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Rise by Trip Rise by Trip
Throughout Rise, Trip challenges you and I to remember our identity in Christ, that we have been raised with him and are called to live for him, and serve him in everything. He finds joy in the word, and...
Honestly by Rachael Honestly by Rachael
Honestly is authentic and real, as it speaks about lifeís lessons and what she has been through over the past decade. If you are looking for a female who can sing and rap this is your women. She is great....
God City USA by Canton God City USA by Canton
If you are looking for an album that is the up and worship then this is your album. There are more worship songs than turn up type songs but it's still a nice mix. If you're looking strictly for the Canton...

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Perfection | Posted October-27-2014
Throughout Rise, Trip challenges you and I to remember our identity in Christ, that we have been raised with him and are called to live for him, and serve him in everything. He finds joy in the word, and so many of the tracks appear to find their roots in scripture. Trip doesnít mess around: he shares his thoughts plainly. Mixing hard-hitting theology with real life application and consistently tight production from GAWVI (one of the best producers in the game) on all fourteen tracks; Trip Lee gives us one of the best albums of 2014.

Grunty sounds begin the opening title track, contrasted with falsetto. It only takes seconds to appreciate GAWVIís sophisticated, layered production. Trip poetically gets us to look up and consider our God who reigns above: ĎI know the designer, heís higher than pilots who fly up in clouds he designed with his hands.í He also drops a Bible reference for us to look up Ė John 5:28-29 Ė clearly encouraging us to engage with the word.

Lights On is filled with bright synths and big drums. Trip again paints pictures with his words, describing repentance and declaring the light of Godís grace to us that needs to be shared with others too. ĎWe donít know where we going until we go where living water is flowing so turn them lights on.í

I must admit when lead single Shweet dropped, I wasnít a fan. The cool grind and autobiographical rhymes have grown on me though. Trip shares the transformation that has happened since finding Christ Ė while he used to rap about cash, he now raps about the Godman. Lecrae shows up on Manolo Ė a word that means ĎGod with usí in Spanish Ė and over a threatening beat the pair rap about the power of the Bible Ė our weapon against lies. Itís very reminiscent of Paul describing the word as a sword to fight off evil in Ephesians 6, but here the metaphor is more of a gun. As Lecrae says, ĎRed letters like a red dot on your dome.í

You Donít Know is a beautiful song of praise, and the immense joy of being found in Christ and rising with him. As the song progresses, the music sounds refreshingly live with some impressive drumming. This only adds to the beauty of the words:

Let me be clear, the only God I fear

Dwells in a high and holy place and bro He got me here.

My soul got purchased and my sin got kicked off

It wonít be no returns, prepare for lift off.

Itís at the halfway point of Rise where we are given what sounds to be a sample of an interview where Trip discusses Reach Records and how far God has brought the label. He expands on this on All Rise Up, where he shares that no matter how far Reach have come, itís only by Godís kindness Ė and itís Christ who deserves the standing ovation. Heís honest with his fans here, reminding us of the mission we all share, making Jesus known. Tripís honest words are captivating and heartfelt: ĎWe should all rise up and give a standing O for the king Ďcause heís good. We do it for The Lord, but still we do it for you. They ainít never seen the Gospel at work, show them itís true, and rise.í

Beautiful Life 2 (Mine) is a super sweet (shweet?) song from Trip to his kids, and a sequel to the track on his fourth album The Good Life. A dirty honky sax and Andy Mineo bring the fun on Insomniac. In fact, the latter is the club hit of the album and GAWVI has crafted it with finesse. Something New is a very short piece that addresses the idols we hold on to, and Trip confesses his addiction to sneakers: ĎMy addiction isnít women or the booze. Sneakerheads anonymous, Iím itching for some shoes.í

Our resurrection continues to take centre stage on Lazarus (feat. Thisíl), on a bed of grimy darker sounds and 80s synths. Itís easy to get lost in the story of Lazarus, and forget that Trip and Thisíl are sharing the power of the cross in song: ĎHopped up out the grave, thriller style. They ainít think that He could do it, but he did it now. I mean the Captain, the almighty Lord. Setting captives free, all aboard, all aboard.í

Iím Gone surprises with some upbeat piano over some very serious words about Satanís trickery and schemes to trip us up. But the joy in the music reminds us that Jesus has the victory, which leads so successfully into the triumphant Sweet Victory (feat. Dimitri McDowell & Leah Smith). Itís a beautiful way to round out the album, as Trip shares the hope he has in Christ despite the struggles he faces here on earth such as his ongoing battle with chronic fatigue Ė because Christ has the victory. And what a sweet victory it is.

The crown of thorns declares youíre King

A scarlet robe canít cloak your majesty

They nailed your hands, you nailed our death

From the cross you reigned, Your kingdom knows no end

Oh Jesus, you won it all. Oh Jesus, victorious

Trip hinted at retirement from making music back in 2012, and became a pastor at a church last year, so the announcement of Rise came as a surprise to many people. But personally, Iím thankful for the time and effort that he and GAWVI put in to produce such a fresh sound. Itís such an encouragement. Rise is upbeat musically, honest, hopeful, boasts in Christ, and challenges us to follow the call of Colossians 3:1-3 to seek what is above rather than the things of this earth. To God be the glory, to Jesus the victory.

