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This Is Our God [edit]
by Hillsong Worship | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: August 05, 2008

On the evening of Sunday, March 9th 2008, thousands of worshippers gathered to fill the Acer Arena in Sydney as Hillsong Church recorded their latest live worship album. The night was riveting, as the stadium filled with thousands of voices, eyes raised heavenward, and created an expectancy that welcomed the very presence of God.

"We come together and we say, 'This is who we are, God. We need You, we love You, and we're going to give everything to You'. It's actually about the church coming together and singing with One Voice, One Passion, One Heart, giving all our praise to God," Joel Houston, Hillsong Creative Director, said.

A number of new songwriters, worship leaders and musicians joined Reuben Morgan, Joel Houston, Darlene Zschech and Marty Sampson on the platform, capturing the sound of a new generation, and entering into a new season of worship and song.

Track Listing
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01. Your Name High
02. Run
03. Across The Earth
04. This Is Our God
05. He Is Lord
06. High And Lifted Up
07. Stronger
08. Healer
09. You Are Here
10. You Deserve
11. Alive In You
12. Desert Song
13. Sing To The Lord
14. Where We Belong
15. You'll Come
16. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
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17. With Everything

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This Is Our God | Posted September 12, 2008
The most breathtaking moment on Hillsong's 17th live recoding is the final few seconds of the album. If you were there at the Acer Arena in Sydney, Australia, you would have seen the worship team leave the stage with only the name of Jesus displayed on the screen. Then you would have kept singing for two minutes in spontaneous praise. The final track "Everything" is a slow burning, yet explosive, worship anthem that closes with that unprompted worship moment caught for us to share. This is Hillsong. this is what they are about and why their music has touched millions around the globe. Passion isn't a name for them; it's their entity.

So yes, 17 releases, why do you need another one? The answer is that Hillsong leads the charge in everything creatively and musically related to music in the devotional arts. And yes, This Is Our God is in every way equal or better than all their previous work. Plus on this release the proverbial leadership torch has been passed from Darlene Zschech to Reuben Morgan and Joel Houston. The musicality may intimidate the kid-and-a-guitar leaders among us, but it will inspire them to higher musical excellence: you need to sit and work with these songs.

The choice to go live is not exactly one you can complain about, because what's the point? That's how the Aussies roll. So love it or hate it, you get slightly washed out mixes. But that is also the basis of their strength. You can tell there was very little post-recording and the integrity of the night has remained intact.

As far as songs for your service of worship, it is tough to pick a couple. Every one is spot on for passionate calls to praise, but here are the ones that are undoubtedly worth your attention: "Your Name High," "This Is Our God," "With Everything," and the simple yet striking in its lyric power, "You Are Here." When the thousands of voices gathered to proclaim these words "The same power that conquered the grave / lives in me. And your love that rescued the earth / lives in me," the earth must have stood still for a moment.

This review has been reprinted on NRT with permission from Worship Leader Magazine. Click here to visit today!

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:) | Posted July 18, 2012
 This album is awesome because it has wonderful worship songs. I love it because theres one of my favourite worship song "This is our God" .  I really love Hillsong and this album is really a blessing. 

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dcal3 (1)

Best Worship Album Yet! | Posted August 25, 2009
This cd is packed full of of powerful praise and worship songs. Hillsong's dedication and love for God shows through in each and every song. While the album is typical of the Hillsong style, the songs are perfect for praise and worship teams to make their own.

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Amazing | Posted August 17, 2009
Loved every song off the album. I can play this on loop and worship to it for hours. It has inspired me to press on deeper and to praise with all of my heart. Thank you for putting out such an amzing album and for folllowing Gods Voice.

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this is good music | Posted August 05, 2009
This album has brought a new sound to Hillsong music. The LIVE album has seen a new degree of passionate worship. The album does not focus on the peppie-praise songs which are glorified in their previous albums. This album however focuses on deep worship and as seen on the DVD, this night of worship ended with no one on the stage except Jesus.

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Hillsong Music is called for the purpose to sing to the whole world to glorify Jesus Christ, Our Lord, Our God | Posted June 02, 2009
Absolutely fantastic, you can "see" that every song is birthed through hours of prayers, drawing inspirations from God, the words in the songs can only come through constant embracing on God's Words, His amazing Love, His Truth. No worldly music can ever give a person that sense of joy and peace and freedom that bubbles from within our hearts. Hillsong Music is simply fulfilling their call, anointed, blessed and resting in the abundance of blessings and favors of God, trusting God to provide for all things. And the whole world is witnessing this fresh revelation of God's Son, Jesus Christ who really came and took all of our place through a divine exchange to redeem us and reconcile us with Father God. All of the things are happening now across the earth is already solid evidences of Jesus' Words and all of these things must come to pass. So much for all of us to do in spreading the Good News, and really the Best News to all mankind. God bless Hillsong and all of its Ministry teams in preaching and singing the Good News throughout the world. The world is hungry for the Light, let us be the Light to the world.

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good | Posted October 07, 2008
i love hillsong music! it is vibrant, passionate, beautiful, and glorifying to God. each song is unique and well written.... Great cd and i am excited for more !!!!!!!!!

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A GREAT worship Album! | Posted September 08, 2008
If ever i had heard and innovative new take on worship it would be hillsong's new album, "This is Our God". From the powerful opener "Your name High", to the more worshipful tunes "This is Our God" and "Where We Belong", this album has brought Hillsong to a whole new level in worship, if even I thought that was possible! (cuz they's awesome already!) But with all that said i believe the final song "With Everything" is probably one of their best songs, I know that's bold to say considering they have hundreds or even thousands of songs to their credit, i cannot imagine the cd ending another way and hearing the song live was even more powerful, yes "This is our God" is an awesome cd and a great offering to worship leaders for use in their services to really seek after the heart of God.

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