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Here We Go Again [edit]
by pureNRG | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: April 29, 2008

Carolyne, Jordan and Caroline of pureNRG catapulted to success with their self-titled debut album in 2007, claiming the title of the top-selling act at Christian retail. Touring with Jump5 and Winter Jam only solidified their place as the newest tween sensation! Here We Go Again, their follow up CD, stays true to the fun and upbeat sound kids know and love, and even more candidly shares their faith in God. With songs like "Call on Jesus," "That's What Friends Are For," and "Ain't No Mountain High EnougH," parents will be thrilled to hear their child sing along...and they might be caught doing the same! The energetic twelve track CD is the perfect soundtrack for young kids, tweens and adults alike!

Track Listing
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01. Here We Go Again
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02. Any Wich Way
03. Like
04. Ain't No Mountain High Enough
05. Call On Jesus
06. Girls Can Change The World
07. Get Up
08. BFF
09. Inside Out
10. That's What Friends Are For
11. Are You Ready
12. More
13. Behind-the-Scenes DVD [Family Christian Exclusive]

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POSITIVE POWER POP | Posted September 24, 2008
Here We Go Again, the sophomore project from tween group pureNRG is infectious. Whether young or old, it’s hard for a listener not to start singing along to this CD. Following in the success of groups like Jump5, Miley Cyrus and The Jonas Brothers, pureNRG takes positive power pop to a young audience.

The songs on Here We Go Again are essentially well done. Like their debut project did with “Footloose” and “Thy Word,” Here We Go Again relies on adult-friendly songs “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” “That’s What Friends Are For,” “More” and “Call On Jesus” to bring older songs to a new audience and to give parents something familiar to listen to with their children.

“Girls Can Change The World” is a surprisingly socially-aware song of how girls can tear each other apart with drama and back-biting. It successfully encourages girls to work together to make a positive impact on the world. The teens in pureNRG are effectively using their platform to motivate their peers to love and not act just as the world does. The song “Get Up” also serves to inspire teens to move in love and not sit in apathy.

Here We Go Again brings enhanced maturity from members Jordan, Carolyne and Caroline. The only drawback is that four of the 12 songs are covers. Fortunately, pureNRG’s rendition of each cover is distinctly different than the original. However, it would be nice to see more original songs on a future project. -Lindsay Scranton

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PureNRG [Here We Go Again] | Posted September 24, 2008
[Main Review]

I have to admit when I first listened to PureNRG’s new album, Here We Go Again, I was thinking to myself… “Don’t I hear enough of this kid-pop while my daughter watches the Disney Channel?” Well, no more then a few songs into the disc I realized these kids may sound similar to the music heard on Disney Channel shows like Hannah Montana, High School Musical and Wizards of Waverly Place, but the message of the album was the big difference.

While the music of High School Musical and Hannah Montana come across as positive and fun for kids, PureNRG steps it up and brings the message of Jesus in their album full of not only positive and encouraging tracks, but songs that will be sure to get your house bouncin' and pumped up and I don’t mean just the kids either!

The writing process of this album review started out a little different then most that I write. Normally I listen to an album through a few times before sitting down to write the review, you know to familiarize myself with the artists, their music and the message. No, this time I handed the CD to my eight and half year old daughter, Mariah. I said, “I want you to take this CD into your room and listen to it and let me know what you think”. No more then ten minutes later, I heard her in her room singing along with some of the songs. “What do you think Mariah?” I asked her. “This CD is my new favorite CD dad! You know I like Hannah Montana and stuff, but she doesn’t sing about Jesus. She says she is a Christian, but I don’t ever hear her sing about God”

This really made me feel good. You know there is a lot of ‘so-called’ kids’ music out there, but what is it teaching our children? Absolutely nothing. PureNRG seems to pick up where Jump 5 left off with their Hello/Goodbye CD. A few songs that caught my ear (and that I even found myself singing along to) were the group’s cover of the 1967 Marvin Gaye/Tammi Terrell duet, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”. I really enjoyed PureNRG’s cover of the song. I immediately thought of the bus scene in the Denzel Washington film, Remember the Titans, when the players started singing it on the bus on the way to Gettysburg.

Another song I really enjoyed and really like because of its positive and uplifting message was the group’s cover of Nicole C. Mullen’s “Call On Jesus”. “I was really nervous doing it because I really love singing that song and I love Nicole C. Mullen,” says Carolyne Myers. “The producer and I would pray before every pass while recording it in the studio.” The other big cover on the album was Matthew West’s “More”. I absolutely loved that song, it reminds us of Christ’s love for us and willingness to do what He needed to do in order to atone for and defeat our sins once and for all.

With a few covers on the CD, there are some originals that I think the ‘younger’ fans will find exciting to listen to. Particularly in the ‘chick tracks’ (as I call them) like “Girls Can Change the World” and “BFF (Best Friends Forever). I was surprised at how much I actually enjoyed listening to the album. I am not afraid to admit, I would consider myself a fan of PureNRG!  I think that the group’s focus is where it needs to be, and that’s on going out and showing people who their Savior is and what He’s about.

I actually had taken my wife Shannon and daughter Mariah to Winter Jam 2008 earlier this year and got the opportunity to see PureNRG perform and even got to meet them backstage after their performance. My daughter Mariah was excited to meet them, but at the same time was too shy to even say anything to them at first. It was cool seeing how they interacted with my daughter, you know how humble they came across and the time they took to talk with her. It made her day.

All in all Here We Go Again was an enjoyable album to listen to with a message that today’s kids need. Jesus. Christ should be the center point of their lives. You know as Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” (KJV). These kids are our future (just as the song says) and we need to encourage them to be grounded in their faith. It’s okay to have fun, but in the way that is still honoring to God and found in the center if His will.

If you are looking for an album for your kids that has some great music, this albums a good choice. If you are looking for an album that your kids will enjoy and has a great message, then this is definitely one to pick up. I thoroughly enjoyed it as did my daughter and I think once your kids take a listen, they will too. Look also for PureNRG’s next DVD to hit store shelves later this year.

Rating: 9.1 out of 10 (91%, A-)

Review written by: Jay Heilman

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Here We Go Again | Posted September 12, 2008
If there was any question, the group's name is fitting. Carolyne, Jordan and Caroline, all teenagers dedicated to spreading the good news, have churned out an infectious sophomore release that is sure to take Radio Disney by storm. The songs are instantly sing-along-able, relevant to the (pre-) teen groups with references to Miley Cyrus and using abbrevs on "BFF." Right out of the gate, this young ensemble bombards you with power chords and effervescent vocals on "Here We Go Again." Their newest project highlights pureNRG, right down to the last synth pump and kick drum. The wholesome pop group covers classics like "Footloose" (heard on their previous album) and "Aint No Mountain High Enough" (perhaps the best track on Here We Go Again). This trio is the perfect tween alternative to secular pop sensations, with their glorifying lyrics and positive message. A kicking sophomore release for pureNRG.

This review has been reprinted on NRT with permission from Worship Leader Magazine. Click here to visit today!

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great | Posted January 26, 2010
I think that this a great album. My sister loves these guys. I think that they are going to be the next big thing in christian music. Every one is gonna be wanting to get this album. It is energetic and has great harmonies.

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LampaFan (179)

Another Winner! | Posted June 09, 2009
I was soooooooooooooooo excited about this new CD, you have nooooooo idea!

The title track is a fresh, pop track led by crunchy guitars and peppy vocals. The songs takes me back to their debut and is just wonderful.

"Any Which Way" is a laidback, worship tune reminiscent of "One Word" from their debut. "Like" is a cheesy, cliched song with really no meaning. I mean seriously I love Miley Cyrus and Kelly Clarkson, but do their names really need to be mentioned? I also didn't like the musical production of the song. It goes from like a hip-hop track on the verses to a blazing guitar-driven pop song in the chorus, so it feels very disjointed and annoying.

"Ain't No Mountain High Enough" is a good remake of the dance classic. At times it sound a little like Kidz Bop, but oh well.

"Call On Jesus" is absolutely perfect!!!! Man can Carolyne hit those notes. Better than the original! The emotion in the song is just stunning!

"Girls Can Change the World" is another annoying song about how chicks can do anything and personally it's really stupid. And I'm not trying to be sexist or anything. I mean if, some guy came out and made a song called "Guys Can Change the World", yeah it'd be even worse. Please pureNRG keep these songs OFF YOUR ALBUMS!

"Get Up" is a great, urban dance track.
"BFF" is classic pop.
"Inside Out" is a great mix of crunchy guitars and snappy programming.
"That's What Friends Are For" is a beautiful, tender ballad that is just great.
"Are You Ready" is an amazing dance track!

The closing track "More" is another great remake.

Overall, it's not quite as good as their debut, but pureNRG is still one of my all time faves!

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Is this positive. YES!!!!!!!!!!!! | Posted June 06, 2009

One year ago, pureNRG made their debut. Now, with the release of their 2nd album, pureNRG is once again giving their young fanbase more music. A lot has happened to this group since 2007, including there highly successful Winter Jam Tour. pureNRG also gained traction on Radio Disney with "Footloose," helping to introduce themselves to a bigger audience.

Despite their busy schedule, pureNRG found time to to record all new tracks for this album. Looking back on their last project, the trio recorded several remakes and continues the trend on Here We Go Again. Including, "Call on Jesus,", "Ain't No Mountain High Enough", and "More." "Girls Can Change the World" puts down spreading rumors and instead suggests spreading Christ's love - a message that anyone, a girl or not, should take to heart. "Inside Out" asks God for a heart ready to live unashamed for Him, and "BFF" and "That's What Friends Are For" thank God for friendship. Their style, both musically and lyrically, has not changed much since pureNRG, which is definitely a good thing. The group continuously praises God in every song, and never backs down in their effort to get their message across clearly to their listeners. "Get Up," the closing track, proves to be the standout, with a message that encourages putting aside our troubles and worries in order to spread Christ's love.

It's impossible to criticize this record. pureNRG has another perfect album aimed directly at the tweens. Parents and kids alike will be pleased once again. And pureNRG's future looks extremely bright as well - they're young, talented, and have a strong love for Christ. That combination could take them anywhere.

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GuiRi (33)

I Love It | Posted November 18, 2008
PureNRG is AWESOME and I Love this new record!!Is very upbeat and my favorites songs are Here We Go Again, Like (This track have an amazing energy) and Call on Jesus.

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Mitzy (107)

LOVE IT!!! | Posted September 24, 2008
I just got it and i cant stop listening to it....i love this cd...they are an amazing band and they made a great ablum....yeah!!!!!im happy that i had the money to get the cd because I have been wanting to get it!!

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pretty good | Posted September 09, 2008
this cd is pretty good overall. but some of the songs are really dumb... sorry, but ,, some of them are kinda weird. I like the worship songs though ! Good job!!

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skybo90 (174)

truthfully | Posted May 25, 2008
well somebody's gotta be just straight up and honest here...PureNRG is the biggest waste of money ever. its pretty much just high school musical...IN A BAND!!! this cd is definitely not worth the money.

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