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Crash [edit]
by Decyfer Down | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal | Release Date: May 05, 2009

Decidedly rock with a hard hitting edge, Crash delivers music that is heavyweight but with a melodic sense. At the helm is multi-platinum producer Paul Ebersold. With it's straight ahead lyrics, Crash is an encouragement for today's rock generation.

Track Listing
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01. Crash
02. Desperate
03. Fading
04. Best I Can
05. Ride With Me
06. Wasting Away
07. Over My Head
08. Moving On
09. The Life
10. Forever With You

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A Solid Album | Posted June 05, 2010
It took me awhile but I am won over to Decyfer Down's sound after hearing them on The Awake and Alive Tour with Skillet. Many accuse their sound of not being original enough, and perhaps that's true, but I still think it is overall enjoyable.

The album may suffer lyrically in places like with "Ride With Me" but some efforts like "Best I Can" are commendable.

Sound-wise, there is a lot to love in terms of rock. "Crash," "Desperate," "Fading," "Wasting Away," are all good highlight rock tracks. And the aforementioned "Best I Can," "Moving On," and "Forever With You" work as the album's slower tracks.

"Ride With Me," and "Over My Head" aren't quite as memorable but are still enjoyable rock tracks.

"The Life" is the only song I don't really get into. It isn't bad exactly, it just isn't really memorable when compared to the rest of the album.

All in all, Crash is a solid effort from Decyfer Down. It isn't a contender for the Greatest anything, and it likely won't be remembered as Decyfer Down's best effort assuming they continue to produce more solid music in the years to come, but for what it is, it is good.

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Decyfer Down [Crash] | Posted April 30, 2009
For those wondering what took Decyfer Down three years to release its sophomore CD Crash on INO Records, there were plenty of roadblocks that would?ve sent a lesser band down for the count. In between albums, the hard rock foursome found themselves victims of a freakish van crash that sent its vehicle sliding across several lanes of traffic, sideswiping a guardrail and sending equipment flying in all directions. Outside of a directional refinement, Crash also finds vocalist TJ Harris?formerly of Fighting Instinct fame?stepping up to the microphone for previous leader Caleb Oliver, who was recently married.

Opening song ?Crash? is one my favorite rock songs of the past year, originally recorded with Caleb on the digital ?Crash EP? and re-recorded with TJ on the album release 5/5/09. I like both versions, especially the emotional tie-in to the band?s van crash and the challenges of life. The album continues with ?Desperate?, another great rock song with a great message. ?Fading? is next and is currently a top 10 hit song on the rock chart. My favorite song is next, ?Best I Can?, also originally recorded with Caleb and re-recorded with TJ. The song is a ballad and really reflects my personal desire to live life the best I can for God.

?We believe that we?ve taken it up a notch as far as our songwriting and performance goes on the songs as well. The songs touch on different aspects of our journey as believers, that God has a purpose and plan for your life.? Drummer Josh Oliver

If you like Christian rock bands Disciple, Pillar and Red, you should enjoy this solid rock album by Decyfer Down, especially the songs ?Crash?, ?Fading? and ?Best I Can?, which are my favorites songs on the album.

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The BEST | Posted September 13, 2013
   Fading has to be one of my favourite songs. Fading is a desperate plea to God to save him from his past, everything he has done he realizes that he needds  Savior and God reached down and saves him. Moving on is another song about moving on from past things. And crash is a fight song talking about fighting through everything the devil throws at you and then with Christ at your side coming out alive stronger than before.

All these songs are very spiritual and speak to Christians in many different situations in their walk with Christ. Pick this CD up

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ofytube (159)

Crash | Posted September 02, 2013
You really should buy the debut album Crash by Decyfer Down. These rock worshippers will make you praise with their songs. And you really need to listen to their music. Let's adore Him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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username2 (378)

4/5 | Posted September 08, 2010
In the 3 years since Decyfer Down's debut, The original lead vocalist left. Other then that, nothing else has really changed much music-wise. This isn't really a bad thing though. Actually their sophomore album is quite good even though there really hasn't been that much development in between albums. Crash is another hard rock offering that is really great to listen to even though some of the lyrics and music feel a bit generic at times. again, this album has only 10 songs on it. What is going on here? I don't want 10 songs on an album, I would like to expect 11-13. To me, that is a full-length album. The last negative thing I want to say is that while the songs are quite good to listen to, after the album finishes they really are not all that memorable. Maybe it's because I have heard better albums from similar artists. Other then that, Crash is a really good album that should be listened to by the people.

