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  • "Kick Off Ya Shoes (ft. Frank McComb, Jazz & Clinton Jordan) " from Life As We Know It
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    Green Jade
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    Judah, Wizdom, Wei, 3rd Son & DJ Secret Weapon are GreenJade, the UK's premier Tru-
    Skool” Hip-Hop group consisting of 4 members born and bred in South London.
    GreenJade have been ripping up underground hip-hop stages over the world for the past
    decade, unleashing positive music into the lives of the young and the young at heart.
    Their lively, energetically charged, humorous live performances have made The Jade one
    of the most sought after Hip-Hop groups in the country.
    GreenJade describe their unique brand of Hip Hop as Tru- Skool. Neither old nor new
    school, Tru-Skool identifies those who live what they rhyme, are true to their art form and
    their beliefs and who school's their listeners with the unadulterated truth. Tru-Skool
    represents a generation that chooses openness and honesty in the face of materialism
    and lies.
    GreenJade began life as a dance troop under the name Poetic Justice in the early 90’s
    and became the Green Jade Sect in 1992. The name change was suggested by Wei,
    inspired by a Kung Fu movie. Within 2 years the crew swelled to over 25 members, but
    personal issues with the crew led to disruptive internal unrest until one of the members
    involved decided to turn his back on the madness and became a Christian.
    This dramatic lifestyle change began a dialogue which affected the whole crew and
    resulted in them resolving their differences and making a point of using their talents to
    promote the positive via music.
    In 1996, GreenJade was reborn and refocused; dropping the Sect, the definition of their
    name had also changed.

    Green - healing, rejuvenation, rebirth.
    Jade(d) - worn out, knackered, disreputable.
    GreenJade - the rejuvenation of the disreputable
    Since 1996 The Jade have been performing in schools, hospitals, colleges, clubs and
    prisons to promoting their Tru-Skool Hip Hop mantra.
    Having just won a UK Hip Hop Award in 2001 presented by Jamielia at a lavish ceremony
    in Sound Leicester Sq, The Jade capitalised on their new found notoriety by recording and
    releasing their debut album Chronicles: The Story So Far… in 3 months. The launch event
    for their debut album was held at the filled-to-capacity Brixton Fridge, with excited fans
    coming to see the Jade unveil their first full length album. This event is still considered as
    one of the best UK Hip Hop nights to be held in London ever! Unprecedented at the time
    for unsigned Hip Hop artists.
    New Year's Eve 2002, GreenJade had wrapped up another successful performance in
    Birmingham and began the long journey back down the M40. Listening to local radio,
    they began to hear reports of a shooting just a few miles from where they had been
    performing. Two teenaged girls had lost their lives. 18 yr old Charlene Ellis and 17 yr old
    Latisha Shakespear were innocent victims of a gangland feud. GreenJade wrote the song
    Gunz Down before they arrived back to London that night as a response to this and the
    rising level of youth violence in the country as a whole. This track would prove to be a very
    big part of GreenJade's musical philosophy for years to come.
    Since the full release of the Chronicles… album in November 2003, GreenJade have
    taken their brand of Hip Hop to a new level and have been exposed to a far wider
    audience quicker then even they had anticipated. They were even invited to perform as
    part of the opening celebrations at the 2004 Olympics in Omonia Sq, Athens.
    In August 2005 the group released a compilation album of tracks recorded with other
    Tru- Skool artists called The Nu Jerusalem Project Vol.1” which featured One Voice,
    One Heart a Tsunami relief record which raised money for a village in India devastated
    by the disaster. The album was named after GreenJade's recording studio, Nu Jerusalem,
    which was ransacked a month before the album was due for delivery. Thankfully there
    was a back up copy of the album elsewhere but 85% of the original LIFE As We Know It
    recordings were lost, setting the group back a further 2 years. However perseverance
    through adversity is one of the pillars The Jade were built upon!
    The Jade had begun to evolve, the members took on many guises, and whilst they
    remained a tight collective, their individual talents were duly exploited for a common
    Judah Racham (J Ra)
    Mr Consistent, the founding member and leader of The Jade. Judah provides a stability
    and wisdom through his 15+ years of experience in the game. Besides being a truly skilled
    MC, Judah joint runs Jade-Eye Knights the record/publishing company set up to service
    the needs of all Tru- Skool artists and bring them to a wider audience.
    Wei (The Keepa)
    The unique creative driving force behind WizWei Yahweh productions, Wei is the Music
    Man of the group, bringing his own unique ingredients‘ to the pot causing him to stand
    out the most, impressively. The Producer/MC has beats which burst through a set of
    speakers, and bass heavy vocals which bounce onto a track with conviction.

    3rd Son (Third)
    The lyricist, skilled in the art of microphone manipulation. Third also contributes The Jade's
    visual graphics using his creative abilities to provide artwork for album/single covers, fliers
    and online as manager of OD Design and Graphics.
    Practical Wizdom, Wiz, Big Wizy
    Wizdom is an MC bursting with intensity. When adorning his alter ego, Big Wizy, he
    exudes an energy that is not only entertaining but highly contagious. Wizdom is a vital
    part of The Jade mechanics, production partner to Wei in WizWei Yahweh, business
    partner to Judah in Jade-Eye Knights, and head of Re:Birth Promotions. Wiz is a busy man.
    Secret Weapon
    The newest and youngest member of group has an extraordinary ability on the decks and
    a delicate ear for the essence of Hip-Hop which have brought a necessary spice to The
    Jade on stage and in production. He even grabs the mic on the track LIVE on LIFE As We
    Know It and partners Judah in the GreenJade off-shoot group, Judah & Secret.
    In mid 2006 GreenJade released their own Stop The Violenceanthem Gunz Down in
    support of their national anti gun & knife crime tour now in its third year. The CD included
    the stunning animated video, which had been play listed on MTV Base, and a
    documentary about the tour. The Jade teamed up with youth charity XLP for The Gunz
    Down School Tour which aimed to educate children about the ever-growing dangers of
    carrying knives and firearms.
    The tour consisted of an hour long show with music, drama and film used as tools to
    hammer home the importance of addressing the issues of the UKs growing gun and knife
    culture amongst mainly young people. The show is then supported by a programme of
    lessons with the aim to get students to stop and think, instead of just reacting, a split
    second can save a life. The project has since been supported by the likes of Choice FMs
    Peace On The Street campaign, Mother Against Guns and the Don't Trigger campaign.
    As a result of Gunz Down , the very popular school tour and a notable increase in knife
    and gun crime incidents involving young people, GreenJade were invited to speak on a
    number of nationally syndicated radio & television programmes discussing the increased
    level of violence among teenagers in the UK, including Newsnight, Sky News, Radio Five
    Live, BBC Breakfast, Channel 5 News, TalkSport radio with Jon Gaunt and BBC News 24.
    Mayoral candidate Boris Johnson attended one of the school tour shows and was so
    blown away he wrote a piece about it which was published in the Telegraph.
    In 2008 the good music, constant crusading and positive vibes are set to continue.
    March sees the release of new album LIFE As We Know It, fuelled by the run away
    success of Gunz Down. Because of the considerable effort put in by The Jade and the
    indubitable message they are trying to convey - it is what we are all thinking, but are not
    brave or loud enough to say - Life As We Know it is an album everyone wants to hear.
    GreenJade have a lot to say and the world is listening.
    GreenJade will continue in its endeavors to secure its position in the music industry as an
    instrument of positivism! In the midst of much uncertainty and fear, the Jade aim to
    continue to be a light in dark places, for and on behalf of Hip-Hop culture.

    Entry lasted edited by ChristAboveAll on 07.20.09
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