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  • "My Righteousness" from Redemption Songs
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  • "Weakness for Strength" from Redemption Songs
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  • "Your Name (No Other Name)" from Redemption Songs
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    Go Deep
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    Go Deep is a rock/worship band based out of Fort Worth, TX. It has always been their desire through their music and lives, to see others move beyond just knowing about God to truly knowing Him. Their message is one of hope and faith in God's unfailing love. Their songs are anthems of Jesus' complete work of redemption and the abundant life that is waiting for all who will receive God's free gift of grace. The name Go Deep comes from a passage in 2 Corinthians 2:10: “The Spirit, not content to flit around on the surface, dives into the depths of God, and brings out what God planned all along.” (MSG)
    They began touring “full time” in 2003, playing around 200 dates a year. They have been privileged to share the stage with some great Christian artists including: The Afters, Barlow Girl, By the Tree, Chris Tomlin, David Crowder Band, Disciple, Tree63, Matthew West, Sanctus Real, Superchic(k) and others. They were included on a couple of compilation CD's distributed by Warner Brothers/Word in 2006 (Velocity) & 2009 (Top 20 Indie) right alongside bands such as Tenth Avenue North. They have had multiple TV appearances on Daystar, TBN, The God Channel and Sky Angel. Although they've been courted by several major labels and even offered a few deals, they have remained Independent, met some great people and made some good friends in the industry.
    In 2007 Nashville became their base until February of 2010 when Michael and Sherrie were asked to move to California for a year to lead worship and be a part of the creative team at a growing church there. It was a wonderful time for their family and they loved being a part of a church team. Go Deep dates during 2010 were limited to a few regional events in order to stay focused on the work at the church and enjoy the "break" from 7 years of touring. After completing their term at the church in Feb of 2011, they moved back "home" to Texas.
    Their new album "Redemption Songs" was released in 2012 and the band is enjoying getting back out to minister abroad. They are excited about the new songs and the new season they have entered. The best is yet to come!

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    Nice | Posted August 07, 2019
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    Evan48 (160)
    Great music! | Posted February 12, 2013
    Great music!

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    music | Posted February 10, 2013
    great music that i like

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    rbrown13 (224)
    :) | Posted February 08, 2013

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    "tonights the night to step across the line.." | Posted February 07, 2013
    2 worlds collide

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    :D | Posted February 05, 2013

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