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    Born in Virginia and raised in Newark, NJ, Carl “CL” Carr was destined to a life of music. CL was nurtured in an atmosphere of song. CL comes from a generation of gifted singers and song writers in his family beginning with his mother and father. From the very first time he sat down and fiddled with the piano in the church where his siblings and extended family worshiped, CL was intrigued with this instrument. The piano was basically the only instrument his church that no one ever bothered to play. Most of the members of his family, including his mother, played rhythm guitar. Without any music lessons or music school, you could tell God was doing something special with this 13 year old prodigy. “I would sit down for hours and hours just banging the keys until a melody I could sing would come out. My drive, and desire to create what was in my heart and soul was how I started writing songs.” Although he sang in the church choir and various area choirs such as the Newark Boys chorus. CL shied away from being in front when it was evident to choir and musical directors alike that this young man possessed a strong, soul stirring voice that touched the core of anyone who heard him. Why he didn’t move more to the forefront CL adds, “I was always content with being the background I guess.” CL had to put his musical aspirations on hold when he enrolled in the U. S. Navy. Yet his burning desire to create and perform the music he loves so much was on a very short hiatus when he took first place in several talent shows he entered. Due to his various successes on stage, CL was selected to be a member of the prestigious Navy Band however he declined because it would have taken him further away from his family. His first place finishes in talent shows and the honor of being asked to join the Navy Band had an impact on the once shy singer. “These experiences are what helped me gain a little more confidence in singing solo.” Upon completion of his service (Honorably), CL began to pursue music with the passion of a lion on the prowl. One of his first musical ventures was to form a group with two of his brothers and two cousins, “THE CARR BROTHERS” (which later became “Xodus”). They began to create a “buzz” in the area and caught the eye of Ben Tankard of Tribute Records who offered them a deal after they performed on the same stage with the incredible Fred Hammond and songstress, Yolanda Adams. Although things didn’t work out with that situation, what happened next was even better! The original songs and music that CL produced and arranged made people in the business take notice. His extraordinary lyrical talent, musical arrangements, and stellar vocals caught the attention of respected musicians, and producers. Among these respectable luminaries that CL impressed and worked with in writing and producing are Major and Independent Songwriters/Producers Rodney Jerkins, Joe Priolo (PINK, MYA) Alex Cantrall (JO JO) and Joe ‘Flip” Wilson, just to name a few. One musical visionary, Kedar Massenburg, former president of Motown Records and currently President and CEO of Kedar Entertainment, who CL refers to as his mentor taught CL about publishing, marketing and how the music business operates and functions in general. Through these associations, CL’s reputation started to spread among more and more established and upcoming stars in music. Gaining a reputation for his strong lyrical melodies and musical arrangements, CL began to place songs with artist such as Mya and have songs featured on soundtracks from the movie Kazam. Robyn Crawford (former manager of Whitney Houston) who was looking for a Songwriter/Producer approached CL to work with the artists she assembled on their newly formed label, Better Place20Records. Working with Robyn and Whitney was an incredible experience which provided a world class studio equip with everything a producer could want. “We put on a showcase for the label introducing their artist to industry bigwigs such as Clive Davis, and Silvia Rhone. Every song performed that night was either written or produced by me and a partner at the time, Joe P.” Unfortunately the label later folded and it seems as if another opportunity lost. Frustrated with the industry and broken promises, CL decided to take a break from music and chill. That lasted for a minute until he heard a singer he would eventually sign to his company. “I knew this is what I’ve been waiting for, someone I could help mold and shape into a POP/ROCK star! This artist had it all, the look, voice and dance. When she told me she no longer wanted to sing but concentrate on college, I was absolutely crushed. We poured our hearts and soul (as did she) into that project, and to walk away in the middle of a mini national promotional radio campaign, it was hard to swallow.” After getting over that, CL began to do some serious soul searching, and seeking God for direction (even though he knew down inside what he had to do). For a long time, God had been dealing with me with regards to my music and where I should be. He began to show me all the doors he opened and the doors he closed. “I lost sight of who opened them in the first place.” Never did he envision singing solo, that was for the more gifted vocalist in the group and family. “I could always sing, but I thought I needed to sound like this one or that one.” Then he realized, just be you and let God do the rest. Ever since he decided to redeem his life back to Christ, CL has been on a mission, and that mission will be closer to completion with the release of his single “KING HE IS” from the forthcoming CD titled “REDEEMED.”

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