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  • "Lazarus" from Raise the Stakes
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    Ashley Lagunas
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    A songwriter's sound is often shaped by life experience, drawing tones and colors from the well of life's story. Ashley Lagunas grew up a missionary kid and was accustomed to life on the move. Her well is deep and filled with many life-defining moments. 

    Ashley remembers; "One of my earliest memories that marked me was on a train bound for my new home; Mexico City. I'd lay on my red velvet bunk looking out the window as we passed shack after shack of homes made of cardboard. My six-year-old perspective was shifting and transforming with each mile the railway made. I was seeing the world, and the world was telling me her story. The train pulled in to the station and my little feet stepped off and touched the soil of their first nation. I was introduced to the abundant life and I was forever changed."

    There have been many train rides and many nations for Ashley since then. "My eyes have gotten to see extraordinary things. I've seen whole villages receive Jesus. I've been to places that had never heard there was even a God, let alone a God that loved them. I've slept in huts and woke to the sound of a rushing river. The abundant life can get addicting and let me tell you, I am hooked". 

    Blessed with a voice that is tender and invading, Ashley Lagunas's music exists to bring hope and courage to the heart of every voyager sailing their sea in life. Her songs are an overflow of her relationship with God. Each song is unique and reflective of her writing style in her ability to funnel God's truth-translating into hope for the listener. 

    Some of the greatest adventures are soaked with a trail of tears. Ashley's mother was diagnosed with cancer when she was eight years old and was undoubtedly another pivotal and life-defining moment. "Watching my mom walk through suffering, caused me to lean deep into the comfort that only comes from a heavenly Father. The gospel became so real and so simple to me; it became everything." 

    "Music has been this space where my life experiences of what I'm facing collide with God's love and truth and another song is born". 

    Her newest album "Raise the Stakes" is paved with melody and saturated with winsome lyrics inviting the listener further into a life of faith with God. 

    "There was a continuing theme on this record: Faith," says, Lagunas. "My heart is for people to experience God and the fullness of life that is found only in Him. Abundant life wasn't intended for the few but for the masses. Jesus is life, and He has come to give us straight from the purest source-Him. Not just an ordinary life but a bursting at the seams, overflowing and abundant life. My hope is that these songs would bring hope, speak life and stir faith." 

    Ashley Lagunas has a passion to see hearts impacted by God through music. "I hope that when people hear these songs, they experience the God who loves them and the hope that is found in Him. That is my prayer for these songs." 

    Ashley currently lives in Dallas with her husband and daughter. 

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