From me, Rise gets a full five stars.

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Powerful Kingdom Misic From A Music Vet | Posted October-19-2014
If you are looking for an album that is the up and worship then this is your album. There are more worship songs than turn up type songs but it's still a nice mix. If you're looking strictly for the Canton Jones that likes to go hard then listen to: Lets Get It Started, My Team, Crazy, We In Here and I Can't Help It. These is also a good mix of EDM and Dance type songs as well. These songs are songs you could play at a youth function or a wedding or on Wednesday night church service. This album has plenty of features. It also has several artists that are vets in the game such as: D-Maub, Issac Carree and several others. Overall if you're looking for something the whole family can jam to then this is a great album to get. My top three songs are: 1. Crazy 2. We In Here 3. God Looks Good On You. Overall I give it a 4.5 out of 5. The production is on point and the songs are amazing yet something is still slightly missing. Pick this up! You won't regret getting this.

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Monster Sound With Huge Messages | Posted October-19-2014
Honestly is authentic and real, as it speaks about lifeís lessons and what she has been through over the past decade. If you are looking for a female who can sing and rap this is your women. She is great. This album has features from: Canon, Je'kob (her brother), Deraj and Beleaf. The first song is "Honestly". This track features Rachael singing and rapping and has a real Timberland type feel. Second track is Falling Together. This song starts off with her flowing on the beat and going into her singing. This track speaks about her and her man. It talks about no matter what happens they will do it together. As she says "I'll be with you, there is nothing we can't do.) This is a song that all couples need to listen to. Third song is Selah. This song is for her daughter. It's really a beautiful love song from a mother to her amazing daughter. All mothers who have daughters should listen to this. This track has her both rapping and singing. The fourth song is Fireman which features Canon of RMG. This song starts which her rapping and gets in to her singing and then turns it over to Canon. This song has 2 parts to it. Rachael speaks to all the men out there not living right (men in the club, men cheating, ECT.) Canon's part speaks about all the excuses that men have for not living right. If you have ever been on either side of this as the woman being treated wrong or the man acting out you'll really vibe to this. The fifth track is Smoking Gun which features her brother Je'kob. This is another song that speaks on crazy things that happen in relationships. If you have ever dealt with or know people who have dealt with crazy things in relationships you'll understand it and be able to vibe to it. Even if you haven't or don't know anybody who have it will be easy to understand because these problems are all around us today. The sixth song is Dreams which a video was also shot for. Dreams is a real powerful song with Rachael singing and rapping. It speaks on seeing God in her dreams. As she says "You're the only one who makes dreams come true." Basically this song is a anthem saying to stop dreaming about what you want to do and make your dreams a reality. The seventh track is Low featuring Deraj from RMG. This song has a very evident theme that we need God. When we are low and haven't been living how we should we should turn back and call upon God's name. The Eighth song is Better featuring Beleaf. This song is a letter to both Men and Women. This song speaks about how "you'll fall for anything if you stand for anything." On this track Rachael speaks mainly to the women and Beleaf to the men. This song is meant to help women understand how they should be treated and help men understand how they should treat women. The ninth song is Free. This song speaks on how much we need God. As she says " His grace will take your sorrows away." If we aren't honest with ourselves then we can't ever be fully honest with Him. If you are going though problems or know anybody who is the this is a song you and or them need to hear ASAP. The tenth and final song is called Joy. This song speaks on the joy in her life. As she says "It doesn't matter what mess I've made, He loves me anyway." This means no matter what, God will always be there for us. That nothing should ever steal your joy cause God is always there for you. Overall I give this album a 4.5/5 My top three tracks are: 1.Free 2. Falling Together 3. Smoking Gun. Overall I think the production is great! The messages in this album are amazing. This album will help people who are going through any number of things in their life. Pick this album up ASAP. You won't regret getting this album at all.

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PERFECT 5/5 | Posted October-18-2014
If you're looking for a project full of nothing but bangers this is for you. This project has features from: Luciius, Social Club, Tragic Hero, Adia, B. Cooper, Mau Nu'u, Reconcile, Derek Minor, Tony Tillman, J.C., TJ Pompeo and Shonlock. This EP is something you can listen to with your youth group, with your family or heck even people who don't even know Christ. This is a great place to start when trying to get people who lists to nothing but secular rap to give Christian Rap a shot. J.C. Mau Nu'u, Shonlock and Adia give great vocals to their tracks and bring much needed singing to the project. Social Club brings the funny just as they always do. Reconcile brings the real southern grittiness just as he always does. Derek Minor and B Cooper were to be expected on the album as they are Co Label mates with Canon. B Cooper always gives a life story type feel which is great. Derek Goes hard as always and brings a great feel to the track he is on same with Tony Tillman. Overall the production is great and the feel of this is amazing! My top 3 tracks are based on production, flow and sound. 1. Motivation feat Social Club 2. Put Me On feat. Reconcile and Derek Minor 3. Trippen. Overall Loose Canon Vol. 2 gets a 5/5 from me. This is the first project I've ever given a 5/5 to. Cop this project ASAP YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!

