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    Evangelism became her passion at an early age well before the music came along. But as a result of Serene's earnest desire to follow wherever her passions led her, the two elements came together and now produces a message that's fresh.
    Serene engages audiences with her impassioned vocals and a stage presence reminiscent of a one on one chat with a close friend. Serene might invite different musicians on stage to contribute to her sound and this keeps her sound growing.

    ~ A Note From Serene

    Thank you for your interest in 'Corner Sundays' recording process. I am currently serving as a missionary in Delhi, India, November 4-16 with Pastor Rick and Ellen Coffin founders of the Marietta Vineyard and will continue sessions when I return. If you love the mission and the music please feel free to support financially and spiritually through dedicated prayer and consistent monthly donations. Empty Vessel Ministries is a non-profit mission base. 10% of all your donations (checks/money-orders/online payments) will go directly to the ministry of supporting EV such as keeping the studio running for recording sessions and local missionary meetings. 90% of all funds will go towards supporting my personal calling as a missionary.

    From the streets of downtown Atlanta to Central America, India and other parts of the world, my financial goal is to raise at least $3,000 a month to do what the Lord has called me to do full time, community and global outreach through the love of Jesus Christ.

    Many thanks goes out to those who are currently supporting 'Mission India' and Lord willing I will return with plenty of stories to tell of the Lords hand working in the lives of the Indian people along with my own.

    In the Love of Christ Jesus Serene
    In 1986, Serene Deanna Van Mansfeld came into existence a child chosen by God and called according to His will. Unaware of His plans, life began to slowly unfold as a seed first begins its journey towards light, drawing from the darkness of earth into eternal purpose. Because both parents were young believers, church life became her life and would remain so for the ongoing years, being raised not only by her biological parents but by the close-nit family of Calvary Chapel. Yet even in the midst of family love, she began to wander away from God and into the fear of man.

    One Sunday morning she was cut to the heart during a worship service as her eyes watched intently those who worshipped with something she felt was unobtainable. Fools with hands tossed above their heads, was all she could see yet something told her they saw more than she ever could with eyes wide open. Although unable to understand she longed for that passion and there in the back row amongst other church kids, she stood in hidden sorrow.

    By the age of twelve, life itself became an issue and the thought of ending it began to sound better than living. In silence, hate began to rule over her heart and in darkness with both fists held up in anger, she muttered words of contempt towards the God whose arms were so willing to love, accept and forgive as He called her towards repentance. Mingled amongst strangers at the Starlight Crusade, she sat on cold bleachers a desperate girl of thirteen in sincere need of salvation. There she wondered, 'What is my purpose?' and there she found it within the grace of God! May 17, 1999 does not mark the beginning of Gods plans, but of a girl's surrender to an extreme love that existed far before the foundations of the earth.

    Evangelism immediately became her passion and it was with Life Line Missions she embarked on her first outreach experience to the jungles of Panama. Returning home to Atlanta Georgia, God continued to open many doors of opportunity at various youth conferences, youth groups and kid's classes to speak on missions and to raise the similar question in their minds, 'What is my purpose and calling in the body of Christ?' In addition to this, youth worship became a large part of her life and after being part of various teams singing and playing percussion she felt the Lords call to write herself. One Saturday as Serene walked about her 'Prayer woods' she simply prayed 'Lord I need a guitar.' and the following Sunday at an evening service God gave her one through a woman she barley knew.

    Although she has written songs in the past God has recently brought her to a place of surrender with her music and has begun to raise a heart set apart for worship and evangelism alone. God is never idle. He is always moving, always working even when all seems still. Wherever God takes me is where God will have me and I can't settle for anything less. Why? Because... God won't have it any other way.

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