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Cities by Anberlin Cities by Anberlin
its a great album but starts to loose its touch close to the end. if you like heavy rock, but also soft, mellow music this is the album for you....
Blindside by Blindside Blindside by Blindside
i could not stand this album. I thought that it would be like their other albums, quick paced, gud meld of singing and screaming. But i was met with the band i never thought Blindside had never been, they...
Strong Tower by Kutless Strong Tower by Kutless
This is the best worship album ever in my stance! it has a rock feel around it but Kutless still keep the feel of the original hym around it. it is really well done. if you like Newsboys then this is deffinatly...

Pretty good | Posted July-26-2007
this albums remixes are done well. i belong to you's guitar work is well done. and i prefer this version of hero with the big rap part close to the end. only really recommend this for a superchick fan but.

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Awful | Posted July-26-2007
this album is awful. the only ok song is charles in charge. i would not recommend getting this.

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good | Posted July-26-2007
Not as great as Beautiful letdown but still good. Not sure what they can do from here, they could be losing some ideas but they still have potential. Stars and Politicians made this album for me. the other songs were well composed but not really executed well.

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Love It | Posted July-26-2007
I love this album. The diversity is great. its not often you can get a band that can go from songs like When i go down to Life after Detah and Taxes, they did it so well. Relient K have done it as usual. Well done guys.

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OK.... not great | Posted July-26-2007
not their best album, learning to Breathe, Dare You To Move, Love is the movement and playing for keeps are the standouts here. the rest of them arent really up to switchfoot standards for me. at least they learnt from their mistakes.

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The Bomb | Posted July-26-2007
These guys started off with a bang! this album set them up for what was to come. they had a true rock sound around them. this set them up for Hearts of the Innocent and Strong Tower waith songs like Tonight and Grace and Love. this album was really good for a first album.

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..... | Posted July-26-2007
This was their best album so far!!!! they've improved so much since their first album. Their lyrics are so powerful and their music is still the same, a solid, heavy sound, true Kutless Style. these guys deserve a major award for this awesome album. i recommend this for any person into music.

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its gud! | Posted July-26-2007
this is an album for the techno/rap/distortion sound fans. If your looking for your traditional worship songs, there are 2 or 3 songs on their for you, the rest are up beat and funky. its a good album by Newsboys

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hmmmm | Posted July-26-2007
i dunno bout this album, it has some really good songs but some of them were a bit ordinary. Heart attack, bleeding under your eyelids, My Alibi and city lights were really good but the other ones had room for improvement.

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even better | Posted July-26-2007
this album is awesome, with Billy Corgan featuring in the track Horay, It's LA. really good, i would definatly recommend it.

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