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Relient K [edit]
by Relient K | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: April 25, 2000

The music of Relient K evokes the brashness of British Invasion bands such as The Who while mixing in a modern, post punk/pop twist. While being influenced by bands such as MxPx, Slick Shoes and Ghoti Hook, Relient K can also be compared to bands such as Blink 182 and Foo Fighters for their wit and catchy melodies.

Track Listing
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01. Hello McFly
02. Marilyn Manson Ate My Girlfriend
03. Wake Up Call
04. Benediction
05. When You're Around
06. Softer To Me
07. Charles In Charge
08. Staples
09. Anchorage
10. 17 Magazine
11. Balloon Ride
12. Everything Will Be
13. Nancy Drew
14. K Car
15. Hidden Song after K Car

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Nathan (188)

A Relient K album we would like to forget | Posted August 29, 2007
When Relient K themselves admit that they wish they hadn't made their self titled debut, than there can't be anything spectacular on it.

The pop/punk sound is quite raw as every song sounds like it could use a tune up. But there are some songs that are up-beat and fun like "hello Mcfly". The single "wake up call", my girl friend", and "everything will be" are all fun but none of them are songs that are great. "Softer to me" is a good rock song, but after that everything on the album is mediocre.

Relient K doesn't take much seriously on this CD, but it is still clear for whom they are playing music for. "staples", "hello Mcfly", "wake up call", and "Softer to me" are all meaning full, but most of the other meaningful songs are some what shallow. Also as is typical of Relient K, they goof off for fun, leaving some tracks less than meaningful.

At best Relient K's self titled album is fun and up beat, but fans might be the only ones listening to this CD

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art10 (114)

"Even the band admits they hate it." | Posted July 11, 2007
When the band made their debut in 2000, you could hear the crickets chirp. The album was evidently written by teens, which is forgivable if you grew up in the 80's, but the rest of us didn't get it. Nancy Drew, Matchbox 20, Marilyn Manson, Back to the Future, Charles in Charge, and 17 Magazine"all referenced in the music"made focal points of the songs. While some are amusing and witty, "'It's three a.m.,' she said. 'Who are you Matchbox 20?'"

Other references are irritating and utterly pointless. The vocals lack, and while glimpses of tune are visible, most are simply forgettable. "Softer to Me", the highlight is an edgy rock song that croons the plea, "Life could you be a little softer to me. ... This world is hard, it's cruel, and I wish it could be ... softer to me."

Overall, the album is amusing to a degree, but it's juvenile, and this all but murders the album's good points. Even the band admits they hate it.

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Way Back When | Posted July 21, 2009
As a hard-core Relient K fan, I have to like this album, although it's the only album of theirs I do not own. Because, to be honest, it's just not worth it. However, its amazing to look back on this and see how much they've grown up. It's pretty terrible, but it's integral to who they are.

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So-so | Posted May 14, 2008
Being a Relient K album, I have to like it. It's not their best, but they have their moments. For me, the highlights of this album are "Staples", "Softer to Me", and "Balloon Ride".

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Good | Posted May 02, 2008
it's good but the newer ones are better it's a really cool record and you should get it it rocks,
and chekout the newer records to cuz they rock to,
and go to concerts and all that stuff

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Mitzy (107)

Best ever! | Posted March 31, 2008
There the best ever!!

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irocketh (88)

OK | Posted March 24, 2008
OK music from a great band. One of my favorite on this album is the hit song My Girlfriend. This album shows off MT humor like no other.

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Phil413 (45)

Relient K | Posted February 07, 2008
Not bad, but not great either. This my least favorite Relient K album. It has two or three good songs with the rest just being mediocre.

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username2 (375)

A Great Debut from a Great Band | Posted January 24, 2008
Wowee! 2000 kicked off a new millennium but it also kicked off the promising career of Relient K with their debut self-titled album. There are a lot of witty lyrics and pop culture references courtesy of Matthew Thiessen all wrapped up in a punk flavored sound. Very well done.

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Yay! | Posted January 16, 2008
I love this CD. Yes, a lot of songs are goofy, but that's what makes them fun to sing! And you have to admit this is a pretty good debut album for Relient K. "Nancy Drew" is one of my favorites because I think it's hilarious and I'm a BIG Nancy Drew fan! I even made a music video to it! XD

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