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Greatness On An Album! | Posted October-18-2014
This album has been out for some time now but it's definitely a project to get. When it first came out there was a ton of buzz surrounding it. I actually got to see Cooper perform one of the songs at a Propaganda, Swoope and J Givens show before the album even came out and it was great live.

The album starts with While The City Sleeps which features J.C. This songs starts with a Kendrick Lamar play on lyrics when J.C. says "no pool full if liquor" This is a very RnB and hip hop type sounding song. This song shows you that you shouldn't sleep on B Cooper at all. It really proves that While The City Sleeps he is up working and grinding to be able to make it.

2nd track is Nightmare featuring Steve Means. It's another Hip Hop track with RnB tones too it. Many tracks have had this sound before but this is one of the better ones.

3rd track is 1994 featuring Foure which was the first single released from the album. I saw Cooper perform this before this album dropped or this was even released as the pre album single. This has another RnB and Hip Hop type sound but it's something you can turn up to. It speaks on how he was as a teen and a little kid listen to Tupac when he shouldn't have been. It also tells the tail of himself grinding and working hard and getting to where he us now.

4th is Better Days with JGivens and Anthony Mareno. This song has a RnB and Jazz type sound. This song speaks on that no matter what happens better days are to come. JGivens gives his fast style as always and the singing is on this track is great.

5th is There You Are with SPZRKT.SPZRKT is a singer signed to STRT TRBL. This is a real turn up raw type sound. This song really talks about that no matter where we are in life that God is there for us. No matter what point in life we are at God is there and always will be. As SPZRKT says "it don't matter where You are, there You are."

6th track is 1 Love. This song features Corey Paul from Houston and Steve Means. This song has a more Rock and Hip Hop type feel. Steve Means gives great vocals to the chorus. Corey Paul gives a really gritty feel to his verse. This song speaks on no matter what God has 1 love for us. He loves us no matter what. It also talks about that we aren't all different as we think we are. As Steve says at the end "We all need it, 1 conditional love."

7th track is Wake which features Deraj, Derek Minor and a female singer Jacque Jordan This song tells us that dreams won't build themselves so wake up and get a move on things. This song also proves that one should never give up on their dreams because if you work hard enough dreams can come true you just have to wake up and make them a reality.

8th is bonus track called Let Go feat Joe Gates. Once again it's a Hip Hop and RnB type banger. This song tells us to let go and let God. No matter what is going on to not try to do things on our own but trust in God and he'll help us.

9th track is a bonus track called Middle Of Nowhere which features Foure. This is a real hip hop and RnB late 90s/early 00s feel. This song shows that we all feel like we are in the Middle Of Nowhere sometimes. It shows that we should give it all in the Middle Of Nowhere. Sometimes we go round and round with tge same problems and during those times we should give it all to God.

Overall this is a great project!

If I had to pick a top 3 they would be:

1. 1994
2. 1 Love
3. Wake.

Production and sound wise my top 3 are:

1. Nightmare
2. 1994
3. There You Are

Overall I give this project a 4.5 out of 5. I suggest if you don't have tho project to go on iTunes or Google Play and cop this ASAP!

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4/5 | Posted October-18-2014
This is the Deluxe RPSMG project. If you gave the regular RPSMG project then no need for this project except for the last four track which are the new ones. These new tracks are awesome. Overall this project just all the regular project is a definite turn up project! Something you can jam to at church too or just in the car with friends looking crazy as you roll down the road. TURN UP FOR CHRIST!

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4/5 | Posted October-18-2014
As the first full out RPSMG project with the full team it's pretty good. You get to see that Black Knight is not the only producer in the team. K Agee is the other producer on the team. K Agee isn't as good as Black Knight but he did produce the best track on the whole project. If you want to check out the whole team get this free project right now. You will nit regret downloading this at all.

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Another Great Set Of Mini Documentaries | Posted October-18-2014
This is another Great Set of Mini Documentaries. This is what leads up to Bkack Knight's group RPSMG (Rock Paper Scissors Music Group) #RPSMG mixtape project. You have heard Justin Goss aka Jesus Geek aka JG before on projects but this is your first meeting with him and the rest of the team. The team us made up of Black Knight, JG, Tha Mission, K Agee and Xellentz. If you really want to know a little but about what it's like for them recording, doing photo shoots and after shows. Definitely watch this if you haven't seen these yet. You'll get a real feel for RPSMG after this. GREAT STUFF!

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Great Mini Doc Episodes | Posted October-18-2014
If you really want to know what it is like on tour watch these videos. These episodes are videos from The Rockin Roadshow 14 with Andy Mineo, Skillet, Jamie Grace and plenty more from the 2014 tour. These videos are awesome and really funny and a great way to see tour life. You get a true look at how crazy tour life is too. If you haven't seen these you should definitely watch.

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4/5 | Posted October-18-2014
As an EP this is dope! This has everything one could hope for in an EP. Great features and great production. You'll love it. Be sure to pick this up on iTunes or Google Play right this second. You won't regret getting this!

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