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    David Harsh
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    Who is David Harsh? David is a Christian who happens to share his message of faith through music. He loves to bless God's children of all ages with innovative, relevant, original Christian songs.

    What makes David unique? He does some things with a guitar that nobody else does - at least not in quite the same way. For example, he can play 2 guitars at the same time (one with his hands, and one with his feet.) Click here to see video clips of David doing some of his creative guitar work.

    What style of music does David play? David describes his style as "Acoustic Christian Folk/Rock/Pop." He plays the acoustic guitar or piano, and he sings. But he incorporates a variety of playing styles to support his lyrics. To get a better feel for what David's music sounds like, click here to listen to sound clips from his newest album.

    Where does David perform? David shares his music all over the country. 60% of the venues David serves are churches. Other types of venues that David serves are Christian Schools (10%), Camps (5%), Coffeehouses (5%), Conferences (4%), Festivals (4%), and other venues (12%).

    What types of churches does David serve? David will share his music with churches of all Christian denominations (including non-denominational) who believe the Bible to be the inspired word of God, and that Christ is the only way to salvation.

    Does David have a band? He used to perform with a band, but after a few years, it made more sense for David to be a solo performer. Most of David's fans prefer to hear him in a solo setting.

    Does David perform outdoors? Yes, but he strongly prefers to perform indoors, for two reasons: First, David feels like he can communicate with an audience much more effectively in an indoor concert setting. It's more intimate, with less potential for distractions. Second, some of David's specialized music equipment (for some of his more creative songs) is too sensitive to light and heat to be used outdoors. Only 10% of the venues David serves are outdoors.

    What age range does David appeal to? David's music literally appeals to all ages. Young children are often captivated by the creative versatile presentation that David shares. The older generation appreciates David’s piano and fingerstyle guitar playing. The youth and families are intrigued by David's creative approach to the guitar. Everyone appreciates David's heartfelt message of Christ's love. To say that David's music is "just for youth" or "just for adults" would not be accurate. His music is enjoyed by people of all ages!

    Does David serve in other ways besides performing? Yes. David loves to lead worship, to teach seminars, and to serve as a guest speaker.

    What is David's philosophy of worship? David believes that to lead worship, the worship leader must help create a space where people can approach God without being distracted. In addition, when he leads worship, David does his best to be peripheral, allowing God to be the focus. He sees performing and worship leading to be two totally different musical offerings.

    Does David perform secular music? No. David's too busy singing about the Lord's faithfulness! He believes that life is too short for him to sing about anything but his faith.

    Does David sing songs written by other people (covers)? No. David is blessed with such creativity that he writes and performs all his own songs.

    Does David teach private guitar lessons? No. David used to teach private guitar lessons, but because he's now a full-time performer, he's not able to make time to do it anymore. He does, however, love to teach. So now, David gives back his knowledge in the form of 5 different seminars (about guitar, songwriting and worship leading) which he teaches at churches and conferences around the country. To learn more about David's seminars, please click here.

    How do I book David to perform at my event? Contact David via e-mail by or calling David's office phone at (425) 672-4557.

    How much does it cost to book David for an event? Because this is David's full-time job, and because he is the sole supporter of his family, it's really important that David receives enough income from this ministry to be able to keep doing it. For this reason, David has a daily fee that he needs to meet, plus travel expenses. For 2007, the daily fee to have David out is $750.00 (he is not available at an hourly rate.) The daily fee includes all musical involvement for the day, including special music, worship leading, and a full-length evening concert (seminars are a little extra. Click here to learn more.) Travel reimbursement includes $0.485 per mile roundtrip from Edmonds, WA, or airfare. David's fee and travel are often covered by a church check, a freewill offering, or both. For 2008, David's daily fee will be $950.00. Please contact David to discuss financial questions or arrangements by clicking here.

    What is David’s ideal venue? David loves to perform an indoor 1½ hour evening concert for all ages.

    Does David sing at weddings? No. Because David's music career has developed into a full-time ministry, it’s important for him to accept a booking that will maximize his time. If David shares 1 song in a Saturday wedding somewhere, he could be giving up the opportunity to minister in a full evening concert somewhere else.

    Does David like to perform background music for social events? No. David's music is very message-driven. To perform in the background while people are talking or eating would cause the message to be lost. David really likes to serve an audience who is able to listen for what God might be saying through his songs.

    How long has David been serving through music? David has been writing and performing for 11 years, and serving full-time for 3 years.

    What is David's spiritual background? David was brought up in a Christian home, but he made his faith his own shortly before graduating from High School. To read David's testimonial, click here.

    What is David's statement of faith? David's statement of faith is this: I believe the Holy Bible to be the Inspired Word of God. I believe that by my sinful nature, I cannot have communion with God, but because Jesus Christ died and took my place on the cross, I have been given that opportunity. I believe that it is my calling to share the truths that He has laid on my heart, with as many people as I can. The fact that I am a musician is not central to this…it is just a means of sharing my faith. - David Harsh

    Where does David live? David lives with his wife and daughter, in Edmonds, WA.

    Where does David attend church? David and his wife currently attend Alderwood Community Church in Lynnwood, WA.

    How did David train musically? As a vocalist, David was first trained classically in 6 languages, and he spent several years singing opera. He eventually learned to play the acoustic guitar, studying with several very skilled players from around the world. To learn more about David's academic and musical background, view his resume by clicking here.

    What are David's goals? To share God's truth and love through original, innovative Christian music in full-time ministry, to serve and encourage the body of Christ through a relevant message, and to equip developing Christian guitarists, songwriters, and worship leaders with valuable tools.

    Does David have a record contract? No, and at this stage, he really isn't seeking one. Although this usually means giving up radio exposure and national distribution, David is thrilled to be able to serve God's children at a grassroots, independent level.

    How can I get a copy of David's CD? Purchasing David's CD is one of the best ways to help him keep doing this ministry. You can buy either or both of David's albums at a concert, or you can order them online and have them shipped to your door. Just visit the CD store link at his website,

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