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Learning to Breathe [edit]
by Switchfoot | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: September 26, 2000

Having earned the respect and admiration of modern rock fans, music critics, youth ministers and fellow artists with their two previous highly-acclaimed releases, Switchfoot is poised for their breakthrough album, Learning to Breathe. On this latest offering, Switchfoot continues to fuse their inventive, driving sonic music with introspective lyrics.

Track Listing
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01. I Dare You to Move
02. Learning to Breathe
03. You Already Take Me There
04. Love is the Movement
05. Poparazzi
06. Innocence Again
07. Playing For Keeps
08. The Loser
09. The Economy of Mercy
10. Erosion
11. Living is Simple

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Epilogue (19)

Switchfoot Only Gets Better With Age | Posted July 31, 2007
If 'Legend of Chin' was Switchfoot's entrance into the Christian Rock scene, and 'New Way to Be Human' was the band declaring itself here to stay, 'Learning to Breathe' is the album that is letting us know Switchfoot has big plans in mind. And as the majority seems to have agree: all for the better.

This is a great album for both Switchfoot fans and average listeners. For the Switchfoot fans, this album is the thin line that separates their next three albums and the previous two. Both sides of Switchfoot are heard prominently on this; the fun loving quirky group, and the more serious, more focused older group. For the average listener, there is just a bunch of excellenty contrived, catchy, tunes.

The album opnes with original form of 'Dare You to Move'. It's a lot more choppy than the 'The Beautiful Letdown' version, but still retains its inspiring and powerful feel. It's Switchfoot's first powerful anthem, a mainstay for Switchfoot from here on out. The highly enjoyable song 'Learning to Breathe' follows in suit, with its lyrics easily describing ourselves walking in the new world of grace: 'I'm learning to breathe, I'm learning to crawl, I'm finding that You, and You alone can break my fall.'

The pure garage rocker, 'You Already Take Me There' is unnervingly catchy, almost as much as it is obnoxious on first listen. 'Love Is a Movement', another epic declaration, has some convicting lyrics that challenge the Church strongly. Love is not an emotion or a passing's an action, a movement, it cries out, and does so powerfully. Almost as if to counter Switchfoot's serious and epic anthems, here comes the song 'Paparazzi', a return to earlier goofiness. Nothing but fun in this song.

The excellent 'Innocence Again', the fast paced 'Playing for Keeps' and the quiet tune, 'The Economy of Mercy are masterfully done and are all wildly varied. 'Loser' has an eighties anthem rock feel, and 'Erosion' is a song that, although on a different subject, reminds me a lot of 'New Way to Be Human.'

If you are looking for excellent lyrics and excellent music, look no further than Switchfoot's 'Learning to Breathe.'

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pacemaker (319)

great album | Posted March 17, 2011
 stellar album. what's not to like? they're always good.

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not bad | Posted October 28, 2008
this is an ok cd ... i do have to admit that they get a bit better as they go. So good Luck Switchfoot! Lol ... I love their newer stuff , ...........

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irocketh (88)

Mech | Posted March 25, 2008
This is my sister's CD. I'm glad I didn't wast my money on it. The only track I like is Love Is The Movement

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Pretty Good | Posted March 18, 2008
Okay, I love Switchfoot and while this album isn't my favorite, I still love it. 'Love is a Movement' and 'Inoccence Again' are my favorite songs and if you're a die hard Switchfoot fan then you should totally get this album but if you're not, get one the newer ones. :)

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username2 (375)

An Amazing Album | Posted January 28, 2008
Switchfoot's 3rd and final indie release is probably their most well-known one as well. Learning to Breathe is a great peice of music making. It features an early mix of I Dare You to Move (later re-recorded for The Beautiful Letdown) which sounds really good. This album won a Grammy. Pick it up as part of the Early Years box set.

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dreambig (119)

Learning To Breathe | Posted September 02, 2007
The one and only Switchfoot album I own. that's pretty sad. This is a really great album. I really like the song "Poparazzi". It's talking about how hectic fame can be. and that the poparazzi can get you to say or do anything. And that's not right. I just love it:-)

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Switchfoot | Posted August 23, 2007
Very talented band. I love the song "I Dare You To Move" Be sure to check that song out and buy the album!! You'll love it! =]

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Josiah (47)

decent | Posted July 30, 2007
i like, not there best, but it's still pretty good

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jwangy (31)

OK.... not great | Posted July 26, 2007
not their best album, learning to Breathe, Dare You To Move, Love is the movement and playing for keeps are the standouts here. the rest of them arent really up to switchfoot standards for me. at least they learnt from their mistakes.

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