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Nothing Is Sound [edit]
by Switchfoot | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: September 13, 2005

Although it wasn't until the release of The Beautiful Letdown over two years ago that the band exploded into the mainstream, Switchfoot has been making quality alternative rock for over eight years. Now with a few successful radio singles and a multi-platinum record under their belt, the San Diego trio-turned-quintet returns with Nothing Is Sound. The spotlight heat is on the guys hotter than ever as their Christian fans wonder if the band has sold out, while mainstream fans just want another batch of hit singles. Stacks of questions have been proposed and Nothing Is Sound is the answer.

Nothing Is Sound is a sonically rich album that fits nicely among the band's impressive discography, offering fans something new, but keeping it very much Switchfoot from start to finish. Whether or not the mainstream continues to embrace the band's music, Switchfoot remains to be one of the best bands in today's current music scene.

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Track Listing
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01. Lonely Nation
02. Stars
03. Happy Is A Yuppy Word
04. The Shadow Proves The Sunshine
05. Easier Than Love
06. The Blues
07. The Setting Sun
08. Politicians
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09. Golden
10. The Fatal Wound
11. We Are One Tonight
12. Daisy

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Nothing Is Sound | Posted September 05, 2008
This one's a grower. Whatever you do, don't form an opinion after the first couple spins or you'll miss out on a great release from Switchfoot. Now, I can understand some people may be turned off of Nothing Is Sound since it's not as accessible as the phenominal predecessor that was so catchy and addictive. However, if you give this enough spins you'll find it's just as addictive. For instance, The Beautiful Letdown is known for it's soaring vocal hooks and memorable guitar riffs. Here there are still great guitar riffs ('Politicians' anyone?), but the whole 'arena rock' vocal hooks are pretty much nowhere to be found. Switchfoot are thinking outside the box with the song structure and it's not all shiny and perfect. That's not all a bad thing.

One thing has stayed the same aside from the signature 'Switchfoot' sound you can detect. There's variety across all the songs like the last album. The ballads aren't any ordinary ballads as 'The Blues' shows with it's etheral guitars and perfect beat to carry Jon's passionate voice. There are no soaring ballads like 'Dare You to Move' and that's alright. 'Daisy' sounds like something The Beatles would do with it's vocal harmonies more than halfway through the song. 'Happy Is a Yuppie Word' is as odd as the song title with it's constant changes. 'Politicians' is the fastest track with a killer riff leading the way.

Lyrically, you can tell Switchfoot have become more socially aware. That's not at all bad considering some of the lyrics still show their beliefs. It's just not as obvious as in the past. They are taking the opportunity to reach out and make a statement about what they see going on around them without being pushy about it. There is still a message of hope through all of that so in a sense they are the anti-Radiohead. You won't be depressed about the state of the world after you listen to it.

That being said, some songs could bother some people. 'The Blues' strikes me as a flat-out honest song about how 'wicked' people are still successful and get by with what they do. It's really not much different from David's prayers in the book of Psalms when he cries out for vengeance on his enemies. Then you have 'Politicians', which comes across as a cynical view on the political world around us. In an interesting twist, Jon seems to sing about those of us who just sit and watch all that's going on without doing anything.

While I don't think they've created a classic album like The Beautiful Letdown, they've reinforced my thinking that they are one of the better bands of the decade and aren't content with staying put. That's huge because it means I won't be buying the same album with different lyrics every 2 years. I can count on them to put out a new product with new tweaks to their sound, always pushing it to another level. That saying, 'Don't always judge a book by it's cover', rings true with music sometimes. Only instead it's, 'Don't judge an album by your initial impressions'. When music has depth it takes awhile to realize it.

Gems of this album are: 'Lonely Nation', 'Happy Is a Yuppie Word', 'The Blues', 'Politicians'

Overall - 9.2/10

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Great. Great. | Posted June 29, 2012
This is a really good album and you should get it. My favorite songs on it are Stars, Happy is a Yuppie Word, and We Are One Tonight. Plus the album cover is really cool. I suggest buying this. I dont know what else to say.

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pacemaker (321)

great album | Posted March 17, 2011
 nothing is sound. a brilliant masterpiece by this band.

