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Sweet Sweet Sound EP [edit]
by Sarah Reeves | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: April 21, 2009

With zealous faith and a love of music beyond her years, Alabama native Sarah Reeves is an artist whose voice seems to break through directly to the heart of each listener. Sarah’s vision and heart to lead listeners in worship no matter the setting is revealed through her fresh, honest, and redemptive sound. With lyrics that are authentic, engaging, and humble, Sarah's music finds a way to reach people exactly where they are at -- either on an intimate level or on a congregational level. Sweet Sweet Sound is Sarah's debut EP.

Track Listing
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01. These Words Of Mine ( Intro )
02. Fresh Anointing
03. Awaken
04. Sweet Sweet Sound
05. Come Save
06. Let Us Rise
07. My Savior

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Sarah Reeves [Sweet Sweet Sound EP] | Posted April 14, 2009
Worship artist Sarah Reeves has joined Sparrow Records and is releasing her debut album ?Sweet Sweet Sound? EP on 4/21/09. She is a nineteen-year-old Alabama native, and was introduced to Sparrow Records by Plumb lead singer Tiffany Lee and her husband Jeremy after hearing Sarah open for Plumb. With zealous faith and a love of music early on, Reeves first exercised her songwriting and vocal abilities as a participant in her church?s fine arts program. Consistently placing first at local as well as regional competitions, Reeves was moved by the receptiveness of young people to her message?one of power and freedom in the Holy Spirit. She has since made it her goal to serve God by leading young people into a lifestyle of worship and adoration to Him.

Sarah co-wrote ?Sweet Sweet Sound? and ?Let Us Rise? with Nashville veteran Ed Cash, who has written hit songs with Chris Tomlin, Bebo Norman, Bethany Dillon and Vicky Beeching. This EP serves as an excellent primer for Sarah?s music and ministry. ?Sweet, Sweet Sound? is a worship-inducing song distinguished by Sarah's sweet vocals which immediately reminded me of Leigh Nash, Ginny Owens and also fellow newcomer Joy Lippard. There is an abandonment in her songs that compels listeners to dive deep into worship with her. All six songs are scripture based with upbeat songs like ?Fresh Anointing? and ?My Savior? and there are yearning prayer songs like the sweetly melancholy piano ballad, ?Come Save?, which is one of my favorite songs on this very solid debut album. As Sarah explains, ?I want this world to know the unconditional love of Jesus. This is a cry of desperation that God would come save our land.?

Great debut album and I liked all of the songs a lot, especially ?Sweet Sweet Sound? and ?Come Save?. I am very impressed by Sarah?s singing and songwriting and find her style to be similar to Bethany Dillon, Vicky Beeching and Ginny Owens.

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LauraCC (256)

Lovely | Posted March 12, 2010
"Come Save" and "Sweet Sweet Sound" are the two best songs on this album. I kind of wish the intro was a longer song. Sarah Reeves has a lovely voice.

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Sounds Average for Sarah Reeves | Posted April 21, 2009
I think Sarah is capable of producing something sounding better than this but that is a personal observation.I can't feel her unique style coming through the songs.She seems to be drifiting towards sounding like everyone else.
Sweet Sweet Sound is a beautiful song but I think her voice sounds artificially strained.She could have sung it without the strain and made it smoother but then she can interpret her song the way she feels it.It still is a beautiful song.
I like the piano base of most of the songs.

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ruthw7 (55)

Sarah Reeves, Sweet Sweet Sound | Posted April 21, 2009
This is a good album. I found myself hanging on every every word waiting for her to sing the next lyrics. Sarah Reeves has a soft soprano and almost angelic voice.

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A Sweet Sweet Sound Indeed! | Posted April 20, 2009
I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised with Sarah Reeves. I recently heard the song "Sweet Sweet Sound" on the radio. I loved the lyrics, but I wasn't sure if I could listen to her entire album. She has a sweet, pop sound, and though I'm more used to acoustic music (Bethany Dillon) and rock (Kutless, Skillet) I have to say, I loved this album.

Both the lyrics and the music were great. I definitely would recommend that you listen to the entire album before deciding whether or not you enjoy her. Like I said, I usually don't enjoy music like this. My favorite songs on this album were "Sweet Sweet Sound" and "Come Save".

It's really hard to find anything wrong with the album. The only thing I was disappointed with was the length of the album; I wish there were at least a few more tracks. :-)
However, that's not going to stop me from buying it ASAP.

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bexpo (1)

Danyew: Self Titled Danyew: Energetic yet full of Tenderness! | Posted April 20, 2009
Wow, Is this young artist talented! His messages are touching and beautiful while his chords are soulful and heartfelt. He starts the album out with energetic rock songs then praises God using interesting lyrics and soft melodic choruses. His music combines the independant sound, the rock beat and the uniqueness of the singer- songwriter spirit. Danyew's sound combines all the spirit and energy of great music but he includes a new ethereal feeling while using Christian messages that are inspiring. The album is fabulous and this artist has a beautiful voice accompanied by energetic beats and heartfelt lyrics yet includes tender harmonies and choruses. Lots of beat and combination of many instruments give Danyew's album an upbeat and poignant feeling. This artist would be successful regardless of its Christian roots. It has great innovative fresh sounds with plenty of vocal and instrumental talent! Listen up and you will have to have this artist's sound to soothe your soul.

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Good Sounds!! | Posted April 21, 2009
My first time to encounter Danyew but I seriously like this guy's music. The variety of sounds is rich and the singing sounds so heartfelt.
I think this is music that everyone should sample.The arrangement is professional and brings a certain sense of familiarity to the music without being too obvious.
I believe I am going to buy this EP.

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Tgirl (1)

Not such a sweet sweet sound | Posted April 14, 2009
Sarah Reeves album sounds like girl folk pop with canned music. The songs all have the same sound and the vocals are a bit too whiny sounding. Too annoying to listen to again.

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