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One of My Favorites | Posted August 08, 2010
I had first heard Decyfer Down shortly after their first cd End of Grey had been released by hearing "I'll Breathe For You" off of a various artists sampler, I fell in love with the sound and had to get the album. Simply I fell in love with the heavy, pounding sound and clean vocals. They quickly became one of my favorite new bands.

Crash introduces new vocalist TJ Harris, who has some serious pipes. As gifted of a singer as former vocalist Caleb Oliver was, TJ has one extraordinary range. If you loved the first album this one doesn't offer anything too new but the formula is just perfected. They deliver the heavy riffs, pounding drums, and just a solid sound.

There are many solid songs on the album. Over time they have all grown on me and I enjoy the whole record as a whole. But their are some that stand out over the rest. The hit title track, that opens up the album is a great rock track with some great lyrics, "Fading" has a great sound and a good message about addiction, "Best I Can" slows things down but is one of the most powerful moments on the album talking about how we always think we have to be perfect for God but really he just wants us to try the best we can for him, "Ride With Me" is a fun rock song about changing the world for Christ, and "Forever With You" is another great ballad talking about being more like God and spending eternity with him. The other tracks are just as good and really enjoyable rock tracks.

So if you want to enjoy a fun rock album, with some pretty good lyrics, this is an album to look at. I've had it since it came out in the late spring of '09 and still can't put it down.As far as this genre is concerned Decyfer Down is becoming a force to be reckoned with and a band too keep your eye on in the future.

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Crash | Posted June 04, 2010
This is definitely a step up from their debut. Especially with tj harriss taking over on the vocals. I think he is way better than Caleb oliver was. his voice is so different from caleb's, but o love it. My favorite songs are crash, the life, and desperate.

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The Best Crash I Have Ever Seen! | Posted April 22, 2010
With incredibly soaring vocals of the awesome C.J. as well as the rocking guitars, bassist, and thundering drums, this crazy good album touched my heart deeply!One of their best songs that I have ever heard, "Fading", is a desperate call out to God to save ourself from the scum and sin of the world that we are currently stuck in. This song, along with a powerful message, has a great rock beat with a slicing intro to get any hard rock fan on their feet! One of their ballads on their album, "Best I Can", talks about living as close to perfect for God as we can, but knowing we can never live all the way up to Christ. A beautiful piece with heart-wrenching vocals from C.J. Decyfer Down, you guys have done it again! Also, check out their live is mind-blowing. Their show will have how singing in your car for quite a few days!

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Great cd | Posted September 12, 2009
As I did enjoy about half decyfer downs first cd, pretty much all of the son gs on their latest crash album do not disappoint. With the all out rock single Crash, the worshipful forever with you, the darker of their songs wasted away, and of course what I believe to be their best song fading, and much more decyfer down pulls off an album with a good variation of music. I will defiantly keep my eye on their music.

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LauraCC (257)

A mix of different genres | Posted September 09, 2009
Crash has hard rock, soft rock, and even a worshipful song. It's amazing how versatile this CD is. I liked "Fading" (radio didn't spoil it for me) "Best I Can" and "Forever With You" the best. A great CD! (got it free from Air-1 Insider points)

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veritas (15)

Decyfer Down - Crash | Posted September 04, 2009
Ah, the classic sophomore slump. In this case, aided by (but not necessarily due to) a lead vocalist change up.

Crash is one of the better songs on the record, ruined only by the repeating of "Feel the pressure / Let it go" at the beginning and the end. Desperate has TJ annoyingly whine "I desperately want You / I desperately need You" in a style that does not fit his vocals well at all.

I think Fading gives you an idea of what Crash (album, not song) should have sounded like all the way through. The lyrics are solid, the verses sound more like Decyfer Down's first album, while the chorus stretches their sound into new territory. It is not their best sound, but it is something new that they genuinely sound sort of good at. I wish I could say the same for the rest of the album.

The best track on the album, from a musical standpoint only, is Ride With Me, but the lyrics break down into ridiculous cliches without any real meaning... quite a disappointment as they are strong in other songs on the record. "If you're sick and tired of all you've swallowed / Ride with me and never look back is just not doing it for me.

Caleb's vocals did not sound good on songs like Burn Back the Sun and No Longer, and TJ's vocals do not sound good on songs like Desperate and Wasting Away here. TJ's vocals simply are not strong enough to carry the slower songs like Best I Can or Moving On.

I liked Decyfer Down as a band turning out rock songs that sounded decent, if a bit generic. I really do not think they did well in the areas where they attempted to reach for new sounds, and the majority of Crash slips further into the murky depths of bland.

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I love these guys! | Posted August 30, 2009
Great CD! Heard them for the very first time at a Skillet concert and they rocked! The best songs on the CD are Crash, Fading, Ride With Me, and Desperate!

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