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Worshiping You [edit]
by Worship Central (Indie) | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: November 04, 2008

Worshiping You is the debut project from Worship Central, featuring Kevin McNeese (founder of NewReleaseTuesday.com) and the Central Assembly Christian Life Center worship team (Boise, Idaho). The album contains some of today's most popular modern worship songs including "For Your Glory," "Everlasting God," "Still," "Hosanna," Yahweh," "Mighty To Save," "Revelation Song," and "Worshiping You." The CD also contains a classic worship medley and original worship songs "Fill Me Now" and "Complete My Life."

You can purchase this album at http://www.boisecentral.org/books.shtml or click here to download at iTunes.

Track Listing
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01. For Your Glory
02. Hosanna
03. Fill Me Now
04. Complete My Life
05. Still
06. Revelation Song
07. Everlasting God
08. Worshiping You
09. Medley
10. Yahweh
11. Mighty To Save
12. Video - Making Of (Not on Album)
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13. He Is

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Nathan (188)

Worship Central | Posted November 09, 2008
(NOTE: the rating has nothing to do with this review)

From the Central Assembly Christian Life Center comes a worship band band known as Worship Central. Their first project, Worshiping You, is a group of covers of popular praise and worships songs with two original tracks. While the worship team sounds all too much like, um, a worship team, Worshiping You occasionally goes a little beyond simple worship tunes.

Nine of the eleven songs are unoriginal and are the songs that get passed around while still being fresh. The album opens with their cover of “For your glory” which is not cutting edge but does pull it’s weight despite some rough vocal blends. “Hosanna” isn’t top notch but the bridge is up lifting, and the same is true with “revelation song” but it has more of an inspirational feel about it. Unfortunately all of the songs have a Church worship team atmosphere that could easily be called cheesy, the worst coming from “everlasting God”.

Still there are some moments where Worship Central sounds decent like “mighty to save”, which could have been slightly more up tempo but still manages to be solid and “still” an impressive display of vocals which fit a ballad that adds some percussion after the first verse. If the quality had been upped more on original song “fill me now”, the light worship tune would have been impressive. “Complete my life” has the same problem but only less so because the song is well rounded out with the emotional melody making it the high point in the album.

The lyrics are straight forward and draw heavily from the Scripture especially “for your glory” (which borrows from Ecclesiastes 3) and “still” (which is fueled from the psalms). The admittance being broken and desperation for God drives “fill me now” (Lord hear me calling, Spirit fall on me/My soul is longing, For more of You’) and “complete my life” follows a similar pattern. Among the radio singles which are lyrically solid there are a couple dangerous songs (particularly worshiping you”) which claim how much we love God (‘I’m gonna worship You forever…I live to worship You, I live to worship You… We’re not ashamed of You’).

Unfortunately none of the unoriginal praise and worship songs can’t elsewhere at a higher quality. However While talking about Worshping You, one of the lead vocals, Kevin McNeese said ‘Keep in mind, we're no Hillsong. We are simply a local church, answering a call to take worship outside of Sunday morning’. Now with that in mind the two new songs are good songs to add to the library and Worship Central's debut a good pick for those who don’t mind soft worship music.

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ruthw7 (55)

Worshiping You by Worship Central | Posted November 06, 2008
I know this was recorded by a church praise team. This recording is better than most church praise teams. The music was not overpowering,so you could hear the lyrics and understand the lyrics. You could feel the groups sincerity all through the album. I was humming along to some of the songs that I knew. The lyrics and melodies were easy to pick up for the songs that I had never heard before.

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