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"I'm Guilty" Lyrics [edit]
by KJ-52 | from the album It\'s Pronounced Five-Two

I solemnly swear to tell the truth
The whole truth and nothing but the truth now so help me God
What I testify and what I'm speaking of is an eye witness account
Of an experience of a kind of love
I confess now to what I was
I was guilty of making the very Son of God now shed his blood
And I was guilty of the reason now why he was hung
And I'm guilty for every evil thing now that I've done
And I'm guilty for it all I can't blame no one
I'm filthy with what caused the death of the Son
It kills me to think I was the one who shed his blood
I still think of the way he died now and how it was
It fills me with pain inside I feel like throwing up
I can't escape I can't lie I didn't make it up
I was the only one who took the life of the Holy One
This is the first time I've confessed now to what I've done

I'm guilty

Yeah that's right I did it right out in the open for all to see
And I never hid it I got to admit it
They too the whip ripped his back wide open and split it
I heard him cry every time they pulled it back and hit it
I wondered why he was silent now I didn't get it
I watched him die while he cried out now it is finished
Thought nobody would find out the crime that I've committed
I tried to hide out it's too late that's right I did this
It's my time now my own eyes have been a witness
To my crime now I'm speechless and I'm defenseless
Can anybody find out it's obvious that this is
My final time now I've finally come to my senses
I'm a climb down an take whatever I'm sentenced
I know why now there's no way now that I could miss this
I opened my eyes now I see him just for who he is this
My guilt is mine now, it's so obvious that I'm guilty


I'm just another person I'm just another man
I was the one that hurt him I finally understand
Now I know for certain I case the nails to land
That left him dead and murdered pierced in feet and hands
So now you've heard it I testified and I took the stand
No other way I could word it this is my confession and
I never lied or purged I told just the best I can
But I was the one that cursed him I was the trigger man
The page is turning and I've now just confessed to this
I didn't kill Christ but it was just my sin that did
Now I've confessed the crime I don't deserve to live
I'm ready to do my time all that I can say is this...


Written by J. Sorrentino, T. Collins, and M. Ripol ©2003 kjfivetwomusic (SESAC) / Jones Fercury Music (ASCAP) / Funk In Ya Jazz Publishing (ASCAP)

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