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Let June Decide [edit]
by Reilly | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: October 09, 2007

Reilly's most recent full-length release, Let June Decide captures the band’s musical maturity and showcases their continued ambition to fuse rock with classical violin.

Lyrically, the songs are both artistic and spiritually rich, written from a personal perspective representing both the joys and struggles of faith in God.

Track Listing
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01. Limited Time
02. Dying For Life
03. This Side of Your Life
04. Beautiful You
05. Cry For You
06. June
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07. Sunlight
08. Come To Me
09. Turned Blue
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10. Run
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11. Speak
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12. Redeemed
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jtindie (10)

JTindie.com Review of Let June Decide | Posted October 25, 2009
Artist: Reilly
CD Title: Let June Decide
Style: Indie / Violin Rock
Website: http://www.reillytheband.com
Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0 stars

John Reilly – Vocals/Guitar
Noele Huie – Violin/Vocals
Dan Huie – Violin/Electric Guitar
Matthew Bomberger – Bass/Vocals
Jordan Lenhoff – Drums

1. Limited Time
2. Dying for life
3. This side of your life
4. Beautiful You
5. Cry for you
6. June
7. Sunlight
8. Come to me
9. Turned blue
10. Run
11. Speak
12. Redeemed

I got to see this band play live on the Gallery stage at this year’s Purple Door Music Festival. My Friend Mike said that I was gonna like what I heard, yeah he was right. This quintet (that is five people) fronted by John Reilly has brought out what they call “Violin Rock”. After the concert I hung around until I was sure they would be at their merch table and headed over to talk to them, Picking up both of their CD’s and getting this one signed. While standing in line I got to talk to the members for a short time and I discovered a group of people whose love for the Lord was so obvious and who seemed like such “Good People” that I could have just hung with them for the rest of the day. Enough background, on to the Review of Reilly “Let June Decide”

The Cd starts out solid with “Limited Time” that has that indie guitar sound that I am beginning to get used to. John Reilly’s voice really suits this style of music, while his style of singing is difficult to describe, with pauses where I thought there should be sound and sound where I expected silence, I do find it worth listening to. However you describe it, I can say that it works. From here the CD rolls on through the next 11 songs, making for a great musical trip. With the two (yes TWO) violins playing rock rhythms it is impossible to define their sound as anything but well. Reilly. I will say this about the “Violin Rock” I never felt like the violins were being thrown in as some kind of gimmick. The violins are used to good effect without being over-used. (Just a side note, watching Noele and Dan with dueling Violins at Purple Door is just something to be seen not described. All the members of Reilly are talented Musicians both on the CD and in the Live show (that I strongly suggest you see if you get half a chance)

As much as I like the CD it does have a few negatives, I thought that a couple of the songs weren’t up to the level of the other songs, almost like they were recording one CD then half way through they stopped and started a completely different set of songs. While songs like “Limited Time“, “Sunshine“, “Redeemed“, and “Beautiful You” seem to jump out at me and demand my attention, a couple of the remaining songs seem almost like place holders. Now I am not saying that these other songs aren’t good, what I am saying is that the songs I listed really jump off the CD at me. These songs will, no doubt, be the songs from this CD that I play on my Podcast.

The CD as a whole is very enjoyable and once again I find the open and vocal faith of the band to be a good and refreshing thing. The first line of the First song on the CD makes things pretty clear

“Father, we’ve proved we know not what we do, were spinning round and round wondering what is up and what is down. Ashamed, confused, by twisted things we do, You came to change the ways of this twisted man”

I for one am honest enough to know that these lyrics describe me all to well.

I am giving this CD a solid 4.0 out of 5.0 stars although I will confess that I have to wonder if seeing them perform live has made me enjoy this CD more than I might have if I had never seen them. This group of people has the stage presence to be on the main stage at Purple Door, or anywhere else. I am sure it is only a matter of time before this is a reality.

You can go to their website at Reillytheband.com and order their CD’s as well as getting them from from iTunes

This review has been reprinted on NRT with permission from JTindie.com. Click here to visit JTindie.com today!

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great | Posted January 26, 2010
I love this album. It really speaks to me. It helps me get through any tough days that I may encounter. I really like the violins. They know how to put a great album together.

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