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My Fav | Posted June 18, 2009
I love switchfoot. They are an amazing band that have the ability to create songs that I have heard not only on christian radio stations, but in Home Depot and in Wal-Mart. People, christian or non-christian, listen to switchfoot and enjoy them. Because of this they are making an impact in the secular world. Their album "nothing is sound" is a reflection of that with songs talking about the lives we live everyday and the things in politics, our relationships, and on the TV that we need to take into consideration and maybe rethink. Congrats guys...yet another great album.

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Nothing really IS sound... | Posted March 22, 2009
I really do love this cd. I got it two years ago for christmas. At first, my favorite songs were ones like Lonely Nation and The Blues. But it's one of those cds that just keeps getting better every time you listen to it. Honestly, this cd is probably one of my favorite Switchfoot cds. I love the raw sound and emotions in it. I definately would encourage anyone to check it out. Switchfoot will become your best friend. :D

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aylaeh (203)

not great, not terrible | Posted February 28, 2009
i recently got this album from swaptree.com. i was excited when i got it because it was one of the few switchfoot cds that i didn't have. i was disappointed after i listened to it the first time. it's not anything in particular other than this - many of the band's songs sound so similar that it is hard for me to tell them apart. i like switchfoot's earlier cds better.

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Nothing is Sound | Posted December 12, 2008
This Cd has been one of Switchfoot's best albums in my opinion. I like the way the songs make you think. The first time I heard some of them, I didn't really understand, I got the basic concept, bu this band poured their whole selves into these lyrics and it's worth giving a second listen to grasp the whole ideas.

Favorite song: wow. Now normally I'd say "Stars", but to be honest, that changed last week. When I first heard "Easier Than Love" I hated it. I missed the meaning, but now that I understand it, I totally agree. Why do advertisers have to use sex appeal to sell things to us? And why can't we think about that more. Sex(when done wrong) is badand usually the product they're trying to sell it with is also bad. Example:
Pretty blonde, blue-eyed girl with just the right proportions and clothing that you're drawn in and you somehow don't think about how bad th eproduct is. You want the girl, and somehow those advertisers have made us tink if we buy the product we'll have the girl, well they're wrong! I had my share of beers and I never had the girl. All I got was headaches, hangovers, and the death of my cousin! The advertisers lure you into a trap. That "TRAP" got my foster dad and I hope it never gets me!

I want to start a forum on this. If it's not up tonight it will bethis weekend!!

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With Swithchfoot,You Can't Lose ! | Posted October 07, 2008
This is my favorite Switchfoot cd of all time! I like all their stuff,but this is their best in my opinion.I love Jon Foreman's lyrical style and his voice. My favorites are Politicians,Easier Than Love, and The Setting Sun.

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bah93 (13)

A | Posted August 25, 2008
4 1/2 stars for a pretty good CD!! Not the best, still like Oh! Gravity. way more :D
Like many other people, I do feel that the songs are "depressing" but at the end Jon gives the message that lets you know that you'd be stronger next time, tomorrow is a new day. He pretty much got that message through "The Setting Sun".

I bought this Album on April 26, 2008 on their concert at West Palm Beach,FL at the well-known Cruzan Amphitheater. Won the ticket from my church ^_^ When I was in line for the CD, all I looked forward to about it was "Stars" and "We Are One Tonight" (They're Classic :D). But when I took the time to go over the songs, I got new favorites!

I had technical difficulties though >.>
I tried to sync it into my Zune, but it wouldn't because it has some security that only certain devices can sync the music. However, no more worries! The CD allows 3 copies to be made, so Amy figured she would burn one for herself and then with that one I could try to sync it. It worked,yyyaaaayyy!! Thank you loser :D

Favorites from this Album would be...
"We Are One Tonight"
"The Shadow Proves The Sunshine"

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Amazing album | Posted July 18, 2008
This is by far Switchfoots best album. They took a break from the completely radio friendly pop/rock stuff on Beautiful Letdown and let Jon Foreman make some honest songs. I could have done without songs like Stars and Politicians because they don't seem as honest as the rest of the album and feel like they were only made for radio plays.

The Blues and Happy Is A Yuppie word are by far my favorite songs. With brutal honesty Jon Foreman delivers some beautiful lyrics and messages. No more sugar coating stuff, this stuff is just 100% real. Jon Foreman needs to do more solo EP's and Switchfoot needs to make more albums like this.

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