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All the Time in the World [edit]
by Jump5 | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: August 13, 2002

The infectious pop music of Jump5 has attracted a young and enthusiastic audience from far and wide. On their new studio recording, All The Time In The World, Libby, Lesley, Brittany, Brandon and Chris continue to keep pop music fans jumping with their exciting and energetic sound.

Track Listing
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01. All I Can Do
02. Throw Your Hands Up
03. Summer Song
04. Joyride
05. Angel in My Heart
06. Put Me in the Picture
07. Forever in My Heart
08. Diamond
09. Throw Your Hands Up [remix]
10. Joyride [remix]
11. All I Can Do [remix]

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Abi_Jo18 (18)

All The Time In the World Album | Posted July 30, 2013
This Album from Jump5 is AWESOME!! This was the second album I got and I  fell in love with it of course!! My favorite song on this album would have to be All I Can Do! I love dancing to this song! Jump5 never fails to disappoint me! Get this album yall!! :)

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Jump5's All the Time in the World Album | Posted January 14, 2013

When I first heard "All I Can Do" all I wanted to do was get up and dance to it. And then there were a couple of other songs that have pretty good beats that just make a person want to get up and dance. Some of my Favorite from the All the Time in the World Album are as follows:

Throw Your Hands Up, Summer Song & Put Me in the Picture.


Jump5 always has songs that appeal to both guys and girls, but there are a few songs like Diamond, that give girls confidence to believe in themselves and for them to know that they are diamonds in the rough. And that they are worth more than anything according to God and His Word.


Overall Jump5 has always, to the best of their ability tried to reach out to everyone in the age groups of 7-18.

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still rockin | Posted July 30, 2009
The jump 5 is an amazing group!!!!
they never get old.......Their music is great for everyone...all ages......i especially love their album all the time in the world. it's amazing and fun!!!!!!

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Oldies | Posted March 02, 2009
I do have to say, I liked Jump5 back when they first started singing and such. I was like 10. Now that I'm 15 and deciding what God wants for me, I'm kind-of drawn away from that music. It's too hip-hoppy for me. However, I DID pop in one of their CD's the other day, and it just so happened to be "All the Time in the World." Then I realized how much I missed the old times when I danced to Jump5 on my front porch with my friends. It brings back amazing memories that I will never ever forget.

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better | Posted October 08, 2008
better than the first one ! i liked more than 3 songs on this disc...... good sign...... lol ..they are getting better. good job.. keep it up !!!!!!!~~~

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LauraCC (257)

I still love this music | Posted October 01, 2008
Jump5 will always be one of my favorite groups. They have so much energy and obviously love what they're doing. (Although don't get me started on a youtube video I saw on deezer with them singing "I surrender all" in concert. Eyuk. Plus their music videos have almost nothing to do with the song. Even just a plain one with them in concert as an MV would be better.)

Anyhoo, on with the song-by-song review!!

All I Can Do: Although two lines leave you with the impression that the person is complaining slightly("and it's all I can do/not to think about you") very catchy.

Throw Your Hands Up: STOP USING THE BAND NAME IN THE LYRICS!!!!! Alive and great to dance to.

Summer Song : Not much about God here. Just beach fun and parties

Joyride : Again, doesn't call God by name but still manages to get the point across.

Angel in My Heart :One of those "Wind beneath my wings" thank you songs. Pretty obviously God. Slow and thoughtful

Put Me in the Picture: Infectious and peppy. I love the metaphors in this one.

Forever in My Heart: The second "In my heart" song. Clearly about Jesus (You came to save me from myself/You took the blame (shame)/You love me like nobody else...)
Diamond : Good self-esteem God-loves-you song for girls. Very inspiring
Throw Your Hands Up [remix] : As good as the original
Joyride [remix]: better than the original
All I Can Do [remix] : Original was better.

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haha | Posted July 11, 2008
wow. i thought this cd was great when i was like 8 but me and my friend dug it out of all those old cds and attempted to listen to it. it ended up being kind of funny. but i guess its better than having little kids listening to that than like 50 cent or something.

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not a big fan... | Posted June 07, 2008
This cd is ok I guess. It's the only Jump5 cd i own and I have to say I'm not a huge fan. I kinda have a problem with bands that have songs that you never know if they are talking about God or their boyfriend/girlfriend and a lot of their songs are that way. Their music is ok for a change... not my number one choice but its not that bad.

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uhm | Posted January 23, 2008
i do NOT AT ALL mean to be rude or mean or anything, or picky or crazy or w/e but the Remix for TUHU(Throw Your Hands Up) there's no "D" in "Hands..."

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