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"Wasted (Remix featuring Wyclef Jean)" Lyrics [edit]
by Cartel | from the album Cartel

It's 2:45, the baby takes his first breath
The mother never knew he only had a few left and
The father gets a call in the middle of the night
His breath gets short and his chest gets tight

But he's 16, and he's driving too fast
Takes a turn to the left, it would be his last
Nobody knows what happens if he turns to the right
Nobody in the car would've died that night

But he's 32 and invincible.
The cancer he had it was visceral
He never saw it coming...thought he had his whole life
Sick in the morning and he died in the night.

We're all so...
We're on the run.
We're all, we're all
We're wasted, no no no
We're all wasted
We're wasted, no no
We're all wasted

7 years old, got his bat in his hand
He's looking for his father and he doesn't understand
'Cause dad's too busy, got some deals on the way
His son sits alone as the children play

And he's 18 he couldn't wait to move out
His parents wonder what all the rush is about
They never bothered with his dreams
Only thinking of theirs.
Wonders why he doesn't call and why he doesn't care

But he's 32 and invincible
With everything he is based on principle
He never had a truly happy moment in his life
He didn't want the kids and he didn't want his wife.

We're wasted, no no no
We're all wasted
We're wasted, no no
We're all wasted
We're wasted
We're all wasted
We're all wasted, no no
We're all wasted

23 now got his life in his hands
He's looking all around and he doesn't understand
'Cause life's too busy, things get in the way
We all feel alone every single day

And I'm 18 couldn't wait to move out
It's been 5 years and now I'm starting to doubt...
Whether all my dreams are just aimless stares
Looking off to someplace that isn't there

When I'm 32 will I be miserable?
With everything around based on principle
Will I have a clue, oh wouldn't it be nice
to never be alone in this wasted life.

We're wasted, no no no
We're all wasted
We're wasted, no no
We're all wasted
We're wasted
We're all wasted
We're wasted, no no
We're all wasted.

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