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    L.S.U. (Lifesavers Underground)
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    LSU (a.k.a. Lifesavors, Lifesavers, Lifesavers Underground, and L.S. Underground) was a 1980s and 1990s Christian rock band fronted by singer/songwriter Michael Knott. Other members of the original band included Mark Krischak (vocals), Kevin Annis (drums) and Chris Wimber(guitar). Brian Doidge (guitars, bass) and Andrew Carter (guitar) were later members of the band.

    Lifesavers Underground combine elements of Punk, Post Punk, Funk, Hard Rock, Alternative, New Wave, and Goth Rock.

    In 1987 Lifesavers Underground released their groundbreaking debut album Shaded Pain. Dark and heavy post punk, with honest lyrics, this album set the standard for future releases by Michael Knott.

    1989 started the band on an independent path with Wakin' Up The Dead. The album finds L.S.U. adding a slightly more alternative feel to their gothic hard rock sound. Most consider this a great follow-up to Shaded Pain, while a few find it to be a regression.

    1991 saw the release of This Is The Healing. The album speaks of holding onto hope in the midst of pain. The album has a low-fi quality, using a drum machine and Knott playing most of the instruments himself.

    1993 brings the band into a new realm of story telling on The Grape Prophet, the first of many rock operas by Mr. Knott. This album is a classic; heavy music with a heavy message (presented with plenty of irony and humor). This was pre-grunge explosion music influenced by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and other Seattle pioneers.

    Released in 1993, the 5th album, Cash in Chaos/World Tour explores a very dark side of life. With World Tour, Michael Knott announced that he was changing the name of L.S.U. to 'Cash in Chaos' (hence the mixed band name for this release). That name change didn't stick. World Tour is another classic L.S.U. disc, heavily influenced by Echo & The Bunnymen. Dark, swirling, heavy, and moody sounds abound on every song.

    1994's Grace Shaker was a transition time for Michael Knott and LSU. Michael was starting to focus on the Aunt Bettys at this time. In fact, LSU pretty much was the Aunt Bettys on this release with a different drummer. A great album with some less heavier moments than past LSU albums, but also some songs that are generally heavier.

    Four years pass until 1998's DogFishJones, Another rock opera by Michael. This one has a 1970's sea-tale feel to it. This was also a very family-oriented album, as Michael's father and daughter contributed songs.

    2001 brought forth the stripped down Finding Angel. At a concert in October 2001, Michael revealed that he had originally tried to pitch this album to Tooth & Nail Records, but they said "they couldn't do it right now." At the time he pitched the album, it was titled "Music Explosion" and the cover depicted a huge nuclear explosion. Recorded in August 2001, the songs were all about the world exploding and buildings coming down.

    In September 2001, the 9-11 attacks occurred as Michael was painting at 4am (California time). This freaked him out because he had just recorded this album about the same type of stuff happening. So he decided to change the title of the album to Finding Angel and change the cover artwork. From the liner notes: "This CD was recorded on a Panasonic cassette recorder from my couch at home." The ultimate DIY release.

    Despite inactivity from the LSU moniker in recent years, Michael Knott announced in August 2008 that he has recorded a new L.S. Underground album with Josh Lory, Jim Chaffin from The Crucified, Matt Biggers, Daniel Sonner and others. Knott stated that the album is a tribute to returning soldiers, and will deal with issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder. On his website, Knott states that he "feels this is the most important record he has done since This Is the Healing." The expected release date was November 2008.

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