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Let Me See Your Eyes [edit]
by Cory Asbury | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: July 28, 2009

Cory Asbury’s debut solo album, Let Me See Your Eyes, is a collection of indie-pop songs reflecting Cory’s passion to see Jesus clearly and to feel His presence. Cory sings with an ease that invites you to sing along and enjoy the nearness of the Holy Spirit. There are a variety of styles on Let Me See Your Eyes, from soul to rap to electro beats. The music is fueled by an unquenchable desire to behold God and be changed into His likeness. The album creates an atmosphere for pursuing God in all His splendor and encourages you to celebrate the goodness of the Lord.

Track Listing
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01. Hallelujah (Intro)
02. Jesus, Let Me See Your Eyes
03. Psalm 18
04. Let Me See Your Face, God (feat. Edwin Botero)
05. Counted the Cost
06. My Beloved (feat. Jaye Thomas)
07. Faithful to the End
08. Selah (Instrumental) [feat. Nathan Prior]
09. Everything You Do
10. Beautiful Savior
11. Mercy
12. Always Faithful
13. Always Faithful (Prophetic Song)
14. Where I Belong
15. Hallelujah

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Essay | Posted March 19, 2018
Let Me See Your Eyes is an excellent album just like one at essay writing australia. The entire album and the song list is amazing, I am thrilled, really enjoy listening to your songs though, good post share.

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DGray (4)

Cory Asbury - Let Me See Your Eyes | Posted June 11, 2010
Diverse. That single word describes the style and genius of singer and song-writer, Cory Asbury. Based in the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Missouri, Cory Asbury has built up his name as the energetic, very passionate, and most experimental worship leader at IHOP and Let Me See Your Eyes expresses his style perfectly. the In his co-debut album, Holy, along with singer Matt Gilman, Cory displayed solid lyricism and instrumentation but left room for what he may do if he was given a chance to do a full solo project. Let Me See Your Eyes was his chance and he did anything but disappoint.

Let Me See Your Eyes is unlike any other album ever released by the illustrious Forerunner Music record label. With artist that features world-renowned musician Misty Edwards, upcoming sensation Laura Hackett, and the powerful and yet soothe sounding Jaye Thomas, Cory Asbury stands out uniquely among the others and his gotten him recognition and the opportunity to open on concert for well-known Christian artist and author of "How He Loves" John Mark McMillan. With phenomenal drummer David Whitworth and backup singer, and wife, Anna Asbury helping him along the way, Asbury takes the listener on a trip with the Holy Spirit as the guide. After a short intro (which will be revisited later), the opening track is the title track of the album “Jesus, Let Me See Your Eyes” . Asbury is asking to see His eyes and so he can know how much He loves us, so that we may never forget how much He wants, cares, and loves us” (Revelation 1:14) in this wonderful acoustic and happy-feeling start. Cory Asbury speaks about this song as well as covering other songs on Let Me See Your Eyes in the following interview that can be viewed by clicking play on the following YouTube player.

“Psalm 18″ is a transy track with a very steady bass line as every other word pounds into unison with the beat. Lyrically wise, it is literally is Psalm 18 in a paraphrased form. In a whole different direction of ”Let Me See Your Face, God” features Edwin Oberto who raps the entire song while Cory Asbury sings the chorus and the bridge as they pant to God to see the Lord clearly, as Asbury expresses in the opening song. “Counted The Cost” is yet another turn in style of music as this song concentrates highly on hip hop. In a crowd favorite, Asbury makes the listener want to roll down their windows in their car while yelling at the top of their lungs saying “One day He’s gonna split the sky, and one day He’s gonna come for His bride! I know it!” “Counted The Cost” definitely stands out on the album as it speaks counting everything as a complete loss just to know to know Christ and how it is completely worth it to do it.

“My Beloved” is undoubtedly the anthem and most popular song of Let Me See Your Eyes. As the first single released 26 days before Let Me See Your Eyes was publicly released, “My Beloved” was well received from day one. It blends hip hop, rock, incredible lyrics, special sound affects along with the powerful accompaniment of Jaye Thomas,
“My Beloved” is arguably the best song on the album, though every song puts up a strong case for that title. Born out of Psalm 27:4 and Song of Solomon 5:10, Cory Asbury presents the strongest case for a Grammy-Award or GMA Dove Award in this sanctuary party igniter. After this, Cory Asbury slows it with four straight absolutely beautiful and passionate worship songs along with a transcending anointed interlude in that mix with “Faithful To The End”, “Selah”, “Everything You Do”, “Beautiful Savior”, and “Mercy”. Each one of these songs brings their own unique sound unlike the others that will take you deep into the heart of worship with messages of truth, love, and unfathomable beauty.

“Always Faithful” is a duet with Asbury’s wife, Anna, as Asbury keeps the experimental train rolling as this has more violins, a tad of auto tune for the couple’s already fine tuned voices, and a techno-poppy that would choreographers begging to come up with a dance routine for the song. This song smoothly cascades to another version of “Always Faithful”. This version of it is spontaneous. It was completely unrehearsed and unplanned. God literally took over all the instruments and for over ten minutes played the most beautiful melodies and choruses and loops. Asbury speaks and sing off and on through the track giving the Lord complete praise and singing parts of the original version throughout the song.

To end Let Me See Your Eyes, Asbury redoes his most infamous from his previous co-album with “Where I Belong” and finishes it out with a six-minute intimate worship outro in “Hallelujah” which is a continuation of the intro. “Hallelujah” lyrics also is dubbed straight from the Bible from Revelation 21:4 where it says
He will wipe every tear from their eyes, and there will be no more death or sorrow or crying or pain. All these things are gone forever.

Let Me See Your Eyes definitely sets the stage for Cory Asbury’s career and has brought him to new heights in respect of music ability, diversity, intimacy, and focus to the Lord Jesus Christ. You can purchase Let Me See Your Eyes by clicking on one of the following links.

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