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B-Sides [edit]
by Disciple | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal | Release Date: September 14, 2010

These are the 7 songs that are called B-Sides that were released on September 14, 2010 when Horseshoes & Handgrenades was released. The ones who pre-ordered Package A on Disciple's website got these.

Track Listing
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01. Comedy Tragedy
02. Disasterpiece
03. Forget Me Not
04. Fear and Suffering
05. Horseshoes & Handgrenades
06. The Fury (Wreck Me)
07. Remake

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Hot/cold | Posted October 30, 2010
This is something that, if you don't have it, you probably never will. Sorry, folks. Special edition only. Some of the tracks, honestly, I can tell why they didn't make the album. Others, though, are awesome. Why in the world would the title cut not make the album? It's one of the best songs on there! Anyway, good album.

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Pretty Darn Sweet | Posted October 06, 2010
September 14th of this year probably one of the best rock albums of the year was released. Disciple put out one of the best albums of their career, it was simply amazing. To top it off if you pre-ordered the album you got these 7 b-sides. Supposedly they had only been mixed and edited once, when the rest of the album had been 3 times. Well it would be hard to tell since all of these songs sound like they could have been on the album. These 7 b-sides by no means disappoint, they strengthen an already amazing albums.

The B-sides kick off with "Comedy Tragedy" which is a fun rocking, sing/scream along track. "Disasterpiece" keeps up this trend and offers some more screams. "Forget Me Not" and "Fear and Suffering" also heavy and screams thrown in. I'm trying not to describe every aspect of these songs because they are all amazing and many for the same reasons. But they all have unique musical backdrops to them, and screams are added in at great times to add in some heaviness. And that's what is great about pretty much all of these tracks they are all as heavy as the loudest song on the actual album, so they all have around the heavyness of "Battle lines", "Watch It Burn","Ballad of St. Augustine", and "Shot Heard Round The World."

Now as great as these first 4 tracks were, these last 3 I really love. First is the title track for the album, "Horseshoes and Handgrenades." This song really should have made the album, its a really fun song, is rocking, catchy, and it goes by fast. "The Fury" has some of my favorite lyrics out of these songs, some amazing guitars, and I love Kevin's voice on this. Last is the only quiet song on the B-sides and is the quietest out of all the songs off of Horseshoes and Handgrenades as a matter of fact. This song "Remake" is absolutely beautiful, it reminds you a lot of "No End At All" off of Scars Remain in regards to the volume. But the vocals are stunning, with a beautiful musical backdrop, and very amazing lyrics. This is what we call a worship song, with such an honest, heartfelt cry out to God in the chorus. This is a great way to wrap up the B-sides as well as if you added them all to the original album, a great way to finish the whole collection.

It was great to get these 7 songs to add to the album. It filled it out even more and added some more heaviness to the album, which is a great touch for die-hard Disciple fans. Unfortunately if you didn't pre-order the album there is no way at the moment to purchase the b-sides. Either way this was a great treat and definitely worth the money to get them along with an amazing album. Well done Disciple!!

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