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    COLMANblue really is an answer to a prayer for all three of its members, Chrissy Katina and Kristin Schweain, both former members of popular Dove Award-winning group ZOEgirl, and Kelli Trontell, a life-long performer and songwriter whose song, "Right Here With Me" was a finalist for the first America Idol Songwriter. As all three surrendered and laid down their careers, God picked it up and began to use them and their love of music for His purposes and plan. Being very intentional with every step along the way, Chrissy and Kelli and Kristin want nothing more than to be completely dependent on the Lord as He directs each decision and their ultimate path.

    Chrissy Katina was born in southern New Jersey. Dramatic from the minute she opened her eyes according to her mother, Chrissy was an outgoing and talkative child, she realized her love for music and performing very early on. At age 16, she had the opportunity to sing and record in the R&B group, CHOICE, with the artist Pink. Since then Chrissy's dreams have continued to be fulfilled on an even higher level. After becoming a Christian in 1997, she realized the talent God had given her was meant to be used for Him.

    Kristin Schweain was raised in a very musical home in Jackson, Missouri and grew up with a dream of becoming a professional musician. Following in the footsteps of her grandfather, Frederic Spies, who was an accomplished jazz pianist, she began playing the piano as a child, and wrote her first song at the age of eighteen. After graduating from highschool, she studied both classical voice and piano at DePauw University's School of Music in Indiana, at Missouri Baptist College in St. Louis, Missouri, and at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee.

    In 2000, Chrissy and Kristin were invited to join the Christian group, ZOEgirl. After selling over a million records, being honored with the Dove Award for Best New Artist, and touring with great artists and bands like TobyMac, Newsboys, Avalon, Natalie Grant and Jump5 for over 6 years, the group decided to explore other new musical opportunities on their own. During this time, Kristin wrote and recorded her solo CD, Days of Eden and Chrissy began laying the foundation for COLMANblue. After 2 years apart, they are so are so excited to be working together again. ZOEgirl undoubtedly left a mark on Christian music and today is no different for Chrissy and Kristin as they embark on this new journey with COLMANblue.

    Kelli Trontell, born in Southern California, has been destined for a long, fulfilling career in the entertainment industry since the ripe age of six, where her love of music was first sparked by singing hymns in church. She appeared on the original Star Search in 1993 and was a popular performer on the club circuit in Phoenix, Arizona for several years (sharing the same stage with artists such as Alice Cooper, Peter Frampton and Nils Lofgren) before heading to Nashville in 2004 to further pursue her artistry and craft her songwriting skills.

    In 2007, a song Kelli co-wrote, "Right Here With Me," was selected out of 25,000 submissions as a Top 20 finalist for the first-ever American Idol Songwriter: a songwriting contest by American Idol Executive Producer Simon Fuller and 19 Entertainment during the hit shows sixth season.

    Later that year, Kelli experienced another life-changing event serving on staff for the Luis Palau Nashville CityFest, which culminated with a celebration attended by nearly 100,000 in downtown Music City. During this season, God asked her to lay her musical ambitions down to "make Jesus famous." Six months after the festival closed, Kelli answered a call from Chrissy to start a new group, which is now COLMANblue.

    I am anticipating greatness and for the Lord to open doors and opportunities that we could not push through on our own, Kelli says. Im holding nothing back and being very intentional to the calling that the Lord has on my life. I want to share my story and love people.

    COLMANblue is Kingdom-minded with a desire to share their musical talents to show others the face and love of God. They will be spending the remainder of 2008 writing and recording their first release and are excited to see God's hand move as they embark on this new journey together.

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    ARE YOU FOLLOWING @kellitrontell & @kristinschweain ?!?!? You should!!
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    @JoeGem the only songs we have up are on our myspace. Take a listen :)
    Posted by @colmanblue on 02.24.10 | View Tweet
    @NatalieGrant goodnight, sweet friend!
    Posted by @colmanblue on 02.17.10 | View Tweet
    Listening to a song that is dear to our that we've been patiently waiting for, for a long while.
    Posted by @colmanblue on 02.14.10 | View Tweet
    Good morning! Sang on The Katinas Friends and Family cruise to Mexico! It was amazing. Just got home. Back to life....back to reality. :)
    Posted by @colmanblue on 01.26.10 | View Tweet

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    kimbeo (1)
    Thanks you very much | Posted September 13, 2016
    Wow, cool post. Id like to write like this too. Thanks | |

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    Jackie (61)
    New song! | Posted June 23, 2009
    I just uploaded their new song 'Hey{Not Worth The Worry}'. They are wonderful! I LOVED this song! I listen to it ALL the time!

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