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    Just para-DOX
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    Who Am I?: I Am a fresh voice in Hip Hop! Im a ASCAP registered hip hop recording artist, producer, promoter, publicist, published author, poet, freelance writer, songwriter, blogger, graphic artist and artist. I grew up Oceanside, CA and now reside in Dallas, TX. I picked up the nickname AddLibbz for my ability to flow on any topic and ad-lib of any comment and freestyle. I have made mixtapes and have put out mixtapes that have been listened to over 80,000 people under the Dj alias Dj XDC (X-DarqChyld). I started making mix tapes (when they where still actually tapes). Ive had a few brushes with my 15 minutes of fame, starring in episode of Beach MTV in 1993, along with receiving some local news coverage.

    My Experience in Music: my first live performance doing rap that I had written over a beat I produced was at a Mars Music store open mic a friend invited me to. He failed to mention it was put on by CMT, I placed well & got recognition for my writing abilities, placing better than a friend of mine who did an original rock song and another friend who did an original acoustic song. I started rapping as full time as am emcee in 2003 with a group we formed called SoulFIRE. I supervised the independent release of our album Fired Up on my XDC Record label. I also promoted us statewide and nationally, getting us on a cable battle of the bands on the Damascus Road Show in which we received second place performing a song I wrote and produced. After moving on due to members getting married and moving I started the Dallas/Fort Worth Hip Hop Alliance to bring artist together we did some really successful shows Faze1 Final Fridays & Faze1 First Fridays, along with others shows in conjunction with other local promoters. We also had local meetings for artist to network, build and grow. For a season I worked for Dj Majs Virtual Frequency as their Dallas representative, helped get the show back on the air, as well helped plan and promote a Virtual Frequency Christmas show at The Neotropolis in Carrollton, TX. After that I started working for Tre-9 and Much Luvv Records as their marketing and promotion manager, getting The Next Now! album reviewed by the like of OkayPlayer & into such store as Under Ground Hip Hop as well as putting out mixtapes to promote Much Luvv Records releases. I promoted to magazines and radio CYs The Ringleader as his publicist for a while. I have also worked for the All Eyes On Me Achievement Awards as their media and Red Carpet coordinator for three years.

    My Crew (Secta 7): I with Secta 7 a crew of underground emcees whove been in the industry for years. We are an underground group that has credentials going back to the 80s including the Ministers Of The Underground TV. Im one of the newest members. We are Intellectually Deep crew, We are battle emcees, weve honed our skills in Rap Cyphas. We address issues such as Politics and Social Justice. We can lyrically hang with and handle the roughest and toughest emcees.

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    TRENDING NRT NEWS: Staff Voices: A Journey Through Sound | Sarah Reeves Essentials | Narnia Coming To Life

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