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What It's All About | Posted April 03, 2011
01 .This Is The Stuff:
Is an upbeat song about the "stuff" that all of us struggle with.The stuff that tends to try and destract us from how much we are blessed. But in the "stuff" it shows us there is purpose even in our confusion and pain.

02 . Constant:
The title basically says it all!
Like the first track on This Is The Stuff.
Constant is about God constant presence in our lives and how he always shows himself in every circumstance.
When we go through the storms, even when we wish we didn't have to he anchors our souls and as Fracesca says "That's all I need to know"!

03 . You Never Are:
"dont be so afraid you think that you're too far but you never are you never are so scared that you're too late too hidden in the dark but you never are you never are."

God's redemption and forgiveness knows no bounds!

04 . Angel By Your Side
This song is a wonderful repersention of how there people there to comfort and help us and be the angel by our sides.

05 . Motion Of Mercy
This song is perfectly describing God's grace toward us.
And how he gave up his own life to save us even through our mess and sin.

06 . Emily (It's Love) [w/ Dave Barnes]
This is a beautiful story of a woman who is struggling to believe.
She's been through so much in her life and no longer trusts it will get better and that God is never going to give up on her.

07 . Good To Know
This is such great song about how it's good to know how much God cares and loves us.
Good to know that no matter how much we make mistakes Jesus blood will always be there to set us free.

08 . So Long
This song is all about how we no longer have to look back at the past.Jesus has changed our lives forever.

09 . Don't Miss It
This is about not letting the pressures of this world suck the joy and content out of us.
There's so much that seeks to steal our joy, peace and fulfillment from us and if we let it we'll miss out on what really matters..

10 . Worth It
This is a great song about what love is and what it isn't.
Like Francesca says in the opening verse..Love's not a feeling

"Love's not convenient
But I know love will change your life
Love takes sacrifice
Love cuts like a knife
Sometimes love will make you cry"

And even through all of that Francesca says:
Love's not easy
But it's worth it

11 . Hunded More Years
This is song I can't help but think was written with Francesca's husband of just over two years Matthew Goodwin in mind.
It's a beautiful description of how much we wish things like our little ones could stay little or how we hope a love will last for hundred years..
We know things won't stay the same always but we cherish it while we can.

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