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No Changin' Us [edit]
by Point of Grace | Genre: AC/Inspo | Release Date: March 02, 2010

Currently in the studio completing their first full-length project in nearly three years, the three ladies of Point of Grace have perfected a sound that is sure to please both Country and Christian fans alike. Produced by Nathan Chapman (Taylor Swift), this collection of songs invites the listener to celebrate love, faith, family and the struggle with ‘balance’ that hits their core demographic right where they are (“Love And Laundry”). “No Changing Us,” along with being one of the standout cuts, is an aptly named title for a group that has remained consistently one of CCM’s finest.

Track Listing
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01. He Holds Everything
02. Wildflower
03. Hometown
04. There Is Nothing Greater Than Grace
05. No Changin' Us
06. Love and Laundry
07. What About Jesus
08. Chalk In The Rain
09. The Greatest Show On Earth
10. A Good Place To Turn Around
11. Come To Jesus

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Only two original members remain, so perhaps things aren't as they used to be. Still it's difficult to believe they actually changed the formula that worked so well. When 27 #1 singles and over six million albums sold on the resume, you usually never see someone mess with a good thing, yet that's exactly what's happened on Point of Grace's latest, No Changin' Us. Fortunately, the move pays off in spades.

There were tinges of the girls' pending changes with 2008's "How You Live" finding success on the country charts. Those signs of life pointed the way for this future direction, bringing on super-producer Nathan Chapman (Taylor Swift's Fearless) and unleashing the Nashville machine on all 11 tracks on No Changin' Us. From suddenly truncated verb endings (see title) to enhanced accents to pedal steel, the girls have officially gone country.

Yet with voices this good, they could sing the phone book and make it work. "He Holds Everything" is the up-tempo highlight, bringing the popular Lady Antebellum or Sugarland sound from the outset. "Love and Laundry" is a bit surprising for the lyrical turns it takes, but even this weakest track still holds some Southern charm. In between are memories and maxims of family and faith, and Chapman does a good job transitioning the girls to the new sound.

Some long-time fans might have issues with dashed expectations, but chances are most will come along for the ride while the new sound should garner several new fans as well. It's a good risk if you have to take one, although we'll only know it works if the next album follows suit - or goes back to the old pop standards. -Matt Conner

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! | Posted December 17, 2010
This album is more like buying a secular country music album.I liked a couple of the songs, but mostly it was more for entertainment than worship. If you want an album that sounds great, than you won't be disappointed. But if you want the ususal POG "lead me to worship" kind of music, stick with their older albums.

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This album changed my life | Posted December 06, 2010
I remember listening to the whole CD and thinking how great of an album it is.
The beginning of the album starts with He Holds Everything. I think this song encourages us to hold on and not let fear control our life. We don't have to worry about the job market or "wait for the other shoe to drop". God is always in control and he is in charge not us.
Wildflower is a song about a girl who doesn't fit into the world standards. But God loves her anyway. The song talks about girls in general but boys could have the same feelings about being left out of groups. This song reminds me of someone who might be getting bullied in school. But if you hold on, it gets better. The song has a message of hope.
There Is Nothing Greater Than Grace is an amazing song about how Jesus is always there for us. We can't do anything that he can't forgive. Even if the world never forgives you, Jesus would always forgive you! This song gives me chills. POG tells a story about how everyone is going through something.
Love and Laundry is a fun song that many women can connect with. There is always laundry to do.
What About Jesus is a song about how your mother tells to never forget about Jesus.
Chalk in the Rain is a song about holding on to what is most important to you in life. It is a song about letting go of what really doesn't matter in the big picture of life.
The Greatest Show on Earth is a women driving song! The song describes how much women have to for their family.
A Good Place to Turn Around is one of my favorite songs on this album. It talks about how we all make mistakes and that we all need forgiveness. But we all can turn back around and get back on the right track.
Come to Jesus is a song about when you have a problem you just need to come to Jesus. He is always there. We are never alone in our struggles in life, and with Jesus he can help us overcome what we need to overcome. The vocals are great on this one.
These are my favorites on the album! This album is a must buy!

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LauraCC (257)

:) | Posted May 18, 2010
Having just celebrated my 22nd birthday, that makes me 3 years older than Point Of Grace. And while my
listening to them may not quite draw comparisons to a toddler dancing to the Rolling Stones (betcha
there is one, Youtubers), it still gives me pause.

The very country No Changin’ Us (now THERE’S a funny spoof you could do with babies!) contains topics
that I know nothing about first-hand: marriage, raising children, stressing out over a career, etc. There’s
also no end of clichés – mommas, hometowns, American patriotism and metaphorical roads. What you
won’t find, however (praise God!) are the cheating lovers, happy alcoholic binges, and/or double
entendres so common to the genre outside of Christian lines.

I can see several of these songs becoming favorites. “Wildflower”, for instance, is just made for a music
video, or even a campaign. The story of a late bloomer with serious Esther potential is one I know well.
“Hometown” is just itching to be the next family-oriented TV show theme song. It’s something I can’t
identify with, being from the 6th largest city in Canada, but it still gave me a teeny weeny ache. “Chalk In
The Rain” may draw comparisons to “Dust In The Wind” by title and theme but the unique metaphor of life
being a “sidewalk Mona Lisa” stands out. Whichever of the 3 writers contributed this line had to have
seen one, not merely thought it up. The tender love of a long married couple in the title track is beautifully

There’s plenty of encouragement for the broken. “He Holds Everything” reminds us that God is still in
control, while “There Is Nothing Greater Than Grace” assures us of His presence in every crisis. “Come
To Jesus” tells everybody to take the first step and surrender to Him, no matter what we're going through.
On the lighter side, wives and mothers will laugh right along with "Love And Laundry" and "The Greatest
Show On Earth". I predict more than a few meet-and-greet fans showering these 3 ladies with "this-is-

Though there's nothing tune-wise that made me stop in my tracks, the lyrics and the hearts behind them
are real, down to earth, and beating for Christ. If that's the (more than just an) image they're going for,
Point Of Grace has aced it.

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Ironic Title, Great Album | Posted March 17, 2010
At first glance, the title "No Changin' Us" seems ironic, since they have in fact "Changed". The absence of a original group member made me cautious about whether they would be able to keep the same signature sound that has made them so unique. Also, since music has changed so much and many 1st and 2nd Generation CCM artists have had a tough time staying in the game; it made me wonder "can they do it again?".

I must say that after hearing the album, my fears and cautions were put to rest. I firmly believe this is one of their best albums (perhaps since Steady On). The sound is decidedly more country, but with the same heart and energy that made POG great. There is more of a true sound and a bit less breathy production that has ear-marked some of their old albums, but the songs are deep, AND fun.

The album is firmly geared toward the "MOM" demographic, but fans both male and female will be able to relate to the song selection. The song "Come to Jesus" is a great album closer and reminds us why we love POG, and the song "Love and Laundry" captures a humorous look at 'real life' trials to keep up and still love.
The song "No Changin' Us" rings true to the fact that these ladies have survived and industry that has changed several times over, and yet they keep doing what they do best- tell stories and have fun singing. Of course, having producer Nathan Chapman doesn't hurt either (think Taylor Swift, Martina McBride, and Sara Evans, to name a few). He produced a great album, and kept the girls true to who they are in the CCM world, while branching out into the country market.

Definitely a great album, worth the $ and time, glad the lovely ladies of POG still have it!

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