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History [edit]
by Paul Colman | Genre: AC/Inspo | Release Date: January 27, 2009

Among contemporary Christian music’s most dynamic performers, Paul Colman, frontman and founding member of Dove Award-winning, GRAMMY nominated Aussie group Paul Colman Trio, put forth his second Inpop solo offering, History, in 2009. A follow-up to his solo debut on Inpop Records, Let It Go (2005), the album features the best of Paul Colman throughout the years, as well as new remakes of "If I Was Jesus" by Toby Keith and Delirious' "History Maker."

Track Listing
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01. If I Was Jesus
02. History Maker
03. Holding Onto You
04. Turn
05. Run
06. Fill My Cup
07. Gloria (All God's Children)
08. The One Thing
09. Solution
10. Sweet Sweet Song Of Salvation
11. All U Need
12. The Killing Tree
13. I Owe It All

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Paul Colman [History] | Posted January 26, 2009
Paul Colman’s name may not be too familiar however whether you are a long-time fan
like me or this album is the first time you’ve listened to him, you are in for a memorable, familiar and catchy treat. You may have heard Paul’s work with the Newsboys on their last album “Go” where Paul played guitar and most notably co-wrote the hit song “Something Beautiful”.

From the opening notes of “If I Was Jesus”, the debut single and cover of a song originally recorded by Toby Keith, I was immediately hooked by the style and message. The song depicts the nature of Jesus and the chorus stirs you with “I’d lay my life before you, and I’d show you who’s the boss, I’d forgive you and adore you while I was hanging on your cross”.

History continues with a great cover of the song “History Maker” by Delirious?. Then,
the remaining songs are all previously recorded by Paul when he was in the band Paul Colman Trio and his solo release Let It Go from 2002-2005. “Turn” is a timeless anthem of faith regarding how we need to “turn this life around” including the line “who can change your heart, change your motivation?”. “Run” and “Fill My Cup” are also great songs originally from “New Map of the World”. “Holding Onto You”, “Gloria (All God’s Children)” and “The One Thing” are three of the best songs ever by Paul from his solo album in 2005. Those songs are all prayerful, uplifting and very catchy. “Solution”, “Sweet Sweet Song of Salvation” and “All U Need” also showcase Paul’s songwriting and singing talent in the style of his contemporaries Matthew West, Bebo Norman and Brandon Heath.

The album ends with “The Killing Tree” and “I Owe It All” which is one of my favorite
songs on the album. It is a personal prayer to Jesus and vertical worship song with the sincere chorus “I owe it all to You Jesus, I owe it all to You, all my life I lay before You,
I owe it all to You”.

For anyone unfamiliar with these songs, this is a can’t miss adult contemporary and
worship album. The fact that it includes so many previous releases just gives an
opportunity for new fans to experience Paul’s great singing and songwriting. If you like
what you hear on this album, I also recommend “Let Love Grow” and “Pray” from
Paul’s previous albums.

Rating: 9.3 out of 10 (93%, A-)

Review written by: Kevin Davis | Review can also be found here.

This review has been reprinted on NRT with permission from ChristianMusicReview.org. Click here to visit ChristianMusicReview.org today!

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Nathan (188)

Colman's History doesn't go back far enough | Posted January 28, 2009
Although Paul Colman is not a household name his actions surrounding Christian music can be found easily with his work with his band The Paul Colman Trio, his many radio singles including “fill my cup” and “the one thing”, performing with the Newsboys for a few years and most recently putting together his sophomore project History.

While fans might get excited about Colman’s first project since his debut in 2005 (let it go) there is actually little to get excited about for those who are searching for new martial. History contains several of singles and a few covered songs (one belonging to the very reputable Toby Keith). However getting if can you can past Colman’s lack of innovation or have not yet heard the guitarist than it might be worth it to pick up a copy of his pop/light rock/acoustic style of music.

Probably one the best song on the album is pop/rock single “Run” which is a fun version which sounds like a lighter version Five Iron Frenzy’s “Kamikaze” despite some lame bits of music. However the surrounding singles are not nearly as strong musically like the simple “fill my cup”, “the one thing which is a decent but not very complex worship song, and pop tune “turn” which suffers because it’s poorly place electric guitar riffs. Colman’s version of Delirious?’s “History maker” opens with a muffled electric intro that shifts well into upbeat medium rock chorus Which, surprisingly enough, sounds like the News Boys.

The second half of the album sounds like it’s a live performance only the excellent “the killing tree” is live which is probably a good addition to the already strong solemn sounding complex light rock song. However besides another one of Colman’s cover song “sweet song of salvation” little are great songs, though some have good components. “I own it all” has a little worship flair to the solid ending ballad, and while “all U need” is not overpowering Colman puts a solid amount on emotion on the light track.

If you thought that the music went up and down the lyrics share a similar ride, though its high’s doesn’t often reach altitude. Fortunately Colman didn’t write the purely music driven “sweet song of salvation” because it’s lyrics rank lower than a Sunday school song. While Colman was able to take most of the country out of “If I was Jesus” the song is still a little cliché and takes a very nonchalant look into Christ’s life though some of the lyrics are thoughtful (‘I'd have some friends that were poor/I'd run around with the wrong crowd, man I'd never be bored/Then I'd heal me a blind man, get myself crucified’).

Aside from some other lyrically weak songs ("Gloria (All God's Children)" and unrealistic “fill my cup) there are some solid messages though not many are eye opening. “Turn” wonders why it takes tragedy to bring us together, while “solution” calls believers to be a radical like Christ in this world, and “all U need”, which has songwriting on par the very skillful “killing tree” asks good questions (‘Do you believe that we'll live forever/Or will just go back to the dust we're from? /When morality's up for sale/Do you still believe in a right and wrong’).

A best of for a guy who has technically put out one album seems a little absurd but the results are fine—if you can get past the cover tracks among other parts which don’t reflect originality. So for those seeking a pop album with plenty of acoustic and praise and worship side martial will be happy Paul Colman’s history, but those who are already a fan will probably take a hike.

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yay!! | Posted January 23, 2009
i cant wate for tuesday so i can buy this album! i am a big paul colman fan and this cd is great!!!
histroy maker is a new fave of mine =) i strongly reccomend that anyone who has ever liked music lisen to this cd.

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ruthw7 (55)

Paul Colman History | Posted January 22, 2009
I really liked this album and I would like to hear it again. I liked it much better than other new albums that I have listened to. I liked the lyrics of this album and you could understand the words. I think most of the songs were original. I liked these original songs. I didn't even realize who this album was by until after I had completely finished listening to the whole album. I saw Paul Colman several years ago in person and I liked him then. He was one of several Christian persons or groups singing that night and I liked Paul the best of all the persons or groups performing. I am seriously considering buying this album.

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