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On the Threshold of Eternity by Ajalon  | CD Reviews And Information | NewReleaseToday

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"Forever I Am" Lyrics [edit]
by Ajalon | from the album On the Threshold of Eternity

Who am I
To speak with such authority
of matters far more splendid than the mortal eye can seev I am just a man
but through an infinitely higher grace
I am called to be a witness to the beauty of His face
Who is He that loves me
weeps like the rain for His lost children
some know Him some do not
Who is He that loves me
weeps like the rain for His lost children
some believe Him some choose not
But for those who do
they are like a child once lost now found
like the joy of finding that the one you love the most
has brought you from your long journey
to a long awaited refuge to a place everlasting
on a sojourn to many mansions with the great I Am
Who is forever, forever, forever.

Come now dear ones,
through the corridors of timeless peace,
to see with new eyes the glory of His presence
Here there are no tears,
only joy and laughter,
as choirs of His angels fill His palace
with songs of praise and wonder.

Forever I Am

Here is a place where fears cannot dwell,
and wonders never end.
And on the throne, the Father, Son
and Spirit in His glory preside.
He smiles and speaks with perfect love,
Welcome home my faithful children.
Now the saints who’ve gone before stand with you
and all is made known.

Forever I Am

Forever I Am, Forever I Am,
Forever I Am, Forever I Am,
With no unanswered questions,
you embrace Him with your love.
Now free to move unhindered through a universe unending
New in mind and new in glory changed from flesh to spirit,
We join the choir of the Bride and swell the ranks of soldiers in His name.

Forever I Am

Thank you, Father I praise Your holy presence!
Thank you, Father for what You’ve done in me!
Welcome children, my good and faithful servants!
Welcome children, come in to my home!

Forever I Am, Forever I Am, Forever I Am, Forever I Am.
Forever I Am, Forever I Am, Forever I Am, Forever I Am.

Who am I,
but your true and faithful servant Lord...
You are my Father... today I have become Your son.

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