, something big! You will not regret buying this album!

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bull42 (50)

Mary Mary | Posted March 25, 2011
The new CD from Mary Mary is OK.I liked Blind and It is Well the best.I am not a huge fan of gospel music but I
am sure this Cd will receive good reviews by The industry as a whole.Mary Mary has been around for many years.Their music is a staple in Christian music.I wish them all the best with their new project.I want to thank NRT for the free listen all week.

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