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Where's Our Revolution: Deluxe Edition [edit]
by Matt Brouwer | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: August 25, 2009

Vince Gill, Amy Grant, and Michael Omartian partner with Canadian singer/songwriter Matt Brouwer on his third album, Where's Our Revolution, and single “The Other Side.” The album draws inspiration from Matt’s deep well of experiences, and has become his most ambitious and fully realized project to date.

Where's Our Revolution is produced by Grammy-winning music legend Michael Omartian. The album is a pop/rock triumph that just may catapult Brouwer into the pop music fray, but it's the emerging fearlessness in Brouwer's writing that may be the record's biggest achievement. There are twelve songs that make up the project (with three bonus songs included in the Deluxe Edition), which are sensitive and compelling both musically and lyrically. The marriage of Brouwer’s writing and vision, paired-up with Michael Omartian’s arrangements and production, has created a work that is both artistic and commercial.

Track Listing
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01. Come Back Around
02. Beautiful Now
03. Where's Our Revolution
04. Running To Begin
05. Writing To Remember
06. All I Really Want
07. Sometimes
08. Please Say
09. The Other Side (feat. Vince Gill & Amy Grant)
10. All The Way
11. A Love That Saves Me
12. Good Night's Sleep
13. I Shall Believe
14. Writing To Remember (Live Acoustic)
15. All I Really Want (Live Acoustic)

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The new album from Matt Brouwer is different from his 2001 major label debut, Imagerical (Reunion), a pop/rock worship album. It even shows a slight departure from his last full-length indie project, the alt/rock/country Unlearning. But even where previous efforts led Brouwer in different directions, it sounds as if those roads led more or less to Where’s Our Revolution, a collection of pop/rock songs with some Texas/country flavor, masterminded by awar d-winning producer Michael Omartian (4HIM, Vince Gill).

Highlights include the melancholy opener “Come Back Around,” the exultant “Beautiful Now” and addictive pop tunes “Sometimes” and “Please Say.” Guest vocals by Amy Grant and Vince Gill on “The Other Side” add comforting tones to a song of sad but hopeful loss. Brouwer poses questions of consequence, acceptance and faith in community in the title track and “Running to Begin.” After all the roads traveled, Brouwer thinks fondly of home in “Writing to Remember.”

Brouwer hasn’t simply reinvented himself. Instead, it seems he has tapped into the songwriter within. This is Brouwer’s best work to date. The songs have greater depth and wider scope. Where’s Our Revolution is an album of pop hits and spiritual moments, musings of home and longings for relationship. These songs are filled with daring hope, brilliant dreams and tender love. –Jackie A. Chapman

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Nathan (188)

Brouwer’s "sleep" is a little restless | Posted September 08, 2008
Canadian native Matt Brouwer’s newest album is projected as an album which is insightful and lyrically compelling. Early praise is cheap but one whiff of the title track of Where is our Revolution, Brouwers’ third CD, and it’s apparent that the praise for that track at least is not far off the mark.

Most adult contemporary are very dependant of their song writing abilities to carry the album since their music is generally simple; the most popular adult contemporary artists thrive on skillful music to go along with their lyrics like Mat Kearny, Brandon Heath, and new artist Jon Forman. Dispute a slow start with “come back around” Brouwer quickly drives interest with the light pop “beautiful now” and “Where is our revolution”. The title track starts with an acoustic guitar but when it hits the chorus it turns into an original quirky pop rock song with a very impressive tune. When it comes to ballads “running to begin” to among the most emotional piano based songs that is around, as emotion flourishes with a southern hint to the music.

But not all the ballads shine, as many fall into just one of the twelve tracks on the CD like “all the way”, “a good nights sleep”, and the unflattering “please say”. Fans’ wondering what Amy Grant is doing with her time these days will see her again on “The other side” in back up vocals with Vince Gill in the southern style ballad. “Writing to Remember (The North Horizon)’s” acoustic pop manages not to be dull with a more up beat refrain, and “a love that saves me” is energetic enough to keep listeners interested in a series of songs which are boring.

The album starts out poorly in terms of lyrical depth with a simple “come back around” (even though the song does say: ‘When your heroes have all let you down/And you find that your faith is unsound/Come to me dear, with your broken heart’) but as the entire album finishes spinning the song will one of the few pieces that indicate spirituality. A man searching for his salvation finds it in God and “all the way” (T’here’s a dark cloud over every step I take/Like a sickness that the body just can’t shake…I can’t make it on my own/Come and save me’) and “all I really want” suggests God.

After that the album stands on shaky ground because the focus is so fixed on girl/guy relationships it’s difficult to fully appreciate the great song “where is our revolution” which just stresses the need for a revolution in our nation (it claims: ‘Waiting for a solution that gets/Farther off everyday/The only thing I know is we’ll never make it alone’, but it doesn’t name whether it’s a spiritual revolution), and the thoughtful “sometimes”, but does it ponder eternity or what life could be like(‘Sometimes there can be so much more beyond what we see/Sometimes I’m amazed how we see the world in different ways’)? “A love that saves me” doesn’t even talk about what does save us but about a girl and “please say” is pretty pathetic when it comes to that same subject.

Song writing is pretty good on “running just to begin” but it’s depressing and it includes a mild profanity and it’s disappointing to see “The other side” dwell on spiritual matters for a the wrong reasons as it’s about a man who has lost his significant other and hopes that heaven is real so he can see her again (‘When all I really want is to believe/Is there a place on the other side’). Songs that run the edge of God and girl/guy clichés include “all I really want” and “Writing to Remember (The North Horizon)”.

Where is our Revolution will be pleasing to fans of the genre and songs like the title track and “running just to begin” will attract fans of good hard core adult contemporary and acoustic pop. The real issue is the lyrics God is there but so many relationship songs without His appearance is disturbing. Which side though tips the balance though? A tough question because Matt Brouwer doesn’t answer that so look to the final track for the conclusion.

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A good collection of songs | Posted September 08, 2008
I picked up Matt's debut 'Imagerical' five years ago, and to this day have been in love with that album. When Matt later released his independent project 'Unlearning', I was at first disappointed with the change in direction. He had gone from pop/rock to alt country, and it took a while for me to appreciate the album and realise its depth. With 'Where's Our Revolution', Matt in a way continues the country/folk vibe, but this time adds just the right amount of pop/rock to make a standout record. Half of the tracklist feels quite radio friendly, while the other half is a little more laid back, but the mix of the two feels right. Michael Omartian has done a great job producing, his arrangements and piano playing make the album feel original and classic. The sound is tight and well layered, while Matt's songwriting is as strong as it's ever been. Standout tracks for me are 'Beautiful Now', 'Running To Begin' and 'All I Really Want'.

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Whatever...this is a great record!! | Posted September 04, 2008
I'm curious about the reviews on here that are anything less than glowing for this CD. With all the 'Jesus Pandering' junk that CCM is putting out these days, this CD rises above the fray and is intelligent and thoughtful. As for originality did you hear the title track?? 'Nuff said.

The people that have taken the time to write something negative about this album (which easily ranks in the top 20% of current CCM both lyrically and musically) and picks apart an indie artist who from what I've read has lived out of his car in order to continue pursuing his calling to make music in the toughest of financial environments, need to take a serious break from the internet and try and create something themselves and see how easy it is. Not every album has to be "revolver" by the Beatles...

Everyone's a critic, but I challenge you to find another Christian artist willing to tackle abortion, and teen pregnancy like Matt did in "Running To Begin" without dishing out the easy answers.

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Nice But Bland | Posted August 29, 2008
I don't know if this is the fault of the artist or the management/production team. It seems like so many records these days sound formulaic, homogeneous and lack a unique spark.
Matt Brouwer's lyrics are good. The musicianship on the album is good. Matt's voice is very good.
However, this adds up to a mostly forgettable record. I would have to make myself listen many times before any of the songs stuck in my head. I know that some people are going to vehemently disagree. However, I'm more of a music guy than a lyrics guy, so if the music is boring, I have trouble paying enough attention to let the lyrics sink in.
The instrumentation and arrangements on this release all sound like stuff I've heard a thousand times before.
I don't mean to rag on this guy. I think I'd like to hear him live to see if he breaks out of the "Well, the producer says this is what gets played on Christian radio" mold. Maybe I should listen a few more times and come back with a review of the lyrics. This guy is young, and I do think he's worth keeping an eye on - maybe he'll develop a personal, identifiable style. I hope he does.

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ruthw7 (55)

Where's Our Revolution | Posted August 28, 2008
This is a good album and the lyrics were very clear. I can feel Matt Brouwer's sincerity all through this album. I think this album would be even better if it had been done with a total of 3 or 4 people.

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Brouwer | Posted August 28, 2008
Matt Brouwer crams huge ideas into accessible lyrics and if your heart still isn't engaged he grabs you with the raw emotion of his transparent voice. He's that unvarnished friend that you feel can always relate to you while still giving you the truth you need.

And then...his music just downright rocks. I can't wait for a live show!

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