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"H.R. Dept (Haters Revile, Heavenly Reward)" Lyrics [edit]
by Evangel | from the album Elation Foundation

Keep pressing toward, the blessed reward/
Remember, the kingdom of heaven is yours/
For the sake of the Lord, take up your cross/
Endure, the kingdom of heaven is yours/-

Realizing the cost of the cross and the weight of it's worth/
The world hates me, of course, cause it hated you first/
If they're armed heavy with guns/
There's nothing new under the sun, their stunts already been done/
They're set to cry with their loud antithesis/
Yet the scriptures testify with a cloud of witnesses/
All the beatings they had, didn't silence their voice/
They rejoiced and were exceedingly glad/
Even when Jesus addressed with candor/
They said he was demon possessed with slander/
And it might get worse, John writes this verse/
Cain slew Abel for his righteous works/
They won't leave us alone, Stephen was stoned/
Looked up and saw you standing at the seat of your throne/
Yeah, we endure cause we see the deal/
It don't dare compare with the glory to be revealed/

No longer is our vision tinted cause in the mirror we can see the
gift he's given us and it's his image->
there's some considering that it's a gimmick if we say we're living
in his image then they figure that we're schizophrenic
there's no identity crisis we're sure of faith he orchestrates that
in an instant our lives would
coordinate ->...
His spirit is indwelling us changing us - til it unveils his
character - and we're compelled to share His cup
like Christ we'll face wrath on this side of heaven but we rest in
Matthew 5:11 (max breath)
a life blessed in this poverty's the destiny we're modeling the
world couldn't change our perspective with a lobotomy
so measure us a problem bred neglect our common needs oppressing us
- won't make us lesser in our quantity- the born again, God's adorning
'em with the seasoning that measures
faith and for this reason we will celebrate

As your sons and daughters we're led to the slaughter/
We're persecuted by a world that abhors us/
But we follow in your footsteps living off your good rep/
We get depressed cause we haven't understood yet/
That suffering produces perseverance/
Stay focused on Christ no interferance/
All of these trials and toils we experience/
But in the end we'll see your holy radiance/
Like Polycarp, who was burned at the stake/
Didn't deny Christ and won't burn in the lake/
Served God faithfully eighty six years/
The bishop of Smyrna who was revered/
When reviled, press, you're his child, press/
Undefiled, press, reconciled, press/
When they threaten to hand us deep questions/
Be ready to answer, keep pressing/

Keep pressing toward, the blessed reward/
Remember, the kingdom of heaven is yours/
For the sake of the Lord, take up your cross/
Endure, the kingdom of heaven is yours/-

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