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    Chandler Roberts
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    Responding to God's calling can be simultaneously exhilarating and terrifying. That truth is something that Chandler Roberts has experienced in the making of her sophomore music project, The Color EP; moreover, it is a truth that brought meaning and substance to the music.  

    Chandler began to sing almost as soon as she learned to talk, and her childhood memories are marked by late night bedroom songwriting sessions, serenades for any friend or family member who would listen, and performances in churches and on performing arts stages around the Houston area. A love for music that was fostered at home by a musical mother, supportive father, and sisters who were performing partners became a public passion by the time Chandler was ten.  From the moments she penned her first worship songs in elementary school, Chandler imagined someday singing to a larger audience. She blossomed from starry eyed seven-year-old to a college freshman who entered Belmont University in Nashville, TN with a big voice and even bigger dreams.  

    Four years later, Chandler graduated from Belmont with a degree in vocal performance and celebrated her graduation with the release of her first EP, Art From The Ashes, in 2012. The whole world seemed full of possibilities. In the first few months and years that followed, however, adulthood set in and with it a crippling fear of failure that caused her to put her own music aside and wrestle with self-doubt and insecurity.  

    One unique factor that sets Chandler apart from many artists currently releasing new music is that she spends her hours from 9 to 5 working on the business side of the music industry at a record label. God opened doors that led her to a job she never expected to have, and she struggled to find where her own music fit into her new life.   

    "It was both a wonderful time of my life and the most insecure time of my life," Chandler admits. "I entered adulthood, married my best friend, and started a full time job. As life began to fill with a myriad of everyday tasks and responsibilities, I looked up from the pile to find my musical creativity almost non-existent and my fear of creative failure more present than ever."  

    Chandler now sees the incredible lessons about the meaning of true success that God was teaching her in her moments of fear and creative doubt. "I struggled to write songs, and I began to cringe at the thought of someone asking me how my music was coming along. I was so afraid of failing that I thought it was easier not to create music at all."  

    Somewhere along the way, however, her songs began to come alive once again, and Chandler found herself writing in themes of overcoming fear and giving praise to the one who deserves it.  

    "I began to realize that God has gifted me with a passion for worship, singing, and creative expression through music, and if my ultimate goal is to bring Him praise and respond in obedience to His calling, what do I have to be afraid of? It's all His anyway," she says with a confident laugh. "I just had to begin creating music again. No matter what people think or what becomes of it." From that journey comes her brand new project, The Color EP.  

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    ! | Posted May 15, 2018
    Chandler Roberts is one of my favorite Christian singers. She inspires me with best books writing college application essay and other work for my studies. Thank you!

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