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"Backtalk" Lyrics [edit]
by aTone | from the album Up In Arms

They say am to concious need to dumb it down a little
so the lyrics could breath and make sense to all the masses
They say am underground and they can't be feeling on my vibe
but is like thugs gone wild when they hear we fly high
They say I don't play the part cause my look is by far
what they don't expect and it sets me apart
--- can you believe that like i need to dress like a rapper to be one
They say my flow is unique, and it can not be compare
my voice is sort of smooth but it still has no glare
unorthodox delivery with a noticible accent
no agitation on it still heads can get on it
They say I sound west they say i sound east
I wish this would stop and the spins increase
---- if it's good music just enjoy it for what it is no labeling
They say am old school like when the game went golden
but I rather that cause now the game is kinda boring
cookie cutter music and we got too many chef
all sugar no substance so what do you expect
and all these artist are eco friendly heros
recycling words and sounds and feeding them to peoples

They say am too religious got God in all my bars
but it's the same as living out what you got tatted on your arms
and your favorite emcee spits hard for his crew
yet you not up in arms and you know all his rhymes
They say i water down cause I don't quote any scripture
i thought my life was enought mixed in this culture
to lead by example if God controls my moves
but I guess some of my brothers they need more proof
They say i sound too street and theres no difference in me
to set me apart from what everybody sees
but what they don't see is how many hearts are in need
am just trying to relate and plant His seed
They say it wouldn't work They say is devil's music
if the creator made it all then why can't we use it?

they say this and that but they ain't saying nothing at all
if you can see where i going then don't follow me at all...
cause am all about my business and it's reaching out to all
you aint got nothing to add then don't say nothing at all
don't be a stumbling block cause am bound to step you over
I mean no disrespect but know i do objec
I see some of you pointing just don't forget that when you point
you got three other fingers pointing back
cause it's easier to point when you looking for the flaw
but just be honest with yourself isn't it you part of the cause?
They say is not a ministry i just do it for the show
for the glare for the lights i know is not the dough
cause I ain't caking of off this I got a 9-5
that God has bless me with to supply all my needs

+ Entry lasted edited by atone on 05.27.10


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