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Monster Sound With Huge Messages
Posted October 19, 2014
By zeekrkootunga,

Honestly is authentic and real, as it speaks about life’s lessons and what she has been through over the past decade. If you are looking for a female who can sing and rap this is your women. She is great. This album has features from: Canon, Je'kob (her brother), Deraj and Beleaf. The first song is "Honestly". This track features Rachael singing and rapping and has a real Timberland type feel. Second track is Falling Together. This song starts off with her flowing on the beat and going into her singing. This track speaks about her and her man. It talks about no matter what happens they will do it together. As she says "I'll be with you, there is nothing we can't do.) This is a song that all couples need to listen to. Third song is Selah. This song is for her daughter. It's really a beautiful love song from a mother to her amazing daughter. All mothers who have daughters should listen to this. This track has her both rapping and singing. The fourth song is Fireman which features Canon of RMG. This song starts which her rapping and gets in to her singing and then turns it over to Canon. This song has 2 parts to it. Rachael speaks to all the men out there not living right (men in the club, men cheating, ECT.) Canon's part speaks about all the excuses that men have for not living right. If you have ever been on either side of this as the woman being treated wrong or the man acting out you'll really vibe to this. The fifth track is Smoking Gun which features her brother Je'kob. This is another song that speaks on crazy things that happen in relationships. If you have ever dealt with or know people who have dealt with crazy things in relationships you'll understand it and be able to vibe to it. Even if you haven't or don't know anybody who have it will be easy to understand because these problems are all around us today. The sixth song is Dreams which a video was also shot for. Dreams is a real powerful song with Rachael singing and rapping. It speaks on seeing God in her dreams. As she says "You're the only one who makes dreams come true." Basically this song is a anthem saying to stop dreaming about what you want to do and make your dreams a reality. The seventh track is Low featuring Deraj from RMG. This song has a very evident theme that we need God. When we are low and haven't been living how we should we should turn back and call upon God's name. The Eighth song is Better featuring Beleaf. This song is a letter to both Men and Women. This song speaks about how "you'll fall for anything if you stand for anything." On this track Rachael speaks mainly to the women and Beleaf to the men. This song is meant to help women understand how they should be treated and help men understand how they should treat women. The ninth song is Free. This song speaks on how much we need God. As she says " His grace will take your sorrows away." If we aren't honest with ourselves then we can't ever be fully honest with Him. If you are going though problems or know anybody who is the this is a song you and or them need to hear ASAP. The tenth and final song is called Joy. This song speaks on the joy in her life. As she says "It doesn't matter what mess I've made, He loves me anyway." This means no matter what, God will always be there for us. That nothing should ever steal your joy cause God is always there for you. Overall I give this album a 4.5/5 My top three tracks are: 1.Free 2. Falling Together 3. Smoking Gun. Overall I think the production is great! The messages in this album are amazing. This album will help people who are going through any number of things in their life. Pick this album up ASAP. You won't regret getting this album at all.

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