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End Of Grey [edit]
by Decyfer Down | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal | Release Date: June 06, 2006

End of Grey, the debut from melodic hard rockers "Decyfer Down," is a sonic stew of anthem-sized songs packed with ringing guitars that melt and morph into vicious riffs. Filled with searching and waiting, honesty and hope, End of Grey is an explosive album for those who like their music hard and the message solid.

Track Listing
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01. Break Free
02. Life Again
03. Fight Like This
04. Burn Back the Sun
05. I'll Breathe For You
06. Walking Dead
07. Here To You
08. Never Lost
09. No Longer
10. Vanity

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Enjoyable Effort | Posted June 05, 2010
Decyfer Down's debut CD is a solid and enjoyable effort. Newer fans of the band will be surprised to hear a different vocalist singing the songs, but as somebody who discovered the band during the TJ Harris era, I can't say that either is better, and they don't sound that different at times, so I didn't mind the different voice of their first album.

The album opens with the rocker "Break Free," which is okay, but the following tracks far surpass it. "Life Again," my favorite from the album "Fight Like This," and the slower "Burn Back The Sun."

The album has other great tracks in the form of "No Longer" and "Here To You" which are slower than some other tracks.

"Walking Dead" is another enjoyable rock track. But some of the remaining rock sounds, while not bad, are not nearly as memorable and tend to run together. "I'll Breathe For You," "Never Lost," and "Vanity" just don't carry the same punch as other tracks.

Ultimately, this is a good rock album with many enjoyable tracks but it ultimately fails to make itself truly great.

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IronJedi (114)

Room for Grey | Posted August 22, 2007

Upstart label SRE Recordings unleashes another talented hard rock band onto the Christian music scene with the release of Decyfer Down's debut End of Grey. With I Corinthians 2:13 serving as their motto, Decyfer Down delivers a truth-filled, melodic, sonic barrage on the ears of its listeners.

Decyfer Down's Caleb Oliver belts out vocals that are equal parts intelligible and affecting. His approach throughout directly compliments the tone of the candid lyrics. The other band members do a great job with background vocals that harmonize and reinforce the delivery. There is no need to search the songs for hidden meaning- the band's message is unmistakable and the delivery is vigorous.

Decyfer Down's melodic hard rock is intense, power chord-driven songs built on layered electric guitars and driving drums. End of Grey has an abundance of energetic guitar licks that reinforce the sound without overpowering the song. The band's musical skills are polished but their sound remains insistent. While most of the songs of End of Grey are hard-hitting and flow into each other, the band does a great job of giving each one its own identity.

End of Grey is a strong debut from this relatively young band and gives you another reason to drive with the windows down and the volume up! Decyfer Down's End of Grey conveys a message of blatant fidelity and unswerving hope, leaving no room to live in the grey area of the middle. Fans of Skillet, Nickleback, Crossfade, Project 86 and Red should check this CD out.

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Punch | Posted September 13, 2013
 These guys know how to pack a punch in thier music. It is mostly a rock album with few balads. "Burn Back the Sun" is one of the best songs of the record and it really a worship song i think. End of Grey is also a really good song. 

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End of Grey | Posted July 21, 2009
Decyfer Down is a great new christian rock band.I liked them even more after i went to the comatose tour.Their getting more and more popular as they're going on their third tour with skillet.Fight like this was the first single of the End of Grey cd. Other hits are Break Free, Burn Back the Sun, Life Again, and No Longer.I would also look at the video for Fight Like This.This is probably in my top ten cds of 2006.If you like pillar you will probably like this cd.

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great first album | Posted December 16, 2008
Decyfer Down has refreshing sound and lyrics. Very strong first album. John Cooper from skillet said this is the best rock album since Switchfoot's The Beautiful Letdown.

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No Regrets | Posted September 25, 2008
I love this cd. It doesn't sound like a debut release,that's for sure! These guys ROCK!!!!I love Caleb's vioce and the way the music compliments it! Go buy this CD!!!!!!You won't regret it!

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djgreen (15)

Awesome!!! | Posted May 22, 2008
Decyfer Down is one of my favorite bands right now and I really love their music. They have incredible guitars, and deep lyrics that cut to the heart, especially on "No Longer". I absolutely love the songs "No Longer", "Life Again", "Fight Like This", and "Burn Back the Sun". This is overall a great debut, and I think Decyfer Down shows amazing promise.

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dreambig (120)

End of Grey | Posted May 12, 2008
I really love Decyfer Down. They're friendly guys and very talented. and I was happy to finally get this album after 3 years of listening to them. [although the album hasn't been out that long]. I saw them for the first time at Shoutfest in 2005. and I started listening to them since then. I really like the song "Here to You". along with the rest of the album.

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great cd | Posted April 12, 2008
i was so happy when i bought this cd. money definitly well spent. they are really talented i cant wait to see them in concert. i really like I'll Breathe For You

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good album | Posted March 30, 2008
starts off with an absolute bang and then completely dies off bout 4 songs in. Only a matter of years and they will be as good as pod and have enough popularity from touring with TFK and skillet.

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RossMan (134)

cant wait | Posted March 10, 2008
this album rocks and i cant wait to see what else these guys got i lover never lost, fight like this, and break free

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