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    The Lee Roessler Band
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    Lee Roessler - Vocals. Whatís up, Iím Lee Roessler. I grew up in the little town of California, Kentucky, and I am the voice of the Lee Roessler Band. Youíll also find me playing some guitar as well. I tend to be the charismatic, in your face one mostly because I love life and live to love. The lyrics I write often reflect this attitude because they are all a piece of me. Life has not always been easy for me. I know where I have been and I know how God has transformed my life. For that reason I am thankful for the privilege of discipleship which has taken me places I never thought I would go Ė to healing from the death of my stepbrother, to Africa to teach a guitar camp, opening for major Christian artists and seeing a crowd be moved by my music. There is nothing better than that! My mission is no secret, if you look on my upper arm you will read, "Your will, o Lord, nothing more, nothing less, nothing else."

    Derek Kramer - Bass. Iím Derek Kramer and I grew up in the small town of California, Kentucky. To be honest, I grew up just a normal kid in a small town with two great parents and a sister. I started playing guitar when I was about 13 years old and from that moment on there was no other instrument that could catch my eye. When the opportunity came along to take on the role of bass player with TLRB I enthusiastically jumped on board! I am the type of person who is adventurous, but at the same time likes to know where Iím going and how Iím going to get there, which has inadvertently made me the planner and the big picture thinker of the band. I am the only band member who has a retirement fund at the age of 18. I juggle work and college while fulfilling my passion with TLRB. The best thing about TLRB is that it gives me the opportunity to fulfill my love for music as well build a more intimate relationship with God.

    Zorin McGuire "Z" - Drums. Hey Iím Zorin McGuire ďZĒ I keep the beat on time and the band tight. Things have not always been easy for me. I grew up in the inner city of Over The Rhine, Cincinnati, where life was marked with temptation and hardship for my family and me. God and music were the two things that kept me positive and strong in order to overcome the many obstacles I faced. I was first introduced to music when I was around 13 years old. I started playing a variety of instruments, but drums quickly became my passion. My drums are the beat of my life and my band members will be the first to back me up on that statement. My mantra is rehearsal, rehearsal, rehearsal. The live show is where itís at, and I am the one that is constantly pushing us to practice and be even better. To me TLRB is passion, faith and life. What more could you ask for.

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