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    In today's copy and paste music world, you don't hear too many rappers who value giving their audience an experience they've never had before. Yet that's exactly the path that Nehemiah Heckler has chosen to take. But the Chicago area lyricist is no stranger to going off the beaten path; his beats and rhymes are as unconventional and far reaching as his objective. 

    Nehemiah's goal is to bring hope to a searching generation by creating music that is steeped in the universal themes of courage, faith, and finding your purpose.

    Nehemiah doesn't really fit into a certain category. His goal is to lead people on a journey that requires them to think, understand and lead others.

    Nehemiah will write songs about life and what's going on in the world. He wants to reach and inspire all people.

    After starting his career at the age of 16, Heckler, a lifelong fan of hip hop, stepped away from it for 3 years, until he felt God calling him back at the age of 19. Now back in the game, he maintains that keeping things new and fresh for his fans is not only what distinguishes him from his peers, but the key to his future success.

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    Help Me Out. I Won’t Let You Down.
    Posted by @nehemiahheckler on 04.19.18 | View Tweet
    PSA rappers/artists pay for your beats... producers put a lot of time and energy into what they do. They deserve to get paid.
    Posted by @nehemiahheckler on 04.17.18 | View Tweet
    S/O to @thebreannalopez for the video content. #WOmovement
    Posted by @nehemiahheckler on 04.13.18 | View Tweet
    I work my 7-3 job to pay the bills. I work my 3-11 job to leave my legacy.
    Posted by @nehemiahheckler on 04.12.18 | View Tweet
    Incredibly thankful for the #WOmovement and everyone who has supported my music to this point. Working on “WO Mixtape Vol. 1 👀
    Posted by @nehemiahheckler on 04.12.18 | View Tweet

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    You are new to me, but I look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

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    Not my style | Posted September 03, 2015
    Not my style, but I'm glad you are around for my sons who love rap. Thanks!

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