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downhere [edit]
by Downhere | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: October 16, 2001

These Canadian pop-rockers bring their award winning poetic praise stateside. Led with vocals reminiscent of Kevin Max, Bono and The Replacements, downhere's debut includes the first single "Larger Than Life" as well as "Calmer In The Storm" and "From Protest To Praise".

This is Downhere's first album release with Word Records.

Track Listing
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01. Larger Than Life
02. Free Me Up
03. Reconcile
04. Raincoat
05. Great Are You
06. Calmer of the Storm
07. Making Me
08. Protest to Praise
09. Breathing In
10. So Blue
11. All the Reasons Why
12. [Hidden Track: "Rockstars Need Money"]

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Downhere's National Debut is Amazing | Posted May 16, 2010
Downhere first entered the national scene in 2001 with their self-titled national debut. Little did we know at the time the great music the band would make in their later years. But this release isn't by any means bad at all. It's actually quite AMAZING, just not as amazing as their later work.

The album opens up with the catchy rocker "Larger Than Life" which is followed up nicely by "Free Me Up." "Protest To Praise" also offers more great rock later in the album.

"Raincoat" and it's catchy harmonica is bound to remind you of something from decades past, but it's good.

Jason Germain is much more prominent on this album than in subsequent albums. With calming gems like "Great Are You" or "Calmer of the Storm" in addition to some upbeat light rockers "Making Me" and "Breathing In," he provides some great tracks for this album.

Marc and Jason's vocals are so different yet blend together so nicely.

The final track is a hidden track called "Rockstars Need Money," which has become pretty famous from the band, and is still popular with their fans. It is a song that every band could relate to. It's a funny song but well done.

Ultimately, there is a lot to love about Downhere's debut. Listening to this isn't just some nostalgic "let's see what they sounded like back then" type of thing you do with many other bands. Sure, they sound a little different now than they did here, but you aren't just listening to this to see the band in their early years. This still is really darn good music and well worth listening to even if it was the only thing the band ever did(which it thankfully was not). So if you like Downhere, or CCM music in general(in which case, why aren't you Downhere's biggest fan already?), track this down and enjoy the musical greatness it contains.

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A Sweet Intro | Posted June 29, 2012

Over the past 13 years, the Canadian band Downhere has consistently produced good music. This first official album, released in 2001 (discounting the first independent album released in 1999) is different than their latest stuff.

While good, this album shows the band's tentative first wadings into the world of CCM. As evidenced by their winning of the 2002 Covenant award for Rock Album of the year, their entry was well-recieved.

With everything from smooth and contemplative songs (Larger than Life, Great Are You, Calmer of the Storm, Breathing In, So Blue, All The Reasons Why) to hand-clapping toe-tapping peppy songs (Free Me Up, Reconcile, Raincoat, Making Me, From Protest to Praise) and ending with a tongue-in-cheek little number (Rockstars Need Money), this album is a definite winner.

Personally, I give it four out of five, because I prefer their newer music. But if you don't have this in your musical arsenal, you need to get it! It's pretty legit